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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

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Posted: 14 Oct, 2020 01:24
Last Edit: 29 Apr, 2021 17:26

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Created 14 Oct, 2020 01:24 by SnowPin

5124 - Dragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).nds
RA Checksum: ebb3e9ee86d520f624ffc701a912779b
ROM Checksum: 3a63438fff7db282fa3133e8fd020e85
CRC32 Checksum: FE8EC0E8

Posted: 13 Jan, 2021 22:01
Last Edit: 09 Jun, 2021 13:54

How to access DLC
DQIX has DLC available to players, and I will provide 3 options for you to play said DLC. You can click MALE or FEMALE for save files at the beginning of the game, defaulted as "Hero" with a generic appearance. The third option I provide is that, once you have near full completion of the achievement set (You won't have [DLC] marked achievements) then you can send me your Save File over Discord at Sea#0069, and I will activate the DLC. Please note that the two default saves have a "Birthday Cake" and "Christmas Cake" item in the inventory; this is for two quests. If you lose them you can also send me the default save for replacements.

Inconvenient bug with the DLC saves: There is an unavoidable bug with having the DLC activated from the start of the game; this being that Erinn at the Inn in Stornway cannot be spoken to from the front of the desk. What this prevents is the player being able to rest at the Inn, which is especially inconvenient when you reach this area for the first time. Erinn can still be spoke to from behind the counter, which happens a few times when doing certain quests. I apologize to those experiencing this issue.

IF YOU ARE USING A DEFAULT DLC SAVE FROM BEFORE APRIL 25TH 2021, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY PM ON SITE OR VIA DISCORD. -- Thanks to user Boldewin, the missing DLC quests are now available. If you have one of the original DLC saves from this forum post (before 25/04/21), then it's outdated. If you can send me your save file, I will be able to update it for you.
Posted: 14 Jan, 2021 14:12

Will you do anything for the DLC quests and Legend Maps?
Posted: 15 Jan, 2021 16:16

Seconding a request for Nintendo WFC content support. The distributed extras were a huge part of this game, probably more so than any other game on the DS.
Posted: 15 Jan, 2021 16:25

In regards to the DLC. When I played DQ9, I had never experienced the DLC for myself. It's something I will absolutely look into while making this set but I can't stress enough that I cannot guarantee I will be the one to add DLC related achievements.

As of right now, I'm not confirming nor denying the possibility, but I will update my initial post when I have more information to share. Thanks everyone.
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 02:16

There's still ways to get the dlc onto save files.

If you have a ds or 3ds, it's not hard at all. But I also don't seen an issue supplying a save file with the dlc downloaded, for the people who have no other way to access it.

I'm more concerned with getting the post game maps, since there's like, 80 million possible maps, and they are all a pain to get without Street pass.
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 02:42

I second Alurith's recommendation of supplying a save file with the Nintendo WFC content on it. I can help with it if you can't figure out how to.
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 02:44
Last Edit: 17 Jan, 2021 02:44

I can not remember if the dlc is saved to a specific save file, or if it it saves to the card in general. Can anyone test that?
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 02:48

It saves to the save file.

The only way to obtain the DLC quests and items today is to use Action Replay cheats.
Fortunately, you only have to use them once to unlock everything and then save to have them unlocked forever.
Unfortunately, RA emulators forbid Action Replay cheats.
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 03:00

I think an exception could be made to add a cheat at the start of the game to unlock them.

Also, you are incorrect. You can use a special server on ds or 3ds to get them from a private server, totally legit.
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 12:36

if that's the case, I hope I can still create my own personal hero.
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 13:54

If someone wishes to drop a save with the DLC then that'd be great, honestly.

I mentioned in the discord that not every quest will be included as achievements (64 dlc quests & 120 base quests, one achievement for each is a lot of achievements, on top of everything else that will be added).

Once I have a full list of achievement ideas, I'm going to be asking for the community to give feedback. I'll drop either a spreadsheet or .txt in the discord. As an example, there are accolades for battles won at 100, 500, 1000, 5000 & 10,000; I would have one achievement each for these in the document and ask for feedback as to which should stay. So it could be 100 & 1000 stays, or 500 & 10,000 stays. So with this info, I'll probably do the same with the 64 DLC quests (since I don't know the quests myself too well).
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 14:50

instead of having every single quest have an achievement, what about batches? Like "Complete quest 1-10", then "Complete quest 11-20" or something like that? Or are you gonna exclude some of the more annoying ones that relies on heavy RNG?
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 15:34

I'll exclude any quests that rely on RNG, unless the reward is worth it. Personally I don't find it enjoyable to try over and over again for something in hopes that you unlock an achievement.

I'm also excluding quests that seem really basic like "Quest 001 - Bring the girl a Tangleweb". It's just a fetch quest.
But "Quest 004 - Pick Me Up a Panacea" is included as it's the introductory quest to Alchemy (and rewards more recipes).
Posted: 17 Jan, 2021 15:45

That's fair. I'll probably end up doing it anyway because I'm like that XD
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