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114% complete
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Arcade)
Last played 2020-08-18 13:38:19
Earned 82 of 112 achievements, 436/800 points.
Hey, Quit Hitting My Fists With Your Head
Hulk Smash!!!
Poisonous Kiss
Night Warriors
The Invincible Champion of Russian
Take Me to Your Boss!
A Tough Country Breeds an Even Tougher Man!
Wrestling Blow Destroyer
What Is Behind the Curtains?
Hi Score Combination
Here's My Sunday Best!
Master of the Kicking Arts
The X Force
Second Copier of the Family
Dr. Light Fighting Style
Raging Russian
In Soviet Russia, The Vodka Drinks You
A Hand You Can Trust
Futuristic Martial Art
Gamma Radiation On Your Face!
Punch Arts Master
Several and Resounding Damage
Don't Worry, Those Scars Will Heal up in Time
Repulsors Are Primed
Original Combo
Written by Adversary Defeat
Be Like Water
No, You Aren't the First One to Lose...
Golden Plasma Cannon
No Words to Say It
Right on! Now...
Hey, I Think I Bent My Staff
If My Father Was Still Alive
This Green Goliath Is the Strongest There Is
Earth's Mightiest Super Heroes!
Avengers Assemble!
The Incredible Orange
Where's Your Sense of Patriotism?
Arcade Justice
The Greatest Hero of Capcom
Michelle Heart
The Legendary Street Fighter
Limited to Using the Single Plug
Train Yourself Well
Ton Pooh
You Underestimated Me
Symbiote Spider
Luminous Illusion
Eddie Brock's Life Is Gone
Great Fight! And Some Great Pics for J.J
Direct From The Comics!
Troll-Spider Without Limits
Capcom's first game was Vulgus
Bread and Butter Combo
Eternity Can Be Lonely
Tough Soldier in Splendid Armor
Don't Fall Now
Mon Ami, Bub
Commands for Those Who Know How to Play
Unbreakable Adamantium
Breaking Records
Unknown Soldier
Hey, Give Me Space!
Focused On The Fight
US Agent
Pure and Fur
An Inspector From Interpol
A Seductive Succubus
A Robot With a Heart of Steel
The Striders Are a Modern Day Ninja Force
A Pilot of Variant Armor Blodia
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
The Living Legend Struggles for Justice
Cruel Hunter for Everyone
Stylish Cajun With a Hideous History
Damn Parasite
Raw Power Is My Dilemma
100% Armored Armor
I Wasn't Created Just to Help
Obscure or a Machine?
Rockman & Roll
Lust For Life
Stark Tech Weaponry
Alternative Marvel
Fighting-Powered Mecha
Don't Touch Me, Wimp!
Costumer's Choice
Unknown Power
Now Feel The Roll!
Corrupted Chun Li
Maximum Carnage
Not Even A Scratch
Legendary Warriors of Ancient Times
Medal of Honor for the Super Hero

192% complete
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-08-14 12:42:48
Earned 38 of 39 achievements, 195/205 points.
The Red Cyclone
Double Dragon
Mad Aristrocrat
Thunderfoot Warrior
The Mad Gear
Student Seeking Master
Distorted Utopia
In This Corner
The True Successor
Rich Rival
Just Another Doll
The Lost Hawk
Final Fight Guy
The Commander
The Soldier
Seeking Honor
The Man Who Would Be A Star
Commander Cameo
The Great Yoga Master
The Southern Comet
No One's Hero
Costly Vengeance
Killer Bee
They Call Me Jimmy
Rotten Aspirations
In Boxing, There Are No Rules
The New King of Muay Thai
Wild Darkness
The Dark Hado
Finding Purpose
The Wandering Warrior
Fear The Mighty Bison

13% complete
Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu (Legends) (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-14 01:23:17
Earned 3 of 30 achievements, 15/380 points.
My, My, It Has Been A While
You're That Little Bald Guy
Low Class Scum
I'm Proud Of You
Change Now!
Your Efforts Are Useless
No One Is As Strong As I Am
I Look Like A Cowgirl
I Am Perfect
What A Disappointment You Are
Buu Have Good Idea
You No Scare Buu At All
Humans All Dead. I Fight Now
He Wonders Why You Let Me Take Him
Your Better Than Me Kakarot
Maybe You'll Come Back Someday
I'll Fight Hercule
Ginyu Betrayal
Just An Android
You've Made Me Proud, My Son
I'm Not Going To Lie To You
All This Over A Pudding
A True Final Clash
Rejoice, Son Goku
Combo Novice
Combo Expert
Combo Master
How Does It Feel To Be A God?
It's Done

0% complete
King of Fighters '97, The | King of Fighters '97 Plus, The (Arcade)
Last played 2020-08-13 17:57:07
Earned 0 of 112 achievements, 0/755 points.
Esaka Forever '97
Rumbling on the City '97
Seoul Road '97
Chestnuts and Forever '97
Psycho Soldier Remix 97
Bloody '97
Kamikirimushi '97
Fairy '97
C62 ~White Country Ver.2~ KOF97
Cool JAM ~Arashi no Saxophone 3~
Still Green
Control Crisis
Rhythmic Hallucination
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Sacred Force
The Mix of Fighters '97 - '94 Females
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Old SNK
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Sidekick
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Superstar
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Distant Desire
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Famitsu
The Mix of Fighters '97 - Fiery Vigor
The Origin of Mind
The Origin of Collective Mind
The King of Basics '97 I
The King of Basics '97 II
The King of Basics '97 III
The King of Basics '97 IV
The King of Basics '97 V
Saishuu Kessen Ougi Orochi Nagi
Electro Raikoken
Jigoku Gokuraku Bukko Meki Ura Nage
Power Angle Geyser
Cho Reppa Ryusei Ken
Screw Hurricane Tiger Kakato
Haoh Ryu Ken
Shokoh Ko Juudan Kyaku
Ken Houou Rekkou
V Gravity Spark
Bari Bari Umanori Phantom
Ultra Argentine Three
Shining Crystal Arrow
Shin Ryuu Tenbu Seiou Man O Kuu
Gou Ran En Shourai
Ichimen 85 Katsu Rai no Fui Jin
Cho Hissatsu Houou Chou no Mai
Illusion Flash
Bai Houhoh Tenbu Kyaku
Shin! Chouzetsu Houou Kyaku
Million Bash Impact
Tekkyu Dai Bousou Assatsu
Shermie Carnival Flash
Chain Slide Drive
Guillotine Drill
M. Typhoon Rose Swing
Cho Kaen Dai Senpuu
Kin 1211 Shiki Ya Sakazuki
Ge Shiki Kake Burning Shingo
Ankoku Jigoku Araburu Hoeru Daichi
Ankoku Raiko Genei Shinshi
Ankoku Orochi Gouka
Orochi Ura 108 Shiki Ya Otome
Orochi Rebel Slasher Storm
Ura 108 Shiki Orochi Nagi
4th Fire
Teammates Are Bored
Gaia's Disappointment
The Knockdown Fighters
The Ring of Fighters '97
The Quick of Fighters '97
Slick of Fighters '97
The King of Rankings '97
The King of Strikers '97
The King of Radicals '97
The King of Fighters '97 1CC
The Advanced of Fighters '97
The Extra of Fighters '97
The King of Kusanagi Kobujutsu Hits '97
The King of Electric Shoot Boxing Hits '97
The King of Powerful Judo Hits '97
The King of Street Style Hakkyokuseiken Chi Hits '97
The King of Shiranui-ryuu Hakkyokuseiken Chi Hits '97
The King of Hurricane Muay Thai Hits '97
The King of Next Kyokugenryu Hits '97
The King of Latin Kyokugenryu Hits '97
The King of Gymnastic Kyokugenryu Karate Hits '97
The King of Piercing Assassin Hits '97
The King of Firework Assassin Hits '97
The King of Wrestling Assassin Hits '97
The King of Psychic Power Hits '97
The King of Wing Chun Hits '97
The King of Zui Quan Hits '97
The King of Kagura Ancient Arts Hits '97
The King of Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu Hits '97
The King of Illusion Muay Thai Hits '97
The King of Sunsuhan Taekwondo Hits '97
The King of Power Strike Hits '97
The King of Speed Brawling Hits '97
The King of Power Attack Hits '97
The King of Throw Attack Hits '97
The King of Energetic Speedy Attack Hits '97
The King of Personal Homicide Style Hits ''97
The King of Commando Sambo Hits '97
The King of Santetsukon Bojutsu Hits '97
The King of Yagami Style Pure Instinct Hits '97
The King of Imitation Kusanagi Hits '97
The King of Orochi Terra Hits '97
The King of Orochi Lightning Hits '97
The King of Orochi Flame Hits '97
The King of Orochi-Yagami Style Hits '97
The King of Orochi Piercing Hits '97
The King of New Kusanagi Original Hits '97

170% complete
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition (SNES)
Last played 2020-08-13 15:43:22
Earned 33 of 33 achievements, 200/200 points.
Cosmic Arrows
Laser Cannon
Crusher Beam
Musical Strike
Ninja Clones
Exploding Wave
Phoenix Blaster
Thunder Blast
Trials of The Forgotten
Trials of The Loyal
Trials of The Glamorous
Trials of The King
Trials of The Outcast
Trials of The Might
Trials of The Chosen
Trials of The Hero
Blast The Ooze
Mirror Match - Beast
Shock The Ooze
Ooze Lose
Against the Flesh
Right Hand of Repulsa
Mirror Match - Storm
Alien Blades
Ancient Tank
Ninja Vanish
Angel Grove
You're Just A Tutorial!
Call Upon The Power
It's Morphin' Time!
Shining Zord

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