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~Homebrew~ Net Yaroze 2014 Collection


Posted: 03 Jun, 2020 19:08
Last Edit: 29 Jun, 2020 11:59
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Created 3 Jun, 2020 19:08 by


Net Yaroze 2014 (PAL & NTSC).cue & Net Yaroze 2014 (PAL & NTSC).iso
:RAchecksum: 849e56df594443bf04ada4677b4e3fe9

to get this iso running you will need to make a .cue file
to make a .cue file open up a notepad and c'n'p this next few lines in to it

FILE "Net Yaroze 2014 (PAL & NTSC).iso" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Save the file as Net Yaroze 2014 (PAL & NTSC).cue and put it in a folder with the Net Yaroze 2014 (PAL & NTSC).iso
it should now run for you.


[url= ~Homebrew~+Net+Yaroze+2014+Collection+PlayStation' )" onmouseout='UnTip()' href='


Posted: 03 Jun, 2020 19:12

Posted: 09 Jun, 2020 05:55
I spent lot of hours with my cousing playing Net Yaroze games includes in Demo discs.

Hover Car Racing, Gravitation, Pshychon, Super Bub Contest, Blitter Boy...

They were hidden jewels and very well adapted for quick matches with friends.

, thanks!

Posted: 18 Jun, 2020 21:13
Glad i could help, the set will take me a while but it will get done and should be huge :)

If you had any fun little challenges you used to make up back in the day, please let me know and i will try and add them as cheevos for you.

Posted: 30 Jun, 2020 21:46
, sorry, I didn't checked youe reply. Did you tried most of Net Yaroze games? I tried lot of them, maybe I cab suggest you some cheevos, but I have to sit down and remember a bit :P

I'm also developing in my free times, but I cab help you with Net Yaroze games I was used to play:
A Dog Tale
Terra Incognita (the developer was the director of FF Crystal Chronicles)
The Incredible Coneman
Rock'n Gems
Gravitation (this guy made a version for Android)
Hover Car Racing
Pushy 2
Adventure Game
Super Bub Contest
Blitter Boy
Beytween the Eyes
Total Soccer
Time Slip (great, same creator of Braid)

I think I'm forgetting some of them, but man, some of them are really funny games.

I'll write back as soon as I remember more.


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