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Posted: 18 Jan, 2021 05:38
Last Edit: 15 Feb, 2021 16:26
đŸ„Š RETRO BATTLE đŸ„Š is a retro game tournament created by me with live streaming on Twitch -

Today was the first edition of our competition.

Are you interested in joining us in next editions? Let me know in this forum thread so I can invite you!

All participants so far:

🏆 Champions 🏆


Posted: 18 Jan, 2021 06:18
Looks amazing!

Posted: 18 Jan, 2021 12:32
Last Edit: 18 Jan, 2021 14:48
This is great! I want to join in but I don't play many games, so I will watch all competitions, it's very fun!

Posted: 18 Jan, 2021 22:47
So chamar que to dentro nas proximas de novo!

Posted: 18 Jan, 2021 23:32
This is a really cool idea for a competition! Great work with this, Thoreau. I'm definitely interested in participating if you're ever looking for more players.

Posted: 20 Jan, 2021 04:05
Last Edit: 21 Jan, 2021 00:13
I would love to do this! I love speed running this game and have even uploaded a few speed runs to This looks like a lot of fun!

Posted: 21 Jan, 2021 00:24
The second edition happened yesterday and it's on YouTube now!

Posted: 21 Jan, 2021 02:09
What a crazy event! Watching 9 players simultaneously is to fry your brain! đŸ€Ż

Congrats for Thoreau, the hosting such a cool event, Bendyhuman for the đŸ„‡ and all the participants for making it so much fun!

Posted: 21 Jan, 2021 21:53
Last Edit: 22 Jan, 2021 15:27
how does this work exactly? i would like to join one of these someday

Posted: 21 Jan, 2021 22:53
Every new event I will create a registering thread, such as this one, from the last event:

You will be playing on a RetroAchievements supported emulator (e.g. RetroArch, RAlibretro, RASnes9x, RAP64, RANes, RAVBA), "Hardcore Mode" and "Enable Leaderboards" selected.

Then you will enter RetroAchievements Discord server to join a voice chat where you can stream your emulator on it (no need to have a mic).

Posted: 26 Jan, 2021 15:03
The third edition happened last sunday and it's on YouTube now!

Posted: 03 Feb, 2021 05:02
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2021 00:43
Gostei muito! Posso participar num dia desses?

I liked it very much! May I join it someday?

Posted: 03 Feb, 2021 15:09
Last Edit: 03 Feb, 2021 15:12
Claro, ! Vou te enviar meu servidor no Discord por mensagem privada! Qualquer dúvida pergunta lá. De qualquer jeito, já adianto que é bem simples. Basta se registrar no tópico de inscrição e depois entrar num chat de voz no Discord do RA pra jogar (transmitindo sua tela). A próxima edição ocorrerá esse domingo, 07/02, algo entre 14h e 16h, ainda estou decidindo o horário.

Posted: 03 Feb, 2021 15:10
Last Edit: 03 Feb, 2021 15:12
4th edition happened last sunday as usual. It is now here!

Posted: 03 Feb, 2021 15:43
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2021 00:43
Ok, @Thoreau (não sei se é assim que marca o nome). Estou esperando sua mensagem. Valeu!
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