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msdmario27 Mar, 2020 00:09(Edited 30 Jun, 2022 05:34)
Official Topic Post for discussion about Tetris DS (Nintendo DS) Tetris DS (Nintendo DS)
Created 27 Mar, 2020 00:09 by msdmario

1. Tetris DS (USA).nds
RA Checksum: 9dbd0337235cd8acf032c0fbfd649d70

rabbids4eva14 Jul, 2020 22:58
Developer, Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Release: 2006
Delmaru04 Apr, 2021 22:38
Claiming this.
Delmaru08 Apr, 2021 06:53
Dropping. Unable to find puzzle flags, and even more so for touch puzzles, can't even find which puzzle you're on for that. I did map out what I could find, though.
Boldewin12 Nov, 2021 06:58
Claiming set most of the ram digging is done so I just to get the achievements and badges done.
voiceofautumn12 Nov, 2021 08:00
Gl Bolde
Boldewin17 Feb, 2022 03:27
Renewing my claim. Hoping to get this done within a month.
sseb2225 Feb, 2022 09:54
Great news!
xcommander08 Mar, 2022 10:03(Edited 08 Mar, 2022 10:04)
Good luck Boldewin, I'm looking forward to your set!

I hope there will be some SRS-related cheevos (like doing a T-Spin Triple), as well as achievements for playing with the hardest difficulties.
DevCompliance22 May, 2022 04:08
Set is now open for any new claims.
Bryan115024 Jun, 2022 19:46
Claimed, can I break 2 curses in a row?
Bryan115025 Jun, 2022 03:28
Spreadsheet of my progress and ideas as usual
sseb2225 Jun, 2022 06:03
You have my full support!! Good luck.
Do you know why the others have quit? If it's technical maybe it could help to know why?
Bryan115025 Jun, 2022 06:16
Delmaru couldnt find some puzzle flags to check for beaten puzzles, and Boldewin I think was lost of interest, because he had most things codded
sseb2225 Jun, 2022 08:44
Thanks for the info.
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