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Incredible Crisis

Posted: 11 Sep, 2020 21:24
Last Edit: 11 Sep, 2020 21:27

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Created 11 Sep, 2020 21:24 by MrOwnership

Incredible Crisis (USA) [SLUS_012.25]
incredible crisis (usa) [SLUS_012.25]
RA Checksum: 28c80ac117f9f7d05f257cc9c85905e1

Posted: 11 Sep, 2020 21:27
Last Edit: 20 Sep, 2020 15:25

I would like to work on a set for this game.
Posted: 13 Oct, 2020 00:47

How's progress going, Hazama?
Posted: 12 Dec, 2020 03:14

Set is open for development if anyone is interested.
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 02:49

I'd love to claim this game and work on a set!
I will describe the achievement roadmap plan in another post soon.
Any ideas are very welcome!
Posted: 05 Sep, 2021 03:45
Last Edit: 05 Sep, 2021 03:47

I always thought this game would lend well to achievements. The minigame formula seems to ripe with the obvious ones...: Beat a level, get a cheevo.

But I suppose, if possible, you could make achievements for 'perfecting' the levels (Not getting hit, winning within a certain time, etc) I don't know how that would apply to EVERY stage, like that one where you have to use groceries to get the exact weight...

...I also don't know if that will help any, or if I was just stating the obvious. But I will be feverishly watching this set's development, as it was one of my favorite PSX games in the 'weird' category.

Good luck! =)
Posted: 07 Sep, 2021 04:31
Last Edit: 08 Sep, 2021 21:52

I've got a couple of ideas sorted out, just to start with.

1) Beat minigame without using a continue (Might use on every minigame)
2) Beat minigame skillfully, (no misses A rank on 1st minigame, don't let the ball get close on the 2nd minigame)
3) Beat each section of minigames
4) Beat each section of minigames with a total "A" grade

? 5) Beat the whole game in 1 session without using ANY retries? - This one could be pretty brutal, not sure if necessary.

When players beat a campaign section they get graded overall.
I am also going to give players a cheevo for beating each campaign section, regardless of grading/continues used (the game is pretty difficult!)

I'm leaning toward checking the section grade as a cheevo, rather than each individual game grade.

I also am playing with the idea of beating each campaign section below a certain amount of time, but since players can't replay these sections very easily, it might be more of a chore.

The minigames are unlocked after beating a campaign section; so the 'skill' ones are fair play.

The game is short, and players can save after every campaign section (3 save slots are available)

Any thoughts are welcome! I never grew up with this game so I want to make sure I do it justice
Posted: 07 Sep, 2021 04:41

Hm...Well...I know this one may not be the best idea, but at the end of each chapter, when you're graded, you earn lives ('Continues'?) as a reward. The better the grade, the more lives you get. Maybe you can tack on an achievement for reaching a certain amount of lives?
Posted: 10 Sep, 2021 14:48
Last Edit: 01 Oct, 2021 13:45

Alright, finally got a roadmap planned.

1) Beat a minigame without using a continue while in main story mode. (Might use on every minigame 24 cheevos just for that)
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th. (Dance fever to Independence Bay)

2) Beat minigame skillfully: (at least 22 cheevos for 'skill based' challenges, can be replayed after unlocking in main story mode.)
- Don't miss a beat on the 1st minigame. ✓
- don't let the ball get within red distance on the 2nd minigame ✓
- Stop the Elevator before 800 feet ✓
- Finish Nerd on a Wire before the statue crumbles at all ✓
- Don't miss a question on the ambulance trivia ✓
- Hit 30 construction signs and finish the game without losing a life ✓
- Beat the Ferris Wheel in a 2 cycle / under a certain amount of time with an A ranking ✓
- Don't let the UFO get hit by any missile ✓
- Beat the rowboat in 2 minutes, 35 seconds (there are 3 instances of this minigame, have them all count for this cheevo) ( needs alts)
- Escape the bank under 1 minute 10 seconds after testing, 55 seconds is challenging but doable (kind of want to push this to under 45 seconds, because I am a jerk) ✓
- Leave the vault before your HP is 50% ✓
- No Miss on Golden Pig rhythm ✓
- Don't get hurt while snowboarding near impossible. Going for A rank instead (can take 4 hits of damage) ✓
- don't take dmg on jet out of bunker ✓
- Beat the bear in under 1minute 40 seconds (don't miss a shot) ✓
- Climb the hill in 1minute 20 seconds ✓
- Get an A rank on Spider ✓
- Don't let the mantis get within red distance ✓
- Only have 3 kids get knocked out Don't have any kids get knocked out ✓
- Find the goods within 30 seconds of browsing (only taking 4 "tics" of damage) ✓
- Don't miss any part on the UFO level
- Get A rank on De Crane

3) Beat each section of minigames (normal progression) (3 + 2 + 2 + 1) 8~ cheevos
First set (Dance fever, Bowling, Elv of doom, Nerd on wire) ✓
Second set (Ambulance, Stretcher, Ferris Wheel) ✓
Third set (independence bay, titanic) ✓
Forth set (Wolves, Pound for Pound) ✓
5th (Pig DDR, Snowboarding) ✓
6th (Top gun, bear wars) ✓
7th Set (Hill, Spider) ✓
8th set (Tense Teacher, Goods must be crazy) ✓

4) Beat each section of minigames with a total "A+" grade (2 lives for A+) 8~ more cheevos
First set ✓ 4
Second Set ✓ 5 games
Third set ✓ (2 games)
Fourth set ✓ (2 games)
5th set ✓ (2 games)
6th set ✓ (2 games)
7th set ✓ (2 games)
8th set ✓ (2 games)

5) Beat the whole campaign in 1 session regardless of retries, lives lost, or game overs.

6) Beat the whole game in 1 session without using ANY retries? Asked in #Poll-me on discord, and I will make it "Beat the game in 1 session without a *game over*. The game gives lives based on skill of the minigames, so people should be allowed to use them. More fair this way.

7) Hold 9 lives at one time (Max lives)

Speedrun leaderboard for: Each Section of minigames (Tanao 1, Tanao 2, Tanao 3, etc...)
Speedrun leaderboard for: Whole game

Looking at 65 cheevos total. As always, this plan is not set in stone so if ANYONE has any suggestions post them or DM me on discord.
Posted: 14 Oct, 2021 02:18
Last Edit: 14 Oct, 2021 02:26

Make sure to play with Duckstation core otherwise you will not be able to progress past Etsuko and the Golden Pig Minigame!
Posted: 14 Oct, 2021 02:26

Congrats on getting the set out, and thanks for suggesting the core! =D


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