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Um Jammer Lammy

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Posted: 21 Aug, 2020 03:31
Last Edit: 01 Dec, 2020 18:25

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Created 21 Aug, 2020 03:31 by Alena

Um Jammer Lammy (USA) [SCUS_944.48]
um jammer lammy (usa) [SCUS_944.48]
RA Checksum: 84904852526e5bb1d342e352de7d7a55

Posted: 21 Aug, 2020 03:32

Posted: 21 Aug, 2020 05:15

You just made my day, good luck on the set!!
Posted: 06 Nov, 2020 21:23
Last Edit: 08 Nov, 2020 02:22

Posted: 20 Nov, 2020 23:44

I'm still working on this project
Posted: 21 Nov, 2020 05:43
Last Edit: 21 Nov, 2020 19:20

can't wait
Posted: 21 Nov, 2020 22:27

Loved this game back in the day. Loved the Japanese version a bit more, because of all the Hell references. Island, pah. =p
Posted: 01 Dec, 2020 17:53

Use Um Jammer Lammy (USA)
Posted: 01 Dec, 2020 18:04

Okey~ =)
Posted: 01 Dec, 2020 18:11

Thank you so much for this Alena!! Really looking forward to achieving these :)
Posted: 01 Dec, 2020 18:50

Posted: 01 Dec, 2020 22:58

Hmm, had an issue getting achievements from stage 2 after starting a new game from the title screen. Had to go into stage select and re-do the stage to get it to pop. Stage 1 popped normally however. Using PCSX-Rearmed core in Retroarch
Posted: 09 Jan, 2021 08:46

I'd like to propose some achievement additions. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm sure someone will steer me right. Anyway, here they are...

Defeat any/all Level 4 CPU(s) (5 Pts. each, maybe?)

Must I Do Everything? (10)
Complete a Team Stage in Cool Mode with the second player set to Auto

The Apex of Greatness (3)
Enter (Triangle) Fever Mode

Well-Rounded Psycho (3)
Enter (Circle) Fever Mode

Holier than Thou (3)
Enter (Cross) Fever Mode

Epic^2 (3)
Enter (Square) Fever Mode

Straight Outta Left-Field (3)
Enter (L) Fever Mode

The Rightful Ruler (3)
Enter (R) Fever Mode

Even Further Beyond! (10)
Trigger all 6 Fever Modes at once as Lammy

Gift of the Silver Tongue (10)
Trigger all 6 Fever Modes at once as Parappa

I AM the Fire and Flames! (15)
Earn 20000 points as Lammy using Fever Mode

Objectively Better Than Shakespeare (15)
Earn 20000 points as Parappa using Fever Mode
Posted: 09 Jan, 2021 10:18

I had created achievements to defeat the rival at level 4 of the CPU, but I decided not to add on set. My reasons is that they were just frustrating ...
You have to achieve cool status at the beginning of the stage and make an almost perfect score to win. You spend the entire stage spamimg random commands and hoping to work.
About "cool in team mode" for me is unnecessary because there are already achievements to finishing in cool and without having to depend on the cpu for that.
About "Fever" I just don't find it interesting.

My opinion about these achievements is that they wouldn't look good on the core set.
Maybe in a Bonus set ...
Posted: 10 Jan, 2021 07:13

Actually, Level 4 CPU isn't that hard, believe it or not. Based on my experience, the Level 4 CPU doesn't actually seem to know about Fever Mode. And since it can boost your score by a lot, Fever Mode can basically make a joke out of the CPU, even winning the match by depleting their score to 0. Give it a shot: enter Cool status, trigger a Fever Mode or two, and see if that makes it easier.

Next, I recommended the "Cool in Team Mode" achievement because of how unreliable the CPU is when it comes to entering Cool status. In my experience, there are times where even when you get a good score on a line, the CPU could easily screw you over and drag you into Bad status. In hindsight, given that this achievement does pretty much rely on luck, I can see how it would belong in a Bonus set. It was just an idea, though...

Lastly, could you elaborate on why you don't find Fever Mode interesting? Sure, by itself, it may not be anything to write home about since all it really does is increase your score. But I think it would make for a great opportunity to make a challenge or two around it on RA. In fact, me and a few other guys are already using it to make the leaderboards here. There are even people outside of RA who managed to score even 30k while only using 2 Fever Modes. Trust me, achieving 20k in this game isn't as hard as it sounds.

So if you could, please reconsider. Few people even know about the purpose behind the button prompts that show up before beginning a stage so it would be great if there were achievements based around them, even if there were just a few.
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