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PS2 Rollout

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Posted: 21 Jun, 2022 17:30

Whoa, man! Sorry! Lol.
Posted: 21 Jun, 2022 23:00

No worries buddy.
Posted: 22 Jun, 2022 11:46
Last Edit: 22 Jun, 2022 13:09

This is great news, so many fantastic games already on the list of completed/locked-in sets. The PS2 had such an impressive catalogue.

Where's the best place to post suggestions for PS2 game pages to be added to the database?

I'd like to place a set request for a game called 'Eternal Poison'. I doubt anyone else will be interested in it, but you never know.

[Edit]: nvm I found the correct thread
Posted: 22 Jun, 2022 18:48

alundra82 new game page requests for PS2 can only be made by devs until the rollout is complete and PS2 is officially supported. The reason for this is because only admins can link hashes for unsupported systems
Posted: 22 Jun, 2022 19:32

That's fair enough, thank you for explaining ladynadiad.
Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 09:57

RA is growing up so fast! Pretty soon there will be PS3 achievements for all those early gen games that never got trophy support.

Wow PS2 support is almost here!
Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 15:08

I love this community. I'm really excited for PS2 support, great work.
Posted: 23 Jun, 2022 21:16

GAMERJET Yeah I'm not expecting PS3 much but if games that never got trophy support at least got achievements here like the 2 Ratchet & Clank games, Assassin's Creed and a few others I'd be ok with it
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