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Legend of Mana


Posted: 12 Jul, 2020 05:54
Last Edit: 02 Sep, 2020 03:59
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Created 12 Jul, 2020 05:54 by

1. Legend of Mana (USA) [SLUS_010.13]
RA checksum: dafd587a17240e7205841a098eb49571

Posted: 03 Aug, 2020 18:08
Last Edit: 08 Aug, 2020 08:02
Well we could start with a base for something. One for each adventure, including the last one. That would be 68 to start off with. Potentially have one for completing the Monster Encyclopedia.

Posted: 09 Aug, 2020 23:58
I think there should also be one for teaming up with a character from a different Save File. Since it's not impossible; you CAN use a separate save file on the same Memory Card. Also, it's a GREAT idea, since it basically allows your previous save to help a new one get up to around the same level.

Posted: 12 Aug, 2020 21:56

Posted: 01 Sep, 2020 17:29
Last Edit: 15 Sep, 2020 21:02
Passing by to identify the only ROM hash linked on this set.

(EDIT: ROM information is now linked on first topic post! Notice it, senpai!)

Posted: 09 Sep, 2020 05:09

Progress / Events
Boss battles
Nightmare and no futher
Create things
Collect things
Complete things
and maybe more

Posted: 09 Sep, 2020 05:19
Very excited for this one!

Posted: 09 Sep, 2020 06:03
tu pensa em fazer xivo como no damage boss (ja que os padroes dos chefes sao bem fraco) ou entao matar o boss com x arma?

Posted: 16 Sep, 2020 17:44
I was thinking about a set of achievements:

All the Quests
Use every type of weapon at least once
Learn at least one skill of each kind of weapon
Have all NPCs fight at your side at least one time
Have a pet
Have a Golem
Complete Larc's story
Complete the Jumi's story
Complete Irwine story
Have at least one coin of each elemental
Enter Geo in all days of the week
Pick 10 battles in the Ship while sailing (giving orders to the penguin)
Have 4 crabs from Cap N'Tusk
Choose Blackpearl to join you to go to the Jumi City
Colect all crops from Trent
Colect all types of seeds
Make a musical instrument of each kind
Use one magic of each elemental
Beat Tropicallo at Nightmare mode
Beat Tropicallo at No Future mode
Have 5 pets
Have 10.000 Lucre
Give candy to the bandits at Luon Highway
Beat the game

This are some ideas, I beat the game recently on Nightmare mode and I think there must be much more to add, but I think that this would be pretty cool. I love this game, and if I can do anything to help to make the achievements, I would. Good luck ;)


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