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Challenge League 2 Signups!

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Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:34
Last night the unthinkable happened. The founder of Retro Achievements Inc, Scott, has been kidnapped. Sure I was mad too that they still haven't released a good set for Dragon Quest Monsters 1 or 2 set yet, but to kidnap the man?

The only thing they found in his home was an obvious clue, this calling card. I don't know who that is in this blacked out photo but I know what it represents.

They call themselves The Deck of 52. 52 of the most rotten scumbags this side of the Ngage.

For years we tried to get warrants for their arrest and when we did our men didn't come back alive. It might be a trap, but its open season on the Deck of 52.

My fellow RetroAchievers officers we need to bring the 52 to justice. I don't care if they are dead or alive, all that matters is you bring them back here. Consider it a contest, a game, whatever you need to do to be inspired. We may not get all of them but we'll get as many as we can!

Welcome to Challenge League Season 2

===The premise of Challenge League 2
is to complete challenges. You are alone in this world but like any good police officer you need to work with a partner. Todays friend though is tomorrows competitor.

You can try to pick your partner but for the most part the timing can pair you with someone you maybe didn't expect

Example Challenge
Challenge: Beat a robot based on animal
Player1 beats a robot frog achievement and posts he can't earn points yet
Player2 and Player3 both beat a frog robot, whoever posts first they tag onto player1 will record the point

In this scenario Player1+2 must work together the rest of the week, but Player3 now has to find someone to work with

===The Challenge League will go on for 6 weeks and then a single week of playoffs. In these playoffs will be

-The Top 3 Creative earners
-The Top 3 Points earners
-After those are exhausted the next top earners until we have the top 10 players competing

You are permitted to use your main account and one alternate, this must be declared on signup

This year there is a panel of 4 judges that will vote on the best creative outputs. If anything goes to a tiebreaker, I will break it.

The judging panel will also award the following each week
-Most creative solution of a challenge (1 Point)
-Hardest achievement earned of the week (1 Point)
-Funniest creative submission (1 Point)

The top 3 at the end of the competition earn a badge! Its shiny and makes TOAST

Harassing any members of my judging panel is instant ban from this event and any future event run by me. You have an issue with something come to me and we will work thru it peacefully. Mistakes will happen and can be fixed but the judging panels decisions are their decisions.

Event will Start March 29th

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:49

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:50
I'll sign up but I'm not 100% sure of the rules.

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:50
Last Edit: 16 Mar, 2020 19:21
Sign me up! (Need to add extra challenge to days 57+ of leapfrog). Alt account is

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:53
I'll sign up

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:55
Sign me up as well.

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:57
idk but sign me up

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:57
Last Edit: 16 Mar, 2020 18:58

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 18:59
Reminder if you have an alt account please include that in your signup

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 19:23
yes please

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 19:56
I'm not taking signups from pure dummy accounts

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 20:10
If Leapfrog or Coronavirus don't kill me first, sure, I'll participate.

Also, my alt:

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 20:43
I'm in. #celgang

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 20:46
me sign up

Posted: 16 Mar, 2020 21:00
Last Edit: 16 Mar, 2020 21:00
Sign me and my alt up.
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