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Pokemon Ranger

Posted: 09 Dec, 2020 04:35
Last Edit: 07 Oct, 2021 03:14

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Created 9 Dec, 2020 04:35 by ikki5

Pokemon Ranger (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).nds  
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Posted: 09 Dec, 2020 04:36

I am going to try and take a stab at this. (Claiming)

So we'll see how this goes. This will probably take some time as I have only really been introduced to the game. I have never actually fully played it more than just the intro so I'll need to get more familiar with the game too.
Posted: 09 Dec, 2020 17:26

I remember that I had a lot of fun with this game when it first came out, but that was on the hardware itself, of course. I didn't think I'd like it, but the strategies involved felt good, environments felt lived-in, the almost-full-size-characters at a time when Pokemon games used chibi-designs were great, as well as the increased detail in animation; it really felt like that was what the newer Pokemon games would imitate to make it feel like a more lived-in world, at the time.

B&W did make the battle-systems more fluid and interesting, but I felt a bit disappointed that the environments didn't seem as good as the Ranger series for at least a few games later. But I haven't played it in years.. I'm sure it would be fine to play with my USB-drawing-pad, but not sure how well it will play with a mouse. Some captures get super difficult near the end.

I guess there are 'Ranger Net' missions in this game, one of which was used to gain Manaphy/Phione eventually. Not sure how lengthy they are or if DLC-packs need to be found/downloaded, but would be a neat thing to have added.
Posted: 10 Dec, 2020 02:19

I think in the US version, they are unlockable or through password. I should probably check to see if that is the same in the European version as that is what I am using right now. It looks like the Manaphy one is in there but for the other Net Missions, I'll need to double check.

As for using the mouse... yeah, it is still pretty difficult. I am having trouble even on some of the early stuff but again, i have not played a lot and I am sure it will come with practice.
Posted: 28 Feb, 2021 03:06

I will not be renewing. If I get more time at a later date, I might but for now, it is open if someone wishes to tackle the game instead.
Posted: 28 Feb, 2021 03:06

Claimed. :)
Posted: 01 Apr, 2021 04:19

dropped for now! Someone else feel free to take it on! Going to work on almia full time - maybe ill come back to this after if its still free :)
Posted: 21 May, 2021 10:27

Hello, I am claiming this game

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