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May 22 2013, 9:48pm, edited January 25 2024, 12:09am

Official Topic Post for discussion about Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis/Mega Drive) Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis/Mega Drive)
Created 22 May, 2013 21:48 by Scott

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September 12 2013, 1:11pm

I got the "Newbie Collector" (collect 20 rings) achievement just by watching the demo. :p

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September 12 2013, 1:55pm

I got the "Special Collector" achievement (collect every ring in the first special stage) in the THIRD special stage... and not after collecting every ring in that special stage either. Although I did get a lot of them.

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June 8 2014, 2:15am

Special collector is still flawed. It popped up to me at same condition as Seijin. In the requirement list, it's missing a "special stage id" address to prevent this from happening.

By the way, this is a tough achievement, I don't remember whether I ever caught every ring in past gameplays

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June 9 2014, 10:28am, edited June 9 2014, 12:50pm

This is probably fixed now.

Scott, if you don't mind, I increased Special Collector Special Collector (30) from 20 to 30 points and Under-achiever Under-achiever (25) from 10 to 25.

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July 19 2014, 3:55am, edited July 19 2014, 5:39am

Blocked debug mode in all achievements.

Some achievements like Special Collector Special Collector (30) could be easily obtained by using debug mode.

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June 4 2015, 6:42am, edited June 4 2015, 10:27am

I got the ''Special Collector Achievement'' in the green hill zone act 2, I don't know what may have happened, I caught her by chance, I ask that you take the score and the conquest of me, because I not picked up the way it should.

I used the google translator sometimes to be able to write a few words because i'm brazilian.

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June 20 2015, 2:36am

Special Collector is impossible to obtain in Hardcore Mode. Even with Save is hard to do, without them is just impossible :/

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June 20 2015, 2:51am

I managed to get it on hardcore but I admit it went far from being enjoyable

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June 20 2015, 4:48am

But how?
I tried in Debug Mode and, even like that, I had to try more than 20 times :/ I cant image how it is in Hardcore Mode...

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June 21 2015, 12:20am, edited June 21 2015, 12:37am

Well... a hundred tries (about 5 of them were missing solely a ring in the final part of the stage) and patience. The achievement seems to be glitchy so it's very likely only a few users got the achievement as intended to be earned.

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June 21 2015, 1:38am

Its just painfull, I'm not into it :/ All the others seems nice, but this one is terrible.
I love the one that you have to complete Green Hill Zone with no more than 1000 point. It's AMAZING (a huge applause for the user that came with that one). It's challenging and it's not frustrating, you just enjoy doing that cause it's about Skill. In this one, it's just Lucky basead, and I personally hate this ones :/ So I will not master this game cause I dont have the patience or Luck to do a Achievement like that.
Even when I create some achievements, I think about something that comes naturaly and you dont even notice you just did it or something that you enjoy when you're trying to do it. If the game is too hard, I think: it's too hard for a lot of people so let's try something more "possible", without being frustrating; so instead "release all (100) prisioners" just try to "release 90 prisioners"... We don't need to be the best players to Master a Game, otherwise why don't you have a achievement to complete Sonic 2 under 20 minutes (it's possible, just youtube it)? - that is Mastering :D But some achievements could be more balanced and not so Hardcore or Lucky Basead.
I dont know if I was clear, my english is not perfect, but I'm just sharing my personal oppinion about some achievements.

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February 7 2016, 7:13pm, edited February 7 2016, 8:16pm

why a leaderboard without lab zone starlight and scrapbrain ?

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February 6 2017, 2:17pm

The site confuses it with rom hacks like sonic mania(there's a glitch that lets you try special stages again and again) and sonic multi(you can easily get 200 rings,10000000 score,infinite lives)

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April 9 2017, 8:12pm, edited April 9 2017, 8:36pm

The green hill zone 1000 points only didn't pop for me at all, completed each level with no kills and no rings, crossing the line on the 9th minute and killed robotnik only to get the 1000 minimum no show for me :-(
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