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Created 05 Jul, 2014 08:12 by PManningFan1618

1. Mortal Kombat (USA).sfc
RA Checksum: 0934878bb5ef33f25c1fcaba18a1105b
CRC32 Checksum: DEF42945

2. Mortal Kombat (Europe).sfc
RA Checksum: bcf52b016559d371eefcd216781f40cd
CRC32 Checksum: A81657D3

3. Mortal Kombat (E) (V1.0) (with Blood Patch) (Hack).sfc
Mortal Kombat (1993)(Acclaim - Midway - Sculptured Software)(EU)(en)[h2].bin
RA Checksum: bf433b35bbf9fdf1373bf6999e09d9a8
CRC32 Checksum: 91CDA108

4. Mortal Kombat.sfc
RA Checksum: 993e46c5c57468d454f0d38c4cf0863a
CRC32 Checksum: FA832509

5. Mortal Kombat Arcade OST Relikk MSU v1 Kurrono, Conn 2018-04-02 [mk_msu1].sfc
RA Checksum: 33f0b1b8b0663fdb691f9d02c0f3f692
CRC32 Checksum: 6CF697E5

6. Mortal Kombat (USA).sfc (no-intro with MSU-1, Red Blood)
RA Checksum: b78b3b12bb835ce4dca5a3c5db0bbc59
CRC32 Checksum: D1810DBC


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Those are great achievements. Very good, keep it up. (^__^)

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I Found Reptile and nothing. Bug?!
I used Scorpion, Kano, Sonya and Raiden fatality and nothing. Bug?

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November 15 2015, 9:04pm

Added a few more memory addresses and rich presence script.

Hopefully with those addresses, the achievements can be fixed and improved to support either player (P1 or P2)

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November 18 2015, 10:51pm

The checks for the player's ending seems ok at first sight. However when testing them out and loosing on the last stage, you'll actually trigger the achievement (as I commented on the
game thread).

It seems that there's a 3 frame window from when the game updates who took the round, which is enough to satisfy the conditions. The "Clear the game" achievements also have this same issue.

The fatality ones could have an issue too. Normally enemies doesn't perform Fatalities, so the checks seems ok, but I seem to remember there was a trick to make them do Fatalities. At the moment I don't recall the method, so I cannot test it.

I don't know about Reptile's bug, it only checks the stage (below the pit), so I don't see why you had that issue, guigluiz...

Anyway, I'll be improving the player's ending and clear the game achievements. I'm just posting what it was vs what is going to be for reference.

Here's what it looks now:
0x0022 = ?? (P1 Character, changes depending on the character desired)
0x0024 = 08 (P2 Character = Shang Tsung)
0x1aca < 2 (P2 round won)

Alt 1:
0x0471 = 03 (fatality) <-- Makes no sense to have

Alt 2:
0x0471 = 05 (value not labeled, but it seems end of match)

And here's what I'll do:
0x0042 = 0B (Battle Plan encounter) <-- Game progress
0x0008 = 05 (Stage, Goro's Lair)

Alt 1:
0x0014 = 01 (P1 - CPU uncontrolled)
0x0016 = 00 (P2 - CPU controlled)
0x0022 = ?? (P1 character)
0x0024 = 08 (P2 character = Shang Tsung)
0x196e = 02 (P1 round won)

Alt 2:
0x0016 = 01 (P2 - CPU uncontrolled)
0x0014 = 00 (P1 - CPU uncontrolled)
0x0024 = ?? (P2 character)
0x0022 = 08 (P1 character = Shang Tsung)
0x1aca = 02 (P2 rounds won)

Other than fixing it, this modification allows one as both Player 1 & Player 2 to trigger the achievement.

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I created the icon for game.

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The previous badges have been outvoted and replaced, here is a backup:

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I did both perfects on the bridge and Reptile didn't come.


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March 10 2023, 4:03am

Added Measure flags for DQ5:

Not Bad Not Bad (5) Old logic: 0xH00000a=5
Nice Streak Nice Streak (10) Old logic: 0xH00000a=15
Awesome Streak Awesome Streak (10) Old logic: 0xH00000a=25

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