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Created 26 May, 2013 23:28 by Scott

1. Sunset Riders (USA).md
RA Checksum: 19cdf861c543f9c9cd9c8b6b70adeb1c
CRC32 Checksum: AC30C297

2. Sunset Riders (Europe).md
RA Checksum: cc60b5cd7295df626d81a3ecd30c4133
CRC32 Checksum: 0FF33054

3. Sunset Riders (U) [T+Rus_NewGame].bin
RA Checksum: 0804e81befedfe0f1589c5d5191521e4
CRC32 Checksum: 19E5A1E0


Please report any bugs with Sunset Riders here - thanks!!

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October 31 2013, 2:20pm

got Count to 8! Count to 8! (20) however I used a lot of lives to complete the first level. Is there anything in place to stop this activating if you use a credit to continue and then do it on the first life after.


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September 23 2021, 9:32pm

The old icon was outvoted via icon-gauntlet. Here's a back-up of the old one:

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Hi, can you please make better colors mod - works for achievements?


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February 4 2022, 5:13pm

The icon has been outvoted and replaced, here is a backup:

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September 22 2022, 6:04am, edited September 22 2022, 5:38pm

Some ideas:
A pacifist one? No shooting run. Beating the bosses without losing a life.
Thanks for the set!

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