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Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town

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Posted: 28 Oct, 2014 23:08
Last Edit: 14 Feb, 2021 11:02
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Created 28 Oct, 2014 23:08 by Rewsifer

Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town (USA).gba
RA Checksum: 80355c831a7a25b0f70dc021ebd344f1

Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town (Europe).gba
RA Checksum: 02a9fddd43013966303a043db1c0a479

Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town (Germany).gba
RA Checksum: 61d0616b30f8e111ccb68004be97d4eb

Bokujou Monogatari - Mineral Town no Nakama-tachi (Japan).gba
RA Checksum: d92308bc903f4e92587df2cedc89b477

Mini F.A.Q.
Spoiler (Click to show):

Is there a good guide to complete this game?


I found an issue with an achievement!

Please send me your save file and I'll check it, thanks!

What's the most difficult part of this game?

IMHO, the nerve wrecking mines

Are there any missables I should keep an eye for?

Cliff, if you don't get him a job by Fall 13-14 he will leave and you will be locked out of many achievements.
Also if you get too lovely-dovely with any girl, the rival event won't trigger and you'll be locked out of their wedding....but you can always make her hate you to fix that

Do I have to be married to the Harvest Goddess? (Other girl) is so much better!

You can always marry her, then load your game and marry someone else. Just keep in mind that you need to see the wedding of that girl with your rival and the post marriage event to complete the set

How many in-game years should I play to master this set?

Considering the HG will only marry you starting 5th year onwards, I think 6 would be fine to have the baby.

Do I have to befriend everyone in town? Thats too much

Well it wouldn't be Friends of Mineral Town without befriending everyone in town, would it?
There are many ways to increase friendship with the townspeople, the easiest one is to show them your dog (for the ones that like dogs), participating in festivals and random events also increase friendship, and I've put a progress bar on each achievement so you know how close or far you are to get max friendship.
Also, most of the recipies will be given to you when you get max friendship with people. How would you expect to complete your recipe book in a town without internet?

Help! I can't get this (RNG item)

Did the mayor asked you for something imposible?
Have you never seen X Wool?
You don't find that cursed tool/jewel on the mine?

Save/Load is your friend, specially on that cursed mine, who ever thought putting 255 floors on it was fun? But anyways, it's doable if you save before changing floors, and load if you are spending too much stamina or can't find something

Also, there's a trick for certain goddess/kappa gems which are random at the mine floor they're supposed to be. Opening and closing your backpack after you arrive to the floor will make them appear more often, don't ask me why but it works.

There are achievements for these [Random Events], but where are the rest?
I've put some of them to give more insight of certain side characters, but I think 150 achievements is enough to keep people busy. Besides, certain events require you NOT to do certain others (There was one regarding Manna that required Cliff to leave town), and considering the lenght of this game/set I don't find it worthwhile to do multiple playthroughs.
tbh I got tired to write the rest of them

Will you add more in the future?
No that I have planned. There can always be a revision to the set where they decide to add the missing Random Events or remove the ones in the set for consistency, though

Why is there no achievement for getting the Vacation House or the Mountain Cottage?

Too grindy. Being married for 50 years or getting 100'000'000 gold is too much for a base set, maybe a bonus set.
And of course, winning 100 times in a row with the Harvest Goddess will also be there.

Bonus set wen?
When V2 arrives

Are you planning to work on MFoMT?

No. In the short term at least.

Why did a set for this game took so long to be done?

1 word: Pointers

Posted: 28 Oct, 2014 23:10
Might have to list this under "Games that won't work under current toolset" alike the GBA pokemon games. Wow do the values really scramble every time I load the game as well as the save file after the title screen.

I uploaded a bunch of Unofficial achievements before i found out that this game was all over the place.
If anyone could test a few of the unofficial achievements, I would really appreciate it, until then, I might leave this alone.
Posted: 28 Oct, 2014 23:54
Damn that is no good. Was looking foward to giving this a go:(

Posted: 29 Oct, 2014 00:12
Me too micky, me too.
Spent sooooo many hours playing this on GBA.
We need more hometown/Animal crossing kinda RPGs.
Posted: 29 Oct, 2014 01:29
Aw, Earthbound unfortunately did this too, but just for some values. I ended up having to find alternative ways to do some of the achievements, which was a total PITA.
Posted: 29 Oct, 2014 02:35
I should check more in-depth for the needed bit values, but it's just such a downer that I don't even want to load it. Spent HOURS last night finding codes and cropping achievement icons.
Posted: 18 Aug, 2015 22:58
As I mention on my FAQ in GameFAQs, there are 2 stages where the address can be, hence why they scramble.

This will depend whether or not you have loaded from the cartridge or played a new game and never loaded (New Game vs Continue).

Creating achievements can be possible, but you need to tell the user to load from game at least once so you can check against the correct address. (So that you can map only "stage 2" addresses, otherwise trying to figure whether or not the user has continued can be problematic)
Posted: 19 Aug, 2015 03:33
That's extremely useful information, Goroh. I'm sure that with that, achievements for this game will come in the near future.
Posted: 19 Aug, 2015 04:28
Last Edit: 19 Aug, 2015 04:28
Thanks Dexter, I forgot to mention that in my page I have a slightly more updated document with more addresses (but I think nothing mayor):

What I've noticed is that in VBA memory viewer, an address starts @ 0x02000000 but in the memory inspector, you take out the 2 at the start and add 0x8000, so anyone experienced creating achievements can easy jump and create some. This is a global behavior, so it should work for any game you have RAW addresses...
Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 01:47
I was thinking on giving this game a try, but there was another issue I forgot; depending on the length of your name, farm & dog (all the initial names), all the addresses will shift. Therefore even if you tell the user to save+load, the addresses may or may not be the same as the ones mapped.

The only solution I'd say is that I create a save file for everyone to use. That way, you make sure the addresses will correspond for everyone. Then if wanted, I could rename those parameters for people (or just explain how to do it). If so, I could then include some exclusives that happen when you connect to AWL (which otherwise would be impossible to have).

Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 02:30
Last Edit: 16 Jan, 2016 02:40
If we make a set for Friends of Mineral Town will we be able to easily make a set for More Friends of Mineral Town as well? I remember playing that one way more.
Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 02:30
Last Edit: 16 Jan, 2016 02:40
If we make a set for Friends of Mineral Town will we be able to easily make a set for More Friends of Mineral Town as well? I remember playing that one way more.

EDIT: Why did it double post? I can't seem to delete it either ugh ><
Posted: 16 Jan, 2016 02:36
Last Edit: 16 Jan, 2016 02:36
Yes is possible. It would have the same issue, but it would also have the same workaround.

Unfortunately when came, I didn't created a text in order to keep track of where all the addresses are, but in general they keep about the same structure, it would just be located in a different place.
Posted: 13 Nov, 2017 19:44
You know SamuraiGoroh, I think that including a save file for starting the game up, while it is a workaround, is what we have for now, SO i'd vote for having a set for this game, even if it means everyone would have to download a savegame a put it at the same folder

Many people wouldnt notice unfortunatly, but hey, its a great game, i'd say its worth it :)
Posted: 16 Feb, 2020 06:13
Particularly this is my idea of ‚Äč‚Äčachievements, if any developer wants to work with this game,
if anyone is interested, contact me to continue or change this set.

Tool Achievements

Blessed Hoe - Bless your hoe
Blessed Scythe - Bless your Scythe
Blessed Axe - Bless your axe
Blessed Sledgehammer - Bless your Sledgehammer
Blessed Watering Can - Bless your Watering Can
Blessed fishing rod - Bless your fishing rod
Icons 1
Spoiler (Click to show):

Mythical Axe - Leave your axe at Mythic level
Mythical Scythe - Leave your Scythe at Mythic level
Mythical Hoe - Leave your Hoe at Mythic level
Mythical Sledgehammer - Leave your Sledgehammer at Mythic level
Mythical Watering Can - Leave your Watering Can at Mythic level
Mythical fishing rod - Leave your fishing rod at Mythic level
Icons 2
Spoiler (Click to show):

Competition Achievements

Domitable horseshoe - Win the race with your horse
Frisbee Hunter - Win the competition with your dog
Quality milk - Win the competition with your cow
Champion wool - Win the competition with your sheep
Ring owner - Win the competition with your chicken
Icons 3
Spoiler (Click to show):

Heart conquest

Stressed Girl - Win Ann's heart
Delicate nurse - Win Eli's heart
Cheerleader - Win Karen's heart
Librarian - Win Mary's heart
Floriculture - Win Popuri's heart
Expected Wedding - Marry any girl
Icons 4
Spoiler (Click to show):

House achievements

A gift from grandma - Win Ellen's wool sock
Bathroom at home - Build a bathroom for your home
Chicken house - Build a chicken coop
Thatch home - Build a barn
Luxury house - Buy home improvement 1 and 2
A second home - Buy the holiday home
Icons 5
Spoiler (Click to show):

Fishing and Cooking Achievements

Antique - Fish the Fish Fossil
Relic of the seas - Fish the treasure chest
Quality Size - Catch a Big Fish
Pizza Man - Cook a pizza
Breakfast - Cook a Savory Pancake
Sweet cream - Cook a chocolate cake
Mixed Fruits - Make a vitamin
Chips - Cook popcorn
Icons 6
Spoiler (Click to show):

Festival Achievements

New Year - Participate in the new year festival
Master chef - Win the Culinary Festival
Nice meeting - Go to the Fireworks Festival
Church band - Participate in the Music Festival
Missing you - Participate in the Harvest Festival
Beautiful night - Go to the Full Moon Festival
Goodbye old year- Participate in the End of year festival
Icons 7
Spoiler (Click to show):

Activity Achievements

Welcome to family - Have a child
Good luck - Win 10 times in a row on Game Shows
Good Harvest - Surprise Zack with the harvest of the day
Golden pieces - Have 2 gold fences
Sub-soil - Get to floor 80 at Spring Mine
Extreme cold - Get to floor 80 at Lake Mine
Red Power Berrie - Get a Berrie with the Goddess of the Harvest
Blue Power Berrie - Get a Special Berrie with Kappa
Differential Apples - Buy the SUGDW, HMSGB and AFPFE apples from Won
Feeding the chickens - Win the Animal Care mini-game
Watering everything - Win the Crop Watering mini-game
Matching pieces - Win the Crop Harvesting mini-game
Icons 8
Spoiler (Click to show):

Random Event Achievements and Seasons

The locked door - Make the Church Door event
Harvesting grapes - Make the event Autumn grape harvest
Advice for Manna - See Manna's event in the square
Memories of Doctor - See the Doctor's winter event
Customers for Kai - Make the event at kai's restaurant
Tropical weather - Get to summer
Brown colors - Arrive in Autumn
Blizzard - Get to winter
Relaxing - Rest in the thermal bath
Blue Face - Stay blue
Icons 9
Spoiler (Click to show):

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