The Unwanted Month 1: July 15th to August 15th

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July 15 2020, 1:55am

Welcome to The Unwanted

The premise for this ongoing event is that Every 15th of the month a new or mostly new set of 10 games will be on the list here. These are the least played sets on the site (sudoku/picross/japanese and other language required/broken/bonus/partial sets removed).

There is no joining the event you just post and participate! Tokens earned carry over forever.

July 15th - August 15th
1.Wanderers From Ys (PC-8000/8800, 2019)
2.~Unlicensed~ Legend of Zelda, The - Links Awakening (NES, 2019)
3.~Unlicensed~ Pocket Monster (Genesis, 2019)
4.Hashire! Skyline 1984 (PC-8000/8800, 2019)
5.Fan Fun (PC8800, 2019)
6.~Unlicensed~ Legend of Zelda, The - The Minish Cap (NES, 2019)
7.Dragon Slayer Level 2.0 (PC8800, 2019)
8.Pony Friends (NDS, 2019)
9.Megabots (Apple 2, 2019)
10.Genesis: Beyond the Revelation (PC-8000/8800, 2019)

Tokens you can earn this month
(Bronze Tier)

Beat the Game
Beat the Game Prior to 2020 (this will rarely rarely happen for these)
Get a New Icon thru Icon Gauntlet
Fix Game info that was incorrect

(Silver Tier)
Creating Valid Tickets of Quality (for players that cant do dev stuff)
Fixing Established Tickets
Improve or Add a Rich Presense

(Gold Tier)
Master the Game
Master the Game Prior to 2020 (this will rarely rarely happen for these)
Adding Achievements to a set
Beat All 10 Sets
Master All 10 Sets

=Bronze Token Scavenger Hunt=
Take a screenshot (with your emulator heading) of any 3 of the following to get a Bronze token. Pictures must be from this months games!
-Picture of a Frog
-Picture of a Dragon
-Picture of a Cow
-Picture of a Fishing Rod
-Picture of an Apple

Event Starts 12am EDT


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July 15 2020, 1:58am, edited July 16 2020, 3:22am

Wanderers from Ys (PC-8000/8800) Wanderers from Ys (PC-8000/8800)
~Unlicensed~ Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening | Feng Yin Dao (NES/Famicom) Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening | Feng Yin Dao (NES/Famicom) Unlicensed
~Unlicensed~ Pocket Monster (Genesis/Mega Drive) Pocket Monster (Genesis/Mega Drive) Unlicensed
Hashire! Skyline (1984) (PC-8000/8800) Hashire! Skyline (1984) (PC-8000/8800)
Fan Fun (PC-8000/8800) Fan Fun (PC-8000/8800)
~Unlicensed~ Legend of Zelda, The: The Minish Cap | Shen Qi De Mao Zi (NES/Famicom) Legend of Zelda, The: The Minish Cap | Shen Qi De Mao Zi (NES/Famicom) Unlicensed
Dragon Slayer Level 2.0 (PC-8000/8800) Dragon Slayer Level 2.0 (PC-8000/8800)
Pony Friends (Nintendo DS) Pony Friends (Nintendo DS)
Megabots (Apple II) Megabots (Apple II)
Genesis: Beyond the Revelation (PC-8000/8800) Genesis: Beyond the Revelation (PC-8000/8800)

Trophies Considered Beating the Game
Ys Wanderer Wanderer (25)
Links Awakening Beat the game Beat the game (25)
Minish Cap Complete the Game Complete the Game (25)
Skyline You're Winner! You're Winner! (25)
Fan Fan-tastic! - Round 15 Fan-tastic! - Round 15 (10)
Pocket Monster Normal Champion Normal Champion (10)
Dragon Slayer Crowned (K) Crowned (K) (25)
Pony Get 9 of the Platinum Medal achievements of your choice
Genesis The end of ??????? The end of ??????? (10)
Megabots Megabots Megabots (10)

1.How does a game leave the list?
If one person new beats it (not even masters) the set leaves at the months end. If nobody beats it we see it again next month. Exceptions being if the sets so broken it can't be beaten

2.Is every month just gonna be pc8800?
I feared that too but only one pc8800 set next month!

3.Can I just play one set?

4.What about Sea trader? Nobody played that!
All 2020 sets will be eligible Jan 15th 2021

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July 15 2020, 4:52am

Megabots Megabots (10)

Earned prior to 2020 and mastered the title


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July 15 2020, 6:46am

Hot tip to anyone playing .~Unlicensed~ Legend of Zelda, The - Links Awakening (NES, 2019). Use the longplay on the page as a guide, the dialog is in chinese not that any of it matters. Once you get the upgrade in dungeon 1 you can just sit there waving your sword like Bart Simpson waved his arms at Lisa

-note anytime you beat a dungeon you must go back to town each time and talk to that professor npc
-Go real slow unless wizzrobes are on screen


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July 15 2020, 10:47am

If anyone goes for Fan Fun, there's a small settings tweak required to be able to move right:

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July 15 2020, 3:29pm

This is a really fun idea! I'm a little confused by the tiers however. Can you get multiple tokens per month? Per game? It gets really confusing when you get "Gold tier" for mastering all 10 sets...but all gold tier for beating all 10 sets. Or mastering any single game.


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July 15 2020, 4:43pm

Yes you can double up, we have a lot of players on RA that only go for beats and don't attempt masterys. So the gamers that do can make out like pigs at a picnic and score in that scenario of mastering all 10 sets a bonus 2 Gold tokens

User beats Game = Bronze
User Masters Game = Bronze and Gold

Joined May 12, 2019

July 15 2020, 5:01pm

Ah gotcha! If that's the case, maybe beat/master all 10 games should be separated out like the Scavenger Hunt token, since they apply to the whole month and everything else seems to be individualized?

Also, does that doubling up work for the same game with different categories? Ex. I beat a game and fix info for it - I get two bronze tokens for that?

Sorry for being a pain with the questions!


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July 15 2020, 5:50pm

Not sure I understand first part

Yes, you can load up on the currency

keep questions coming


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July 15 2020, 6:08pm, edited July 15 2020, 6:21pm

What do the tokens do? Are they how you track player rankings? Do they have different values? You called them currency so can you spend them on things?

Also how does the icon token work. If there are 5 separate votes for a game throughout the month and they each win one after another does each winner get a bronze token or just the final winner?

Joined May 12, 2019

July 15 2020, 6:26pm

"Not sure I understand first part."

All the other "token goals" are individualized to the games (i.e. beat a game, develop new achievements for games, etc.). But the beat/master all 10 is an overall goal applying to the whole set of the month, much like the scavenger hunt token. Therefore, instead of being group in with the gold token goals, they should be their own separate listing like the scavenger hunt.

Personally I think all three of those should be separate special tokens for completing the scavenger hunt, beating all 10 games, and mastering all 10 games respectively...but that might throw off your scoring system and/or be more work, so I get why you wouldn't want to do that. I think separating them out makes more sense regardless.

One other thought: what about a goal for adding some sort of achievement guide/FAQ for games that lack that? Some games in this round even have basically no information how to play them, what the controls are, etc. It might be nice to give these games a little documentation? It also might make be too specific to apply, just a thought though!


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July 15 2020, 7:10pm

Player Rankings
just final winner

Yea sticking with the 3 token system
V2 will have guides, so until then we wait on that. But that is going to come

Tele is currently proposing a tier'd Event Badge participation. If that passes that will give the currency value to the tokens more than just player standings

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July 15 2020, 7:26pm

"Fix Game info that was incorrect"
Does that mean the game info on the game's page? Game genres is something I find fascinating so I'll go balls deep on this one. I don't think this deserves tokens or anything, I can do it for free.


-Zelda: Link's Awakening (NES)
Genre: Unknown => Action-Adventure
-Zelda: The Minish Cap (NES)
Genre: Role-Playing Game => Action-Adventure

Zelda games are "Action-Adventure". The original Link's Awakening (GB) and Minish Cap (GBA) are correctly tagged as so, these unlicensed NES versions should be the same.

Why? (Action-)RPGs involve role-playing, which means you can play your own character in different ways depending on choices, choices that come from variable stats/leveling or by dialogue choices.

Zelda games don't have stats/leveling or meaningful dialogue choices. Instead progression is made by finding new items/upgrades through exploration and solving puzzles. That's the Adventure part. Add the Action part from swinging your sword.


Megabots (Apple II)
Genre: Adventure -> Roguelike

This can be difficult to tag at first because of how the game looks, but the game has very little about Adventure and pretty much everything about Roguelikes; randomly generated levels, prema-death and turn(-ish) based combat. Combat is more ATB like Final Fantasy, but still attacks come at fixed periods of time which is what matters here.

There aren't many Roguelikes on consoles, "ToeJam and Earl (Mega Drive)" is one of the few and seems to be correctly tagged as Roguelike.


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July 15 2020, 7:59pm, edited July 16 2020, 12:59am

You got it and your getting tokens for it guineu. As much as this is an event of gaming its also an event to fix stuff along the way.

Awarding Guineu 2 Bronze Tokens

(At the end of the month everyone will have something looking a bit like a playstation/xbox gamercard)

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July 15 2020, 9:42pm

Oops fucked up with "Zelda: The Minish Cap (NES)".

Turns out this one is not a Zelda-style game, it plays like a Dragon Quest: it's actually a JRPG and therefore the description for this one was fine.

Sorry about that.
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