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Created 8 Nov, 2020 22:43 by SporyTike

Wonder Boy (Japan).gg
Wonder Boy (J).gg
Wonder Boy (1990)(Sega)(JP)(en).bin
wonder boy (japan).bin
RA Checksum: 917c3e4f4c50d6506e64e2f05b945d9c
CRC32 Checksum: 9977FCB3


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November 8 2020, 10:59pm, edited November 22 2020, 12:21pm

Started working on this game.

ROM Checksum:

There is not much information on the Game Gear version out there. The game is a port of the Master System which was a port of the Arcade version. You can use the Master System manual
safely for informations, except the level se-lect code.

The same is true for this gamefaq:

Set Overview and progress:
Clearing earch area
Reach area 10
Collecting every bonus item
75k / 200k / 500k Points
1 / 10 / 40 Dolls
accumulate 7 lives
clear the game with all dolls without using continue

Reach stage 2 with less than 450 points
Complete area 1 without letting the vitality bar ever go into the red region
Complete stage 1 without letting the vitality bar ever go into the yellow region
In stage 7-2 at Checkpoint 3 jump over the two rocks and the speckled egg without touching any of them.
In Stage 1-1 reach Checkpoint 3 without collecting a fruit or vege-table.
During a boss fight, hit the boss 3 times, jump and do a three sixty in the air and then kill the boss.
Reach the goal of a stage while the god of death is h(a)unting you.
Clear Stage 1-1 without collecting a hatchet.

Progress overall
Finding the necessary memory addresses
plan achievements with name and description
creating badges
implement the achievements
testing and rescoring
Rich presence

submitted for review

Sadly no achievement for collection S-E-G-A letters as I could not manage to find more than 2 letters ingame.

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November 9 2020, 4:13pm, edited November 9 2020, 11:24pm

Glad to know, I love the Wonder Boy series!

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November 11 2020, 2:27pm

Can't wait to play this awesome title with RA support!
Thank you guys for working hard!

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December 4 2020, 7:56am

First of all thanks for a wonderful set! Love Wonderboy! Some problems though: Can you please check the "Area 1-10" achivements if they really work for you? I have tried a few times now stopping at 3-1 as they will not trigger. Everything else seems to work as it should I think. No level select or cheating, using the correct romset with the correct checksum.

Tried it in retroarch (latest build) and using both gearsystem and the genesis plus core. Nothing triggers. Will stop for now and see if others have the same problems.

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December 5 2020, 10:24am

I'm installing Retroarch right now, with RALibRetro I just unlocked it.
I'll look into it.

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December 5 2020, 11:41am

Ahh it is maybe not compatible with retroarch then?

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December 5 2020, 3:39pm

What a nice surprise! Sadly no S-E-G-A letters cheevo this is maybe tricky to find I suggest you to use Emulicious emulator is handy for this kind of things, I'm playing with Genesis Plus GX from the offcial ekeeke's github everything triggering flawless by now.

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December 5 2020, 3:56pm

Really weird. Tried it like 10 times now with different cores and the latest RA and correct rom with correct checksum etc. Starting to wonder if it is the Retro arch version I'm using? Will update tomorrow and see if it works.

So far it is the "Area X" cheevos that refuse to trigger for me. Everything else works.

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December 6 2020, 4:54am

Tried with RAMeka and it does trigger the ordinary cheevos but still not the "Area" ones....
I could not get my gamepad to work using RAliberato so I can't try it.

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December 6 2020, 5:35am

And now I have tried it with RALiberetro too. Both the gear system and the Genesis Plus core. Nothing triggers. Starting to wonder if I do something wrong when I play? I see that people have gotten them to trigger. No idea how though...Will record it next time.

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December 6 2020, 9:20pm

I'm interested in video footage as I can't reproduce it right now. Altough it doesn't trigger in RetroArch for me neither. Really Strange.

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December 7 2020, 9:07am, edited December 7 2020, 9:08am

Just did a sloppy test run up to 2-4. Using retroarch. You can see it here:

(last video)


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December 17 2020, 10:41am

I didn't forget you, I was just busy the last weeks. I'll look into it at the weekend :) Thanks for the video footage.

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December 17 2020, 12:47pm

No need to hurry. I have all the time in the world :)

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