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OmegaVideoGameGod 2 Sep 2021 02:51
Hey it happens! Also yeah I agree f-zero is my favorite racing series.
Lolicon 27 Jan 2022 03:59
Tetris DX is unironically worse than SuperLite. Getting two times as many T pieces as normal is just the start of the problem.For the 10 minutes I played the Disney one, I think that one takes the cake for being the worst real version of Tetris. But who knows, about to start Block Buster in 5 minutes.
Lolicon 12 Feb 2022 13:35
Tetris Plus is kicking my ass. I've only played a few hours, but the entire gimmick seems based on sliding and watching all the next pieces. I've never seen a version that ramps up the speed so quickly... I feel like it gets to 1 frame drops in only 30 seconds to a minute. Based on this video, 400 lines is enough for a maxout with only a 42% TRT, meaning the 500 line achievement is particularly brutal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5zIPdblhPo At least the sliding is very generous. This makes Tengen look like a cakewalk.
Lolicon 14 Feb 2022 18:07
I found out about easy mode in Tetris Plus and it made it far more tolerable. 500 is very possible on a good run. The max drop speed is every 2 frames at 20+ on easy, vs 1 on normal. I went from not being able to get past 105ish lines to doing 250+ immediately, with 500 possible because the speed is the same and only consistency is needed. One thing I've found out about the sliding, as well, is that you have to build very flat or DAS won't let it slide over in time, making you lose preemptively if you leave a stray I, L or J turned upwards in the wrong spot. Kinda dangerous. I know you're supposed to build high on the left, well on the right but I can't always do it consistently because I'm not skilled enough. Pre-20 though, yeah, easy Tetrises... for the short time it lasts. Easy mode is making this much more achievable for someone at my skill level who can't handle 1 frame speeds so well.
Lolicon 5 Mar 2022 05:41
I just started TGM2. As I expected, it's hard, but not nearly as hard as everyone made it out to be. It's even more slippery with instant gravity. Takes some getting used to. I really wish there was a hold or more next pieces. I "beat" Master by getting to 500. Now I think I need to do it faster to keep playing. Is that how it works? That or get more tetrises. Only played an hour so far but it's a great game.
Lolicon 5 Mar 2022 12:08
Every run after that one got me past 500. I'm not sure what did it. Maybe more tetrises? I wasn't going much faster, if any. Well, now the real game has opened up.
Lolicon 5 Mar 2022 18:13
Ah, yeah, the achievement says master but it sounds like it unlocks at 999, when the credits would start rolling. Looking forward to the TAP set. Not sure what the differences are, but I'll gladly play both. Your achievement list looks more interesting than the base TGM2's.
BenTobitt 17 Mar 2022 09:23
Thanks you legend. And no problem, it was a legit great idea you came up with and I hope it gets implemented
sllide 15 Oct 2022 13:47
I'm rooting for you to be the first to master grand master plus
xnaivx 8 Jun 2023 10:46
Congratulations with reaching top 1000, my friend!
Sines 29 Jun 2023 21:34
The VF Master ! Congrats on being the first one to 100% Virtua Fighter
Lolicon 29 Nov 2023 18:07
Haha, thanks. The Fighting Edition is kicking my ass. I don't think I can get those combos and the wins are taking a long time. I think I'll have to end the streak or at least move on to the next one. Really tough set for such a niche game. By the way, I haven't forgotten about TGM. I need to get to it sometime.
Lolicon 30 Nov 2023 01:29
Honestly not even getting close with those combos to the number of hits required. I have to be missing something here.
Lolicon 12 Dec 2023 05:53
I think I figured out why some of the things I was trying weren't working. Some of the combos in the videos I was looking at require "convenient" inputs from player two in order for player one's combo to go through. Your opponent has to mess up and assist you. Now it all makes sense.