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Wario Land II

stfN133720 Apr, 2020 08:37
Official Topic Post for discussion about Wario Land II (Game Boy Color) Wario Land II (Game Boy Color)
Created 20 Apr, 2020 08:37 by stfN1337

voiceofautumn04 Jul, 2021 16:54
amedeus05 Jul, 2021 00:52
That's wonderful! Been crossing my fingers somebody would pick this up. Good luck, I'm rooting for you.
voiceofautumn11 Jul, 2021 11:07
Set is now live.
guineu11 Jul, 2021 11:31
How do the no-hit bosses work? As far as I remember there's no lifebar or hitpoints in this game?
voiceofautumn11 Jul, 2021 14:23
You can get hit and witness the damage animation. This counts as a hit. Hence why it's not included for every boss. Will reset if you leave the boss fight e.g. by being thrown on the upper platform. I was planning on doing complete no hits including being thrown up, but you can simply avoid that by save+reset as it puts you in front of the boss door.
amedeus14 Jul, 2021 14:58
Wait a minute. I beat Syrup in World 5 damageless and when the achievement didn't unlock, I noticed that the achievement list in RetroArch says that the no-damage achievements are unsupported. Can I just not unlock those in RA?
guineu14 Jul, 2021 15:06
You need to update RetroArch to the latest version.
amedeus14 Jul, 2021 15:43
Ah, right, I really should have thought of that. That's what happens when I comment while I'm sleepy.
Nepiki25 Sep, 2021 15:12
The achievement guide is live on Github, for anyone struggling with some achievements:
Gollawiz14 Aug, 2022 04:56
The mastery icon was outvoted and replaced; heres a backup of the old one
Digifiend15 Jan, 2023 23:28
Nepiki's link doesn't work, it redirects to the guides index due to the ) not being inside the url tags.

This should work.

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