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1. Bump'n'Jump (USA).nes
Bump'n'Jump (U) [!].nes
Bump 'n' Jump (1988-12)(Vic Tokai)(US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 4b3a5ad02f50bea244ddfc53a938a49e
V15+ RA Checksum: 8e7811be263cf530adecf3368b9e6012
ROM Checksum: 9a2c449679737cd3297e9f268b3a0986
CRC32 Checksum: 79BFE095

Plus 4 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (8 total)
Bump'n'Jump (U) {[o1], [o2], [o3], [o4]}
Bump 'n' Jump (1988-12)(Vic Tokai)(US){[h Mindrape & EFX][iNES title], [h Vimm][iNES title], [h2][iNES title], [h][iNES title]}



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I remember this game

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Its a good game. :)

When the site work again 100% I'll add Bagdes, icons and images. :D

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Added: Icon and Images.


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Bump n jump
400 > 260

Beat Game from 40 > 25
Points Various > 10

Hot Tip: This game has a continue code to continue from the last level you were on

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The icon and the badges have been outvoted and replaced.

New icon + badges by Sines:

Old icon + badges:

The set has also been removed from [Meta|QA - Stock/Recycled Badges] (Hubs) [Meta|QA - Stock/Recycled Badges] (Hubs)

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