Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 GBC

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February 27 2022, 4:47pm

Awww man this can't be true...

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May 18 2022, 8:11am

Come on lets do it :D ! I believe in strong monsters

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December 3 2022, 11:29pm

Extremely disagree with the concept of merged sets, and now we have two working games basically brought offline for over a year or more :(

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December 4 2022, 12:49am

To be fair, the guy who was doing it got hit with a sudden case of IRL.


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December 4 2022, 12:54am

This will hopefully be addressed soonish? its in devember wheel


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December 4 2022, 2:29pm

I agree that it sucks to have the set(s) down for so long, but this game really did deserve to be merged. Progression was covered in the Cobi set, and all the boss merges were in the Tara set. It was basically split into a base game and a ~bonus~ entry long before ~bonus~ was a concept.

Other than the rarity of a couple monster spawns, the games really are identical.

Many people didn't know the SRAM could be moved between sets, so they had to play through the entire base game again to get to the boss merge content. And as the SRAM can be moved between sets, having separate sets would just allow the player to get to an achievement, save their game, and then unlock it in both sets.


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December 22 2022, 10:51pm


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December 22 2022, 11:27pm

I hear what Jamiras is saying about the technical difficulties with the games but damn do I still wish there was a way to solve it without a weird merge lol


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December 23 2022, 3:44am

Well, I have already claimed this game, but for DevQuest 2 the DevQuest team told me to make a revision poll because the addition of this game to the DQ2 list was for the revision and merge case, so this is my plan:

-Keep both games as 1 entry

-Progresion achievements (Complete each main world)

-All items (pots, chests, barrels, etc) per main world

-Get all monsters (1achievement per family)

-Achievement per secondary missions (like Mom's errands)

-Small events like unlocking the shortcut in Greatlog (0 to 2 points per achievements, they aren't important for the story)

-Achievements for each Arena tournament

-Get special monsters like Beaver in Oasys

-Combine one of your monsters with the monster of other Breeder

-Post game content

I'm open to more ideas


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January 25 2023, 10:39pm, edited July 7 2023, 11:18pm

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 - Cobi's Journey (USA) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible).gbc 
RA Checksum: F71AC6AC4BB335F59BFD2B594D47AB49

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 - Tara's Adventure (USA) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible).gbc 
RA Checksum: 8E79DCDEE0E15EF069B3F376A0FEE37D


Achievement icons made by Gollawiz: Link

Achievement icons made by me: Link

Old icon made by theanxietybuster (probably): (05-03-2021)

New icon made by Gollawiz: (10-02-2023)


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January 26 2023, 1:27am

Great job Maximdraco!
So if we had mastered the old set can we get some unlocks? ^^ Well I will definitely play the game again at some point in my life at least
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