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Kaizo hacks should be seperated from the rest of the ~Hacks~


Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 05:16
Having them be the same made sense when there were only a few of them with achievements like Kaizo 1 and a few of the MrDerulo hacks, but nowadays with new kaizo hacks getting sets constantly and them making up a very large chunk of the list of smw hacks, i think they deserve to have a seperate ~Kaizo~ tag or something similar.

I have nothing against kaizo hacks, i think they are a very fun challenge to those that are into them and i plan to master a few in the future. It's just that if i'm looking for a more vanilla, full game experience, it's really annoying to have to sift through a bunch of 9 exit kaizo hacks to find one to play.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 10:39
I agree on that one, also kaizo hacks should have different difficulty than "kaizo:light" because it says nothing, like moo world or robfather world isn't as hard as like sheffy 2. anyway If you want a vanilla hack you can always ask me, I remember every single hack on RA tbh.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 11:57
It would be nice for a ~Kaizo~ tag, since it would make it easier to play vanilla hacks

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 13:41
we do need a Kaizo tag. plain and simple.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 15:12
Last Edit: 22 Nov, 2020 15:12
Why not just a hub? Btw the SMW hub already sorts my difficulty

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 15:12
that works too.

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 16:34
you mean the "Genre" Spory? Hacks in the hubs are sorted alphabetically

Posted: 22 Nov, 2020 16:39
In the forum of SMW hacks they are sorted by difficulty


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