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Peak Streak

Posted: 13 Sep, 2021 12:01
Last Edit: 13 Sep, 2021 13:40

Peak Streak Day 28:

Got one and a half games added to the buffer as well, so it's not like I only used up this buffer game. Not that I'm likely to exceed either freezestar or deng, and almost certainly not YahwehTzVaoth, but the latter's initial purpose for starting Peak Streak is the same one that's keeping me going: burn through some easy sets I likely would never have picked up otherwise. I want that #1 spot on the Global Leaderboard even if it takes me decades, so I can't afford to pass up on any advantage!
Of course, there are some sources of points that I can't really pursue while my streak is active... namely, revisions to sets I had already Mastered.
Edit: Add another half game prepped, the DKC1 half of was about as swift as I had expected!
Posted: 13 Sep, 2021 12:13

Day 66:

I would love to experience flower for the PS3 again. That game was really emotional for me.

Also the Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa games.
Posted: 13 Sep, 2021 19:27

DAY 10

I've finished my Challenge League Challenge, I'll still see how far I can get with it though.
Posted: 13 Sep, 2021 20:40

Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 00:44

Leaderboard updated.

Sairotra, you have now completed the Peak Streak challenge for Challenge League. Congratulations!

QotD: How often do you use the fast forward feature when achievement hunting?
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 03:05

I'm not in peak streak, but FF is always used when playing Pokemon.
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 03:05

I'm not in peak streak, but FF is always used when playing Pokemon.
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 03:59

Day 99

I try to refrain from using it when I'm playing a game for the first time, unless it's to speed up grinding or load screens. For many of the trash games I don't really care about, however, I'll use it quite often. I definitely use it the most when I play Pokemon games, though. I genuinely wonder if I even have the patience to enjoy Pokemon without fast forward anymore.
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 07:58

Day 11

Fun little jam game.

I use fast forward if it means I have to sit through unnecessary wait time to get somewhere(after the first time through). To the point sometimes that I find all the little spots to fast forward and make it there faster and faster. Mostly this is because I'm having a hard time say getting damage-less on a boss and its just a bore running back, skipping dialogue over and over. Fast forward saves me some sanity xd
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 09:02
Last Edit: 14 Sep, 2021 09:06

Day 67:

FF everything. Especially loading screens and deaths in SMW.

On a side note: I finally cracked into the Top 300, which was my goal for this year.
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 13:47

Peak Streak Day 29:

You'd think I'd be sick of Picross after prepping the Oekakis... So did I. But I guess we were both wrong.

As for the QOTD... oh, all the time! Game moments on this site tend to boil down to three categories: gameplay, new story, and fast forward.
Posted: 14 Sep, 2021 14:37

Congrats ParaParaKing on getting into the top 300 with a couple months to spare! Hopefully you can take that numerical inspiration and be the first person to hit day 300 in Peak Streak.

Day 211

In retrospect, that long post from yesterday had some Internet edgelord mystery in it. I hate reading stuff like that and you probably do too. Sorry. That was way lame of me. I try to be honest and clear these days.

The “stuff going on” was that I started to medically transition. You can make yourself go crazy looking for, cataloging, and second-guessing all the changes (it does happen to some). For about two months there this was something to keep my mind very busy for a few hours everyday. There’s no special link there, it’s just what I was doin’. It could have just as easily been finish reading all of Moebius’s oeuvre or catching up on Hajime no Ippo or checking off more entries in the Psychotronic Film & Video guides.

Then things settled down and I didn’t need a distraction anymore. I kept this silliness up because I’m still the same overly competitive and obsessive person who loves vidja games. I have just no longer lie all the time about who I am and stopped waking up everyday wishing the day was already over. Or that I didn’t wake up at all.

So that’s a plus.

And that’s probably all TMI for a score update to a forum on a video game website. But Inlike to be clear and I’m not open about being trans online or generally IRL to go “look at me”. When I talk about being a trans woman it is because of the infinitesimally small chance that someone like me - especially a trans kid - might see and know there is a regular person like them out there and not feel alone for half a second. Visibility is important and let’s people know it is ok to be who they are, though I try not to be a pain and bring it up because I know it doesn’t apply to about 99.4% of people.

A hint of visibility is why at one point I changed my pfp from a sprite grab of YHVH from Shin Megami Tensei to various pictures of Poison. She and I have a lot in common.

[I’ll try to keep the sappy jazz out of the rest of this as I finish up these bunny sets. But no promises. ;) ]

QotD: I am a FF fiend and use it constantly.
Posted: 15 Sep, 2021 01:02

Leaderboard updated.

ParaParaKing, congratulations on reaching the top 300! That's a really exciting milestone, and it's great that you were able to hit your goal with so much time to spare.

YahwehTzVaoth, I don't think you need to worry about oversharing or anything like that. We all have our reasons for going all-in on this silly Internet competition, and I appreciate you sharing that small glimpse into your life. We can't all just be robots posting here mindlessly everyday, right? We're humans, sometimes things get real, and there's nothing wrong with that. Be proud of who you are, that's what I say.

QotD: Whats your most wanted game on your set requests list?
Posted: 15 Sep, 2021 02:16

Day 100


As for the QotD, I did an entire article about it:
Posted: 15 Sep, 2021 03:24

Peak Streak Day 30:

Wow, a whole month! Before I started, I never thought I'd be doing this for so long... but I'm nowhere near done yet! I still have a massive buffer to use up after all!

I... don't actually use the set request feature.
At all.
Oh, there's been games that I've really wanted before, but they seem to have a tendency of happening without putting in a request myself.
So instead I'll mention what I'm most interested in at the moment period! Which... still isn't much, to be honest. I think I can sum it up with three words: PS2 support when?


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