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📰 November's RANews is out! 📰


Posted: 07 Nov, 2020 19:09
Last Edit: 07 Nov, 2020 19:10
We're very happy to announce the release of the November's issue of RANews, your monthly magazine about the RetroAchievements scene.

Here's what to expect fr0m it:

- why RetroAchievements is an Infinite Game.
- RAPS2 wen?
- a guide to master the Pokemon Pinball (Gameboy Color)
- we're starting the RADIY segment, this month with a Teriyaki Chicken recipe.

And the already traditional articles:
- 10 mini-articles where community members talk about their favorite sets and why you should play them.
- a list of the current open gaming events.
- a list of the brand new sets released over the last month.
- statistics about the top 300 players of the site and how they progressed.
- a list of the most wanted games with no achievement sets yet.
- a list of all the revisions and rescores that happened over the last month.
- a list of all game icons and badges updates
- the RANews Bingo
- links to contents being produced by RetroAchievements fans

Any feedback is very welcome!

Posted: 18 Nov, 2020 03:25
Cheevos for PS2 games will be nice along with dreamcast, psp and other systems if and when they become available. I know the article said PS2 won't be for a while, but still exciting and cool to see.

Posted: 29 Nov, 2020 20:43
Thanks to everyone involved for an awesome RA News as always

Posted: 30 Nov, 2020 17:02
Nerd Corner was a very interesting read for someone like me who has limited knowledge of what's going on. I would love it if a developer came along and tried to get a link between FPGA systems like the MiSTer, Analogue with Flash Carts (USB) or other functionality. I think for a small subset, earning achievements on actual hardware is a dream come true!

Posted: 30 Nov, 2020 17:03
Last Edit: 30 Nov, 2020 17:03

Posted: 30 Nov, 2020 17:03
Last Edit: 30 Nov, 2020 17:03


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