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[Dev Event] Devember 2020


Posted: 15 Nov, 2020 15:28
Last Edit: 15 Nov, 2020 15:38
Devember 2020 is upon us!

It's that time of year again, time to get to work cleaning up some of this mess of tickets, and we need your help more than ever this year!

This event will run from now until 6:00 am EST, 12/13/2020

An event badge will be awarded to participants who earn enough points in the event. 50 points will earn you the softcore participation badge, 200 points will earn you the hardcore badge!

+2 points - Tickets resolved or closed
+4 points - RPG tickets or other exceptionally long games
+5 points - Adding rich presence to a game without it (Dynamic RP only)
+10 points - Clearing a game of all tickets
+15 points - Clearing a game with 10 or more tickets
+10 points - Freeing a dev of all their tickets
+20 points - Freeing a dev with 10 or more tickets
Special weekly and flash bonuses will grant additional points!

As a special added bonus, if we as a team manage to resolve 1,000 tickets then everyone who participated will be awarded the hardcore badge! Impossible? No, we did it last year, we can do it again!

Any devs who want to participate can post here if you're not on discord, I'll make a sheet for you. You can track our progress here

Posted: 16 Nov, 2020 18:41
This is a great idea! Did it have a good reception in the past? Why don't you do this more regularly?

I'm not an achievement developer myself (at least for now) but the idea sounds fun and very beneficial for the community :)

Posted: 16 Nov, 2020 20:21
We do it once or twice a year, depends if someone is willing to host the event. The reason why we don't do it often is because it would take the special part of the event and tracking such developer information is harder than it maybe looks for non-devs.

If you are interested to become a developer at any time, feel free to join our Discord server. We have an own section where newcomers can become jr devs and can ask experienced devs and other jr devs for help, get feedback of experienced devs and then graduate to a real developer. We appriciate new people there


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