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Bad Idea Game

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StingX226 Aug, 2020 15:50(Edited 01 Sep, 2020 23:55)

The Random Achievement Game

I'm gonna roll an achievement with the bot, it could be the worst thing ever. After that you have 7 days to earn it, you do you get a point. See how long you can last

No prizes, no glory, Hotscrock don't even track this underground achievement game. You can't handle us we are so wild. Its like AoTW but bad and worthless like V1.

-Random Achievement drawn via bot
-Earn it, post it, you get a point
-Miss the first one? Who cares hop in whenever this is a high score thing
-Did you earn a point and failed? Back to 0

Week 1 8/26 - 9/2
Pacifist Pacifist (50) (Also no-death requirement is missing from description)

Earn that or remain a Zero
AuraOfTheDawn26 Aug, 2020 18:53(Edited 26 Aug, 2020 19:00)
First! Got it twice even, after tracking down why it bugged out.
Pacifist Pacifist (50)
StingX227 Aug, 2020 03:50
Whynot1527 Aug, 2020 19:26
I uhh...guess I got it?
Pacifist Pacifist (50)
StingX227 Aug, 2020 19:47
Hell yea you did
StingX229 Aug, 2020 21:51
This games kinda cheap with its kills
StingX201 Sep, 2020 23:58
Week 2 starts at 12am EDT
9/2 - 9/9
Four Of A Kind Four Of A Kind (1)

Sometimes fortune smiles (will warn you the set as a whole is busted and im fixing it this weekend lol)

AuraOfTheDawn 1
StingX2 1
Whynot15 1
Wes1302 Sep, 2020 14:05(Edited 03 Sep, 2020 06:22)
AuraOfTheDawn03 Sep, 2020 02:39
Four Of A Kind Four Of A Kind (1)

Got it. Diamond took forever to find.
StingX203 Sep, 2020 05:46
Whynot1503 Sep, 2020 15:30
Got it.
Four Of A Kind Four Of A Kind (1)
This game should be shot into the sun for it's premise. A whole planet of clowns is...not something I'd prefer to think about...
StingX206 Sep, 2020 16:39
Clowns are life
StingX209 Sep, 2020 01:29
Week 3 starts at 12am EDT
9/9 to 9/16
Just Another Ordinary Morning At Masaki Residence Just Another Ordinary Morning At Masaki Residence (3)

The bot loves us

Auraofthedawn 2
StingX2 2
Whynot15 2
Wes13 1

ackman8309 Sep, 2020 03:40(Edited 09 Sep, 2020 03:42) the introductory battle with all the chosen ones alive on battle ending.
unlocked on
09 Sep, 2020 03:37Just Another Ordinary Morning At Masaki Residence (3) (3)
Wes1309 Sep, 2020 19:28
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