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1. Kirby's Dream Course (USA).sfc
RA Checksum: 3f2ee922cd23c9c211777be1d26ea2a8
CRC32 Checksum: DF8153D9

2. Kirby's Dream Course (Europe).sfc
RA Checksum: b757f3031fb7698925cf9eb8d3b343a1
CRC32 Checksum: 995CC0A3



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September 13 2014, 1:08pm

One of my SNES favorites

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September 13 2014, 2:46pm

enjoy getting some of the achievements I create:P

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September 24 2014, 8:51am

Have completed all the achievements. If someone could help me finish my first leader board so I can recreate another 15 with same code I would be very grateful.


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October 28 2014, 3:49am

How do you access the extra courses?

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October 28 2014, 5:39am

you have to get a sliver on every course on normal.

Then at menu screen it should appear


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October 28 2014, 12:41pm

ah ok

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July 7 2019, 3:02pm

With the set cap gone, each set will be re-scored, proportionally to other sets using the new scoring system.

If you've played or mastered the Kirby's Dream Course set, or have a strong sense of it, you can help by entering how you feel the set should be scored. How you score it, along with other users, for this and a number of other important sets will have a big impact on how all sets are scored in the future.

Here's a link to the scoring sheet:
Kirby's Dream Course | Kirby's Dream Course (SNES) Kirby's Dream Course (SNES) - Requested by ilikepie345

Visit this thread for details on how you re-score a set easily and effectively.


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June 23 2020, 6:15am

Here's my first shot at a rescore:
TOTAL POINTS: 400 -> 562
Dream Fantasy Dream Fantasy (10)
Dream Island Dream Island (10)
Dream Desination Dream Desination (10)
5 -> 10 points
Just a small point boost for the later levels, as the game gets fairly difficult. Why isnt there achievements for beating the Extra Courses?

Dream World Hero Dream World Hero (10)
Dream Course Hero  Dream Course Hero (10)
Dream Fantasy Hero Dream Fantasy Hero (10)
Dream Island Hero Dream Island Hero (10)
Dream Destination Hero Dream Destination Hero (10)
5 -> 10 Points
Early game hole in ones usually have one course thats easy to do. Late game, not so much.

Gold Kirby Gold Kirby (25)
Aqua Kirby Aqua Kirby (25)
Old Kirby Old Kirby (25)
Grass Kerby Grass Kerby (25)
Light Kirby Light Kirby (25)
Ghost Kirby Ghost Kirby (25)
Purple Kirby Purple Kirby (25)
Yellow Kirby Yellow Kirby (25)
15 -> 25 points
The extra stages are extremely hard. These medals essentially require you to get multiple holes in one in a single run.

Stoned Kirby Stoned Kirby (1)
Umbrella Kirby Umbrella Kirby (1)
Needle Kirby Needle Kirby (1)
Spark Kirby Spark Kirby (1)
3 -> 1 points
Just use an ability that you get in that level. Easy. I kept the extra stage ability achievements at 3 points as they're far in the game, but really these achievements should be revised to just use the ability whenever in whatever level.

10 Kirby 10 Kirby (25)
20 -> 25 points
Gaining lives is only possible from holes in one.

Challenge 1 Challenge 1 (25)
Challenge 2 Challenge 2 (25)
Challenge 3 Challenge 3 (25)
Challenge 4 Challenge 4 (25)
10 -> 25 points
These achievements are the hardest levels in the game to get a hole in one in. They are possible, but require almost TAS like inputs. 7-3 is still 10 points because its much much easier to do

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The old icon was outvoted and replaced. Here's a backup of it:

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Anyone going to update the leaderboard? Obviously, 8 would be the minimum strokes you can get on any course, so I can only assume cheating from the bunch of people who have scored of 1.

What's more is that once that's fixed, it'd be easy to set up leaderboards for all the courses in the same way, right?

I'm new, and not a coder, so I may be asking too much here, I know.


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The badges have been outvoted and replaced. Here is a backup of the previous ones:

The new badges were made by orchidcnr

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