PS2 Rollout

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jayhay8923 Sep, 2022 18:42
If there is a new standalone, am i right in presuming that Achievement support will be in the PCSX2 Nightly builds as well?
LordAndrew23 Sep, 2022 19:17
It will be in the nightlies once it's merged. It's not merged yet, but it will definitely be merged by the time the stable version comes out on October 1.
thebolak23 Sep, 2022 19:20
I have Dragon Ball Budokai 1 to start with !!! Can't wait to do it again. Lego Star Wars should be my second. The Simpsons Hit and Run will be my third. But PS2 have a lot of good games. Can't wait for a set for a wwe game and a 007 game
LeftyGuitar23 Sep, 2022 19:28
So many games ready for launch. I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least a 100 sets ready by launch date. Kudos to all involved!
Superbegita23 Sep, 2022 20:06
I have a question i am worry about's a technical one about the futur maybe merged in some way for core and bonus the fact they will share probably the same hash..could lead to will see on your profile ALL the add acheviement (core + subset bonus) ? leading to "no you won't be able to master the game due to very ultra hard difficulty challenged you don't want even as an hardcore player ?

Or no if you don't do one of the bonus set acheviements... your game will be still mark by ex 20/100 (just core set) and not 20/135 acheviements (core + bonus subset).

I am a bit confusing about that....
Superbegita23 Sep, 2022 20:11
LordAndrew Hi ! by built in you mean the ingame widescreen alow of course and the hack ne INSIDE pcsx2 by example ? but not special patchs custom made by people right ?

Because i see that DBZ Budokai 3 doesn't have ingame widescreen.
Stenzek24 Sep, 2022 09:43(Edited 24 Sep, 2022 13:32)
The built-in widescreen/no-interlace patches are permitted in hardcore at this point (and won't change the hash/game ID). If the RA team decide to change their minds later on, we'll also adjust the enforcement on our side.
spymc324 Sep, 2022 13:36(Edited 24 Sep, 2022 22:43)
You guys are the best! Thanks devs for all the sets, very exciting times
KiddZeal24 Sep, 2022 14:14
I never used pcsx2, is it simple to use or it will probably have a tutorial to turn achievements on it? xD
treytrey33324 Sep, 2022 14:18
its pretty simple if you ask me
treytrey33324 Sep, 2022 14:18(Edited 24 Sep, 2022 14:19)
edit double post
FolkSong24 Sep, 2022 17:26
FYI Stenzek is the developer responsible for bringing RA support to PCSX2, thank you Stenzek!
Freakservo24 Sep, 2022 17:45
KiddZeal: You'd be surprised how out-of-the-box PCSX2 works! It's quite well-streamlined, And I wouldn't doubt for a moment that turning on achievement-support will be at-all difficult! ^^

But as one would guess, certain games will work differently from others, and so may require different settings to adjust. That's where the official PCSX2 compatibility list becomes a magical utility! A touch dated, but offers a great starting point on what does - or does not - work.

I will assume if further compatibility instructions are necessary, they will be described in their individual game forums. =)
rixor24 Sep, 2022 18:42
I have a little question, what is the recommended config for 4k games on pcsx2? Is a rtx 3050 enough? Or maybe more? Thanks!
rixor24 Sep, 2022 18:42
I have a little question, what is the recommended config for 4k games on pcsx2? Is a rtx 3050 enough? Or maybe more? Thanks!
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