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MiSTer integration

Posted: 25 Apr, 2020 00:14
Last Edit: 25 Apr, 2020 02:59

What would it take to get Retro Achievements working with MiSTer? Is it something anyone is looking into?

That would be the perfect combinatoon imo but I don't know how feasible it is...

Anyway, thanks to everyone working hard on this site, I've been having a blast the last couple days.
Posted: 27 Apr, 2020 09:52

Thats my holy grail too, and then ideally with the signal split to both my pc monitor and my crusty old crt tv ;)

Altho i guess in the mean time you could use a pi on a crt as well, not near hardware perfect as the mister is, but still fairly enjoyable for a lot of games i would say and cheevo support available.
Posted: 09 Sep, 2020 16:45

FPGA + Retro Achievements = YES PLEASE!
Posted: 21 Sep, 2020 16:54

That would be awesome!!! Really hope that this happens.
Posted: 22 Sep, 2020 02:29
Last Edit: 22 Sep, 2020 05:13

I'm just here to say that I wholeheartedly want this and I'm wondering what we can do to get this done.

Is it a question of money?
Posted: 26 Nov, 2020 14:44

I would pay someone to make this happen
Posted: 29 Nov, 2020 05:49
Last Edit: 29 Nov, 2020 13:12

I would pay to make this happen as well! Someone please make this possible!
Posted: 29 Nov, 2020 13:19
Last Edit: 29 Nov, 2020 13:20

Should we start a go fund me type thing-a-ma-bob? :P
Posted: 28 Dec, 2020 19:50

This and a cartridge reader would make me buy a Mister....
Posted: 29 Dec, 2020 08:22

I heard somewhere that a MiSTer dev looked into adding it but the achievement source is closed (or will be soon)? I've no idea. I have a MiSTer now and really want this. :)
Posted: 09 Feb, 2021 16:57
Last Edit: 09 Feb, 2021 16:58

Many of the devs for Mister are on this discord if someone from Retro Achievements would like to reach out.

Posted: 07 Mar, 2021 02:13
Last Edit: 09 Mar, 2021 03:42

This would be very cool.
Posted: 23 Aug, 2021 19:03

I am curious if there is any progress on this request? It would be great to see implemented. :)
Posted: 25 Nov, 2021 10:29

Do it! :)


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