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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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HenrySwanson16 May, 2013 19:21(Edited 18 Jun, 2022 10:05)
Official Game Topic for Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past (SNES) Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past (SNES)

Yes. Not identified


1. Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA).sfc
RA Checksum: 608c22b8ff930c62dc2de54bcd6eba72
CRC32 Checksum: 777AAC2F

2. Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past - MSU-1 Audio + Intro Video by Conn [2015-07-04].sfc
Zelda ALTTP - MSU-1 - (ReOrchestrated & Video) [alttp_msu].sfc
Zelda ALTTP Arranged OST & Video - Dracula9AntiChapel, Qwertymodo Audio Fix -21dB [alttp_msu].sfc
RA Checksum: 4efe30a6d447c87e59e14528281d0d17
CRC32 Checksum: FB6B503D

3. Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [T+Bra1.1_CBT].sfc
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (1992)(Nintendo)(US)[tr pt][a].bin
RA Checksum: d00afb3bfb75e7b3e2dab6736fa05f62
CRC32 Checksum: 3D286A8D

Illuminating Illuminating (2)
Fighter Fighter (2)
Boomerang Boomerang (5)
Bombs Bombs (4)
Bug Catcher Bug Catcher (5)
Rupee Hunter Rupee Hunter (2)
Rupee Collector Rupee Collector (5)
Rupee Hoarder Rupee Hoarder (5)
Bottle Bottle (5)
Bow Bow (5)
Pendant of Courage Pendant of Courage (5)
Hearts I Hearts I (5)

The following achievements are currently unavailable as further testing is required.
Hearts II Hearts II (10)
Hearts III Hearts III (15)
Love the Past Love the Past (25)

Achievement names and badges are not final, so any suggestions for better names, badges, and additional achievements would be greatly appreciated.
jackolantern13 Jun, 2013 16:37
Rupee Hunter Rupee Hunter (2)
Rupee Collector Rupee Collector (5)
Bombs Bombs (4)

These three all unlock at the title screen.


Reposted in the faulty achievements thread.
jackolantern23 Jun, 2013 17:41
had a look and added an extra requirement to the three achievements above due to the game loading with every mem value set at 55 I've asked that value be ignored. I have had a play and now Rupee Hunter Rupee Hunter (2) worked fine.
Seijin29 Aug, 2013 06:37
Um, I just booted the game (for the second time), and I got five achievements at once, that I shouldn't have gotten. I don't know if it's something wrong with my rom or something like that, since nobody else has reported something like that as far as I know, but, anyway. The five achievements I got are related to finishing dungeons : Pendant of Wisdom, Crystal in the Swamp, Crystal in the Woods, Crystal in the Ice, and Crystal in the Mire.

To note is that I was still early in the game and was about to go for the very first dungeon, so I couldn't possibly get those achievements retroactively, seeing as it's my only save file.
dude128631 Aug, 2013 19:21
These cheevos should not pop again, it had to do with the fact that the SNES sets all values to 5555 on reset or loading a new rom, which alternates bits to be on and off. All of these achievements had single requirements that required an odd bit to be on, but now is set up to require an address that is never used by the game to be at zero during the time the achievement is achieved.
Jaarl23 Sep, 2013 01:28
Bested Ganon Bested Ganon (25) Was awarded a bit early, got it when I first hit Ganon in his final form (after all the bats and that and freezing him once with the blade + shooting 1 arrow into him)

Also thanks for the Achievements! was a ton of fun to play this game again :P although I played it through not too long ago it's still a very solid title
Jaarl23 Sep, 2013 01:28
stupid doubles...
dude128623 Sep, 2013 03:09
I'd have to take a look at that achievement again, but where did you have the savestate for the battle, mine was on the top of the pyramid.
cirellio23 Sep, 2013 03:54
I just experienced the exact same thing as Jaarl. My savestate is also from on top of the pyramid (never fell deeper into the temple).
Scott23 Sep, 2013 09:17
The '55' thing is a 'feature' of the snes bios - I can't put a blanket fix in because some games rely on unused memory being 55. One fix would be pauseif:0x0000=0x55 perhaps?
jackolantern23 Sep, 2013 14:19
If the 55 thing lasts for a pre determined time would it be worth putting something in making the system fetch the achievements file after the time ends?
Scott23 Sep, 2013 23:42
Unfortunately it's not quite like that - the snes itself writes 0x55 to every memory location, then the game will choose to write something useful into the memory. Usually. Or at least, it's supposed to. According to a quick Google, emulator developers simply decided on 0x55 as a good value: the actual ram itself could be literally any values, and 0x55 seemed to work. From that point, the game is supposed to write whatever it needs into ram, but there are no guarantees whether the game will or not. The most legit way to write achievements is to account for this: assume that the ram will contain 0x55 at a predetermined location, say 0x00, and check to see that it is not 0x55 after it starts up. Then, add PauseIf:0x0000=0x55 as your first condition. It's messy, and I might consider this as a catch-all condition for snes only, but for now I think if you add that it will fix it for now
cirellio24 Sep, 2013 01:18
Perhaps you could have a checkbox in the RASNES devtool to 'include this' in the calculation of this achievement.
Brian24 Sep, 2013 07:00
It's very easy to just find an address that should never equal 0x55 and add "address != 55" and maybe "ResetIf address = 55" to all achievements, and you're good to go.
StingX205 Feb, 2014 17:28

Animal Hater - Cause the Cuccos to attack you by repeatedly stabbing them
See Link Run - Catch the Running Man in Kakriko Village
The Trees Are Alive - Have a tree attack you in the Dark World (Dash into a tree with a face)
Who Needs Gloves? - Acquire the Magical Cape WITHOUT getting the Titan Mitt (Instead of lifting the stones in the graveyard you need to use the magical mirror to teleport yourself exactly into the small enclosed area.)
Its a Me! - Find Mario's Picture in Kakiriko Village, Hug Mario, Get Money
Shaking Hands with Dinosaurs - you can pull the arms of the turtle in turtle rock and Link will get a few rupees
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