The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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ladynadiad30 Jul, 2022 21:37
Terranigma also didn't get a release in the US so there is no NTSC version in English.
Jazmataz31 Jul, 2022 03:10(Edited 31 Jul, 2022 08:16)
Terranigma was not released in the US.

Edit: Was already posted!
Alfex31 Jul, 2022 09:40
PAL isn't always easier. In this case things were adjusted so, for example, Link and the enemies run the same distance in 1 second. In this case they're compatible so they're linked now.
Jazmataz31 Jul, 2022 09:53
I was refering to NES Games. Sorry. Many of those Games were a lot easier because they weren‘t optimized.
ArturMK07 Sep, 2022 20:17
Detonado 100%
eltaco08 Sep, 2022 06:39
is this not to realizise
ArturMK13 Sep, 2022 22:07
Jazmataz23 Sep, 2022 13:58
This Game needs more Cheevos. ๐Ÿ˜–
Maybe No Death in One Session (The Counter at the Credits).
gollawiz23 Sep, 2022 14:26
That would work well for a bonus set, not for core.
Jazmataz23 Sep, 2022 15:30

I respect that mate.
Freakservo23 Sep, 2022 18:07
Should a revision of any sort be proposed, I would suggest adding an achievement to reach the 'Chris Houlihan' room.

Entering the room is a pretty easy task if you know how and doesn't take long to pull off. Doesn't require any weird tricks, either; It can safely be added to the main set. =)
Delmaru23 Sep, 2022 18:30
Regardless if its easy, its still a glitch. Being sent to that room is basically like an error handler. Would fit in a bonus set nicely, though.
Freakservo23 Sep, 2022 23:45(Edited 23 Sep, 2022 23:49)
Uhm...okay, if you say so.

But I still feel that's pretty nitpicky. It's not like those other 'glitches' that phase into empty rooms. Rupees, a conversation-tile claiming the name it belongs to, and an exit out into the overworld. I'm sure if you never knew it was a handler error this wouldn't be a discussion.

But okay.
ladynadiad24 Sep, 2022 00:04
Freakservo the issue is more that requiring glitches for getting an achievement is considered an unwelcome concept in a core set. Glitches can be allowed, but they can't be required in core. They are allowed to be required in a bonus set though, one example of such a set is Mega Man 2 [Subset - Bonus] (NES) Mega Man 2 [Subset - Bonus] (NES)
Freakservo24 Sep, 2022 00:07(Edited 24 Sep, 2022 00:08)
ladynadiad: ...Hm.

When you put it that way, then yeah, I see your point. It just seems to me like the un-glitchiest glitch to be considered a glitch.

My bad.
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