CosmicZeppelin01 Mar, 2021 16:04(Edited 20 Dec, 2021 17:41)
wilhitewarrior04 May, 2021 20:28
I claim this game in the name of Spain and the Snatcher crew! Not familiar with the game so I'm not sure what we'll do with it yet but will post some sort of plan when we have it.
televandalist04 May, 2021 20:30

Joining for collab.
wilhitewarrior24 Jul, 2021 06:39
Set is live! Thanks televandalist for your help and for the awesome badges!
wilhitewarrior24 Jul, 2021 20:09(Edited 24 Jul, 2021 20:10)
Added a list of missables and challenge cheevos to the top post. Obviously challenges are by their very definition missable.
jester161028 Jul, 2021 20:15
Is there a list of all the ladys that we have to touch for the Booby Trap achievement?
Letinain12 Aug, 2021 18:21(Edited 14 Aug, 2021 23:38)
Well, can you add the md5sum too ?
thx !!!
KingS1zzle20 Sep, 2021 17:01
The old icon was outvoted via icon-gauntlet. Here's a back-up of the old one:
KingS1zzle23 Sep, 2021 21:25
The old icon was outvoted via icon-gauntlet. Here's a back-up of the old one:
cart02 Nov, 2021 20:23

You will run into the section of the game that is very much like in MGS1 where you were asked to make contact with a booty shakin red haired lady and was integral in continuing your mission. This was Kojima's method of preventing piracy by all accounts.

So when you come to a part of the game that seems you must have some detailed knowledge of various family crests in Japan. Don't be concerned in thinking you missed an important piece of evidence or clue... even though you may know a few of them.

This certainly confused me on my first playthrough and if this helps at least 1 person.. that decided not to google a fast forward a YT walkthrough or decipher a 10 year old gamefaqs walkthrough. Just rest easy and go ahead and click that link and know that the clue was on the game's physical manual that was likely not released in your country.

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