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Anic 7 Apr 2023 06:28
how do i get muscles
GugsWebster 28 Apr 2023 19:57
Thanks for Medabots Sets. Really fun!
Flokkee 5 Jul 2023 16:04
Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for all the work you do! I just finished Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis set that you did and it was quite fun!
Nezperdian 30 Aug 2023 22:41
Thanks for the hard work!
danibodom 1 Sep 2023 02:31
Hey man, I thank you for the hardwork and good sets! we miss you in the streams. Be well, my friend.
jabman696 19 Sep 2023 17:19
Yo, thanks for mastering my UNO set for the Game Boy Color!!!
tomojin 25 Sep 2023 14:49
Thank you, I appreciate that! I'll keep trying to help out!
Mizz26 28 Sep 2023 16:53
Thank you for all of your hard work :)
BoomEX 6 Oct 2023 06:13
Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot coming from a legend
ChocoMilk 16 Oct 2023 20:00
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Hexadigital 6 Nov 2023 20:12
Thank you! I've been enjoying Street Fighter (Amstrad CPC) once I figured out what to do, do you know if the "without losing a round" achievements are supposed to unlock when a bonus brick breaker round occurs?
Hexadigital 6 Nov 2023 20:43
Disregard that, I think it was just a glitch with the core I'm testing, they're working now. Thanks for the set!
Akkarien 2 Dec 2023 08:02
Thanks a ton forthe LotR: The Return of the King set on GBA. I think the set really covered everything there is in the game and had some true nail-biter achievements that gave me the completion high after finishing them. :D I also like to thing that we made the whole LotR journey on GBA complete together with DanielARP of course!
xClawz 21 Jan 2024 13:26
Nepiki 21 Jan 2024 14:39
QuackManDoo 1 Feb 2024 23:59
What a Chad. Way to make me feel like a filthy casual lol
benmoot 20 Feb 2024 21:49
Schengo 1 Mar 2024 15:19
u the unova master gg
tGmn23 27 Apr 2024 22:26
Hey, I just read your pastebin statement and would like to thank you for all the work you've put into developing sets. I'm just starting at your Bustin' Out set and the set looks awesome. Keep up the good work :D
RanceAttack 6 May 2024 11:26
It was more than a year ago since I played the San Andreas set but i still want to thank you for the fun times you made me have, we appreciate the work you've done here. Hope you're doing great!