2021 Retro Olympics - Spring Edition - Kicks Off March 9th!


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“Were you the greatest in your day at Mega Drive or SNES games? Wanna prove it?” - Scott

Gladiators have gathered from over the entire world to compete in this fierce tournament. They all started with the same quote, but free points and other shenanigans stood in their way. But finally, the quarterly display of pure skill and mastery is here:

Welcome to the 2021 Retro Olympics - Spring Edition!

The Retro Olympics is a returning event hosted by voiceofautumn and Searo in which members of RA participate to obtain the title of olympic champion. Each season players will battle for olympic points (OP) in the bracket stage, to obtain their right to duke it out for real in the knock-out stage. There, gamers finalize their battle for glory and the crown.

The Competition

Each week, players will compete in a challenge. Examples of this are (not actual challenges for this edition):
• Clear stage 1-1 to 1-3 in Super Mario Bros. (NES) the fastest
• Get the highest score within 10 minutes in Space Invaders with a single attempt (Atari 2600)
• Be the first to cook a perfect dish of Sweet Fried Egg in Cooking Mama (Nintendo DS)
• Catch the most amount of unique Pokémon in Pokémon Red & Blue within 10 minutes (Gameboy)

The bracket stage will consist of 5-7 weeks, depending on the amount of participants in the tournament. The community will be notified of the total amount of weeks before the first bracket event.

Players will be informed on the upcoming game a week before the battle for that game takes place. This way, players can become familiar with the mechanics and physics of the game. Not only that, it also gives you time to make sure you are on the right version of the game, using the right emulator and no technical difficulties will occur on match day!
The exact challenge will be specified at least 24 hours before the first bracket starts. Sweet human adaptation at it’s finest!

Bracket Stage

During the bracket stage, 4 players will duke it out at the same time to obtain their olympic points (OP) for that day. Finishing 1st will net you 9 points, finishing 2nd will give you 6 points, 3rd place will receive 3 points and last place receives 1 point. For 5 to 7 weeks, you will have the chance to obtain as much points as possible. The top two players from each bracket will move on to the knock-out stage! In case of a tie, a sudden death challenge will be played to determine who moves on.

Knock-out Stage

The knock-out stage will follow the World Martial Arts Tournament style, meaning each week you have one direct opponent you can knock out of the tournament. Participants finishing 1st in the bracket stage will primarly be matched against participants finishing 2nd place.
In the knock-out stage there will be a 3rd and 4th place match-up but there will not be a loser bracket.

How to participate

Players will sign up using Google Forms, in which they also submit some personal preferences and region so brackets can be made as accessible as possible. You can sign up here: https://forms.gle/jMPxaMUsxhbkZvmq7

Each event will take place on Tuesday, starting March 9th. Our starting times will differ per region, so everyone has a shot at participating:

• EU starts with the first bracket at 19:00 CET (Referee voiceofautumn)
• NA starts with the first bracket at 8PM EST (Referee Searo)

We're expecting each challenge to take around 20 minutes, so participicants in Bracket A EU will be expected to start at 19:00 CET, then Bracket B at 19:20, C at 19:40, etc. Participicants in Bracket A NA will be expected to start at 8PM EST, then Bracket B at 8:20, C at 8:40, etc.

Once NA and EU competition starts merging (knock-out stage) we will look for suitables times to not exclude anyone.

Rules & Requirements

• Be in Discord at the given participation day and time of your bracket, streaming your screen.
• Use the game version that is specified in the announcement of the week (hashes will be included)
• All challenges must be performed in an emulator that support achievements
• All challenges must be performed in an emulator that can display the RAhash of the loaded game (You might need to update your RetroArch if you’re using an older version).
• All challenges must be performed in Hardcore Mode unless specified otherwise
• Fast Forward is not allowed
• Turbo input is not allowed
• Glitches and cheat codes are not allowed unless specified

In case you are in doubt if something that is not listed here, but might give you an unfair advantage, is allowed, contact a referee, but abstain from using it.


What’s a tournament without prizes? Finishing any Olympic Edition in 2021 in the top 3 will yield you that sweet gold, silver or bronze medal badge. You can only win one badge, of the highest tier that year. This means if you win the spring edition, and end up 2nd in fall, you will only receive the Gold 2021 badge.
Of course you are free to participate in each olympic for eternal glory!


What happends if players quit during the bracket stage?

These players will automatically receive a loss each week, meaning they earn one point for that weeks challenge. If two players drop out, the remaining two players will automatically move on to the knock-out stage, but are required to keep playing for 1st and 2nd place in the groups.

How many brackets will be running per day?

The plan is to run all brackets back-to-back on Tuesday, as long as this is feasible with the amount of participants.
What happends if i’m not able to make it to my match on Tuesday?
If due to any occurances (technical, real life, etc.) you are unable to show up and compete at your bracket’s designated time, unfortunately you will receive fourth place for that week. No fear, there is always next week to get back on that ranking!

My entire bracket agreed we could reschedule, can we?

Unfortunately we are holding on to strict times to ensure the continuation of the tournament. However, you can swap with another bracket on that day if all players agree. Please contact a referee in time. No swapping without an agreement from a referee is allowed.

How do you referee the results of the competition?

A referee will be watching the screens of all participants for any forms of an unfair advantage. We will be recording/streaming all gameplay. In the event that the results are unclear, a referee will specify that he/she needs to use the recording to determine the results and will let those be known at a later time.

I don’t agree with the decision of a referee, what can I do?

In case you don’t agree with the decision of a referee, you are free to let your dispute be known to one of them. They will further review the results with your considerations in mind, and will announce any new results if applicable.

If you have any questions regarding the event please comment or contact a referee!


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February 21 2021, 2:37pm

You really should name this event "RETROLYMPICS"


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February 22 2021, 4:47pm

I just got peer pressured into joining

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So wait, he says, after having signed up a while ago:

Is March 9 the first game reveal or the first like challenge? I'm assuming the former, cuz like...the 9th is tomorrow and I sure don't have any games XD


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March 9 2021, 7:18am

Sorry, we've mostly been communicating through the discord:

The entries have been registered and preparations are almost complete! Tomorrow the Olympic Torch will be lit as the opening ceremony of the Retro Olympics take place! 9 March (tomorrow) At 22:00 CET / 4PM Eastern Time we will stream the bracket reveal at
| Afterwards, the first game of the Olympics will be revealed. Make sure to tune in!

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March 11 2021, 3:29am

You get bombarded with pings so much that you accidently skip the ceremony. Luckily I didn't miss the actual match. That being on the 16th according to the video.

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What is the next game for the 2nd round and when is it starting? I can't access discord and I want to know.

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What is the next game for the 2nd round and when is it starting? I can't access discord and I want to know.


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March 23 2021, 7:16am

Game 2 will be Balloon Fight and the starting times are the same as the first week.

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Oh ok. Thank you voiceofautumn

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