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User's Code of Conduct has been updated!

Posted: 01 May, 2021 15:16
Last Edit: 02 May, 2021 12:25
We've just updated our User's Code of Conduct, in a hope to make it clearer and simpler.

Please check it out here:

If you're a TL;DR person, like me...

Here's a highlight of the changes:

- added a clear "Mission Statement" of this project.

- removed that big text about "how to behave on discord vs. how to behave on the forums". Just be civil everywhere.

- added this as a note about freedom of speech:
If you just want to rant or dump derogatory comments about how we run things here, you're free to do that. But, as it's demotivating and wastes a lot of volunteers' time, we don't want it on our forums or Discord Server. There are plenty of options where you can do it around the Internet.

Keep in mind that is NOT a bastion of freedom of speech.

If you have criticism, you're very welcome to say it, just be sure to be civil.

- added a section about how moderators should work

- added what to do if people think moderation is wrong

- the cheating part is now just a link to the "achievement hunting rules"

- added a FAQ, just to be 200% sure it's clear.

"OK, but in practice, what has changed?"

As our Mission Statement says:

This project aims to provide tools for creating achievements for retrogames and ways to enjoy such creations. We strive to promote a healthy and collaborative community around this hobby.

We want to use our discord server and forums to focus on this.

In both places we do have dedicated spaces for random off-topic conversations, but as soon as they become controversial and cause heated arguments, the moderation will act as recommended by the Code of Conduct.

We greatly value the time each contributor devotes to this project, and we don't want to waste this valuable resource on unnecessary drama.

Posted: 02 May, 2021 12:19
If you really want to off-load any form of feedback and constructive criticism to a closed circle of selected people then i suggest you to put the info somewhere on the Front-page because topics like this are getting buried quickly over time, i also doubt regular users will look on docs to get this sort of information.

Just my 2 cents.
Posted: 02 May, 2021 13:37
"Documentation" is linked on the front page with all of our other important links. The CoC is the first link there.


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