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voiceofautumn02 Jan, 2021 00:42(Edited 15 Sep, 2021 05:17)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Digimon World DS (Nintendo DS) Digimon World DS (Nintendo DS)
Created 2 Jan, 2021 00:42 by voiceofautumn

0662 - Digimon World DS (USA).nds
RA Checksum: 2282f2a94f672c03413fe9288e36d58d
ROM Checksum: aa68ac42848e257aa715f1d9937f6a2c
CRC32 Checksum: B6F4762E

Dreaker11 Aug, 2021 12:21(Edited 29 Aug, 2021 18:37)
Planning to start working on achievements for this one.

NOTE: I'll be updating this post as I get feedback, so people always see the most up-to-date version.
Unfortunately, requiring the set of Digimon to be in the same Digi-Farm made the achievement extremely complicated, so I just changed those achievements to just having to own said Digimon at the same time.

Current Achievements plan (Everything is open to suggestions!):
1. This seems familiar... (1): Choose your starting Digimon
2. One step at a time (2): Reach the Bronze Tamer Rank
3. A worthy Tamer (5): Reach the Silver Tamer Rank
4. Tamer with a heart of Gold (10): Reach the Gold Tamer Rank
5. We're in the end game now (10): Reach the Platinum Tamer Rank
6. The best around! (25): Beat the game and become the Tamer King
7. Ultimate Partners [m] (50): Finish the game without Digi-Converting a single Digimon
8. They are stronger than they look! (10): Beat the Digi-Arena with with only Koromon, Tanemon and Tsunomon in your team
9. Chronomon's True Form (5): Defeat ChronomonHM and obtain its data
10. Fight of the Holy Birds [m] (10): Defeat ChronomonHM with only Varodurumon in your party
11. I won't allow it! (5): Defeat Belphemon and stop the Demon Lords
12. Leave it to me! [m] (10): Defeat Belphemon with only RiseGreymon, MachGaogamon and Lilamon in your team
13. Easy Mode Unlocked (1): Input all 3 Passwords in the Password Machine (DotAgumon: 20000630, DotFalcomon: 10407002, Ultimate Set: 42016002)
14. Caritative Soul (25): Finish all 57 available Quests
15. Wait, I can't complete this? (1): Find the Quest that can't be completed without Digi-Matching
16. Digimon Researcher (50): Get all 223 available Digimon
17. Gotta get all them points (10): Collect all Tamer Point rewards from Mr. Gure (Except the one for having 999,999 Tamer Points)
18. Honorable Tamer (50): Get 999,999 Tamer Points and collect the last reward from Mr. Gure
19. In search of Treasure (1): Open all Treasure Chests available for Normal Rank Tamers
20. The more Treasures the better (1): Open all Treasure Chests only available after becoming a Bronze Rank Tamer
21. Treasure Hunter (2): Open all Treasure Chests only available after becoming a Silver Rank Tamer
22. Living for the Treasures (2): Open all Treasure Chests only available after becoming a Gold Rank Tamer
23. No Chest left unopened (3): Open all Treasure Chests only available after becoming a Platinum Rank Tamer
24. Treasures for a King! (3): Open all Treasure Chests only available after becoming the Tamer King
25. Digivolve! (1): Digivolve a Digimon for the first time
26. What good will this do? (1): Degenerate a Digimon for the first time
27. Going all the way down... (3): Degenerate a Mega Digimon into its In-Training form
28. What am I doing? (5): Find a Starmon in Sheer Valley
29. Is this even here? (10): Find a Cannondramon in Sheer Valley
30. Why is it always the Starmons? (5): Find a SuperStarmon in Junk Factory
31. The Best Digi-Farm (5): Increase the Size, EXP and Food of the first Digi-Farm to Max
32. One of a Kind [m] (10): Level up Digimon Lab and G.Statue to LV3 (You can miss this achievement if you sell or discard any of them before they both reach LV3)
33. Reaching for the top! (10): Have a Digimon reach 999 in any stat, other than HP and MP
34. Armor Fan (5): Have all available Armor Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Kenkimon, Kongoumon, Ponchomon, Prairiemon, Seahomon, Shurimon)
35. The Dark Masters (5): Have all Dark Masters in your Digimon List (See comments) (Machinedramon, MetalSeadramon, Piedmon, Puppetmon)
36. Just like the old days (5): Have the final evolution of each of the Digimon Adventure Digi-Destined in your Digimon List (See comments) (Angewomon, Garudamon, Lilymon, MagnaAngemon, MegaKabuterimon (Red), MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon, Zudomon)
37. Power of the Dark (5): Have a specific set of Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (BlackAgumon, BlackMegaGargomon, BlackRapidmon, BlackWarGreymon, BlackWarGrowlmon, ToyAgumon (Black), WereGarurumon (Black))
38. X-Antibody Carriers (5): Have 6 specific Digimon carrying the X-Antibody in your Digimon List (See comments) (Dorugoramon, Dracmon, GigaSeadramon, Matadormon, Reptiledramon, Sangloupmon)
39. Metallic Cover (5): Have a specific set of Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (MetalEtemon, MetalGarurumon, MetalGreymon, MetalMamemon, MetalSeadramon)
40. Palette Swapped Digimon (5): Have a specific set of Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Akatorimon, Aruraumon, Kuzuhamon, MegaKabuterimon (Blue), Muchomon, Sorcerymon, Tsukaimon)
41. Bird Tamer (10): Have a specific set of Bird Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Akatorimon, Deramon, Eaglemon, Phoenixmon, Shurimon, Valkyrimon, Varodurumon)
42. Dragon Tamer (10): Have a specific set of Dragon Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (BlackWarGreymon, BlackWarGrowlmon, Cannondramon, Darkdramon, Dorugoramon, RiseGreymon, WarGreymon)
43. Dark Tamer (10): Have a specific set of Dark Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Cherubimon (Evil), Creepymon, Diaboromon, Ghoulmon, Ghoulmon (Black), MaloMyotismon, Piedmon)
44. Holy Tamer (25): Have a specific set of Holy Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Babamon, Cherubimon (Good), GrdiAngemon, Jijimon, Kuzuhamon, Sakuyamon, Seraphimon, Sleipmon)
45. Aquan Tamer (25): Have a specific set of Aquan Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Divermon, Gawappamon, GigaSeadramon, MarineAngemon, MetalSeadramon, Neptunmon, Plesiomon, Vikemon)
46. Beast Tamer (50): Have a specific set of Beast Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (BantyoLeomon, BlackMegaGargomon, MachGaogamon, MegaGargomon, MetalEtemon, MetalGarurumon, SaberLeomon)
47. Machine/Mutant Tamer (10): Have a specific set of Machine/Mutant Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Garbagemon, HiAndromon, Justimon, Machinedramon, Meteormon, Parasimon, PrinceMamemon, Puppetmon)
48. Insect/Plant Tamer (10): Have a specific set of Insect/Plant Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (Blossomon, DinoBeemon, GranKuwagamon, HerculesKabuterimon, Kongoumon, MegaKabuterimon (Blue), Lilamon, Rosemon)
49. Preparations for Digi-Matching (10) Have a specific set of Digimon in your Digimon List (See comments) (BlackMegaGargomon, BlackWarGreymon, MetalGarurumon Lv 60+, WarGreymon Lv60+, a Level 99 Digimon, a Digimon with the "Digitama" nickname, a Digimon with an Obedient personality & 300+ Attack)

Achievements that didn't make it:
XX. I don't need any help! [m] (25): Finish the game without equiping the Ultimate Swd, Ultimate Brr or Ultimate Ring
XX. I fight fair! [m] (25): Finish the game without ever using items in-battle
(The game doesn't allow me to implement these unless I make a requirement to finish it in one sesion, so I decided to drop them, for now)
XX. Ultimate Blacksmith [m] (10): Obtain the best Equipment Set for each Digimon Species (Level 60 Weapons, Armors and Accessories for each Species (They can't be found in the Shop)) (You can miss this achievement by selling some of the equips before completing it, or some of the bosses may not drop the item when defeated) (I couldn't implement this one due to the current limitations of the achievement maker).
affftedio15 Aug, 2021 21:29
I feel like the 50 points for the Aquan and Beast are too much, but i don't really know how easy is to grind in this game.
And the one to degenerate a mega to in-training, is there a practical point to it? Cause if it doesn't i feel it's unnecessary.
My knowledge on this one is lacking so i'm saying mainly from experience of dawn/dusk
Dreaker15 Aug, 2021 21:57
So, the main reason for the Aquan and Beast being that high is Neptunemon and BantyoLeomon, respectively. They both can only be obtained by digivolving, and to do so you need 60000 Aquan or Beast EXP. Problem is, in this game, experience is much harder to come by than in Dawn/Dusk. For reference, I believe the highest amount you can get is ~2000 using Calumon with an EXP ring. For Aquan EXP, it's even lower, like 1000+ if you're lucky, but usually less. It's slightly easier to get Beast EXP, but BantyoLeomon also has the issue that it either needs 30 hours of play time or a lot of Aptitude increase from the DigiLab Farm Good, which are both quite time consuming. That said, if 50 still feels like too much for it, I could bring it down to 25.
As for the degenerating one, degenerating from Mega gives +5 aptitude per level you go down (+20 if you go from Mega to In-Training), while degenerating an Ultimate, for example, only gives +4 per level. Other than that, I mainly just made that achievement for fun.
affftedio15 Aug, 2021 22:46
I understand, i can see the difficulty, but i still think Aquan should go to 25, i agree that 50 for something that may be around 30h seems fair, also seem like something one would need to plan in advance for.
affftedio15 Aug, 2021 23:55
Maybe break down the treasure chest one in finding all treasure chests for each area, makes it easier to keep track as a player
Dreaker16 Aug, 2021 09:56
Yeah, that sounds fair. As for the chests, doing one for each area would be overkill, since each area only has anywhere from 1 to 4 chests. I could break it down like "Find all Treasure Chests before becoming a Bronze Tamer" and such, that would split it up into 6 achievements, and it would be easy to tell if you missed one.
voiceofautumn16 Aug, 2021 11:21
One of my favorite DS games! Good luck!
Dreaker17 Aug, 2021 09:27
Thank you! It's my first time trying something like this, so hopefully I can make all the achievements I have in mind.

I also just found out that you actually get an item for having 999,999 Tamer Points. I could make an achievement out of it, but I never got anywhere near half of that amount in all the time I played, so I figured I'd ask around first and see what people think. I personally think it would take an absurdely long time to get, even with speed up, so I probably won't include it as an achievement.
voiceofautumn17 Aug, 2021 09:41
We have enough helpful other jr-devs and code-reviewers to help you out in the Discord :) As a fellow dev; follow your instinct on your designs. Some devs want to make achievements covering every single piece of content no matter how small, others want to make ridiculous hard achievements and others just want to make an enjoyable experience for even the most casual player. Develop your own style :)
Dreaker17 Aug, 2021 09:54
Yeah, I've already had some help from the discord :D I'm one of those devs that like to complete the game 100%. But for this one in particular, I might just leave it out, since it's not something you need to say you mastered the game. I might put it in a bonus set or something, who knows? Just caught me by surprise, since I didn't even know that item existed before :P
affftedio17 Aug, 2021 22:04
Try to calculate how much time it would take to get the item and then decide from there, try to see if there's also an easy way to get those points, maybe could not be as hard as you think. I've played for one or two achievements that demand lots of grind after you already got everything, they certainly aren't fun, but not bad either, follow your heart <3
Arvenyte23 Aug, 2021 06:26(Edited 25 Aug, 2021 02:20)
I've never actually played this game and was waiting for achievements to be made. I'm glad that's the case now! Question, do the password mons count against the no digi-convert achievement?
Dreaker25 Aug, 2021 08:35
Always nice to see more people wanting to play this game! So, using the passwords themselves doesn't affect the achievement, but you have to Digi-Convert them if you wanna use them, so that would prevent you from getting it. Basically, the only Digimon you get outside of Digi-Converting is your starting Digimon, because gift Digimon are given to you as Data you have to scan in this game.
Dreaker05 Sep, 2021 11:21
The set is now live! Enjoy :D
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