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Member Since: 02 Jul 2017, 17:12
Last Activity: 28 Nov 2020, 02:07
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Retro Ratio: 2.82
Average Completion: 66.18%
Site Rank: 2084 / 83823 ranked users (Top 3%)
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33% complete
Pokemon - FireRed Version (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-11-28 00:51:57
Earned 7 of 42 achievements, 46/361 points.
The Lightning American!
Smell Ya Later!
The Tomboyish Mermaid!
Always Plodding Behind!
The Rock-Solid Trainer!
Champ In The Making! [m]
I Choose You! [m]
Make Them Faint!
The Nature-Loving Princess!
Rigged Slots
The Poisonous Ninja Master!
Don't Sweat It!
The One Ball To Catch 'Em All
The Mistress of Psychic Pokemon!
The Hotheaded Quiz Master!
No Tears Only Dreams
The Self-Proclaimed Strongest Trainer!
A Warm-Up!
Cool As Ice I
Rigorous Training I
Aghast I
The Dragon Trainer I
The Real Champ I
Helping Hand
Resort Gorgeous
Blasting Off Again
Cool As Ice II
Rigorous Training II
Aghast II
The Dragon Trainer II
The Real Champ II
Trainer Tower Singles
Trainer Tower Doubles
Trainer Tower Knockout
Trainer Tower Mixed
Lucky Egg
Frozen Solid
The Legendary Beasts [m]
Gotta Catch 'Em All! - FireRed

24% complete
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-08-29 11:55:41
Earned 5 of 42 achievements, 29/384 points.
Treasure Trove Cove
I just wanted to save...
Mumbo's Mountain
Banjo the Termite
Spiral Mountain
To infinity and beyond!
Steel Lungs
Clanker's Cavern
Banjo the Crocodile
God Tier
Bubblegloop Swamp
Banjo the Cute Walrus
Freezeezy Peak
Gobi's Valley
Banjo the Pumpkin
Mad Monster Mansion
Rusty Bucket Bay
Banjo wants honey
Click Clock Wood
Show me the honey!
Grunty's Lair
Pieces of a puzzle
Witch Exterminator
What's a Hollow Honeycomb?
The Quiz Master
Mystery Unsolved
Jigsaw Maker
Move Master
I'm the Egg Cheater
Fine Feathered Cheat
The Last Cheat
Bright Skull
Stoped and Swoped
Lives Collector
Banjo the Washer
They're just codes, lass!
Big Head Banjo
Big Hands and Feets
Big Kazooie
Slim Banjo
Strange Banjo

35% complete
Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-08-28 21:34:12
Earned 23 of 130 achievements, 130/980 points.
dataDyne Central - Investigation [PA]
dataDyne Central - Investigation [SA]
dataDyne Central - Defection [PA]
dataDyne Central - Defection [SA]
Mr. Blonde's Revenge [A]
Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine [A]
Attack Ship - Covert Assault [A]
Carrington Institute - Defense [A]
Deep Sea - Nullify Threat [A]
Pelagic II - Exploration [A]
Crash Site - Confrontation [A]
Air Force One - Antiterrorism [A]
Air Base - Espionage [A]
Area 51 - Escape [A]
Area 51 - Rescue [A]
Area 51 - Infiltration [A]
G5 Building - Reconnaissance [A]
Chicago - Stealth [A]
Carrington Villa - Hostage One [A]
dataDyne Central - Extraction [A]
dataDyne Central - Investigation [A]
dataDyne Central - Defection [A]
dataDyne Central - Extraction [SA]
dataDyne Central - Extraction [PA]
Carrington Villa - Hostage One [SA]
Carrington Villa - Hostage One [PA]
Chicago - Stealth [SA]
Chicago - Stealth [PA]
G5 Building - Reconnaissance [SA]
G5 Building - Reconnaissance [PA]
Area 51 - Infiltration [SA]
Area 51 - Infiltration [PA]
Area 51 - Rescue [SA]
Area 51 - Rescue [PA]
Area 51 - Escape [SA]
Area 51 - Escape [PA]
Air Base - Espionage [SA]
Air Base - Espionage [PA]
Air Force One - Antiterrorism [SA]
Air Force One - Antiterrorism [PA]
Crash Site - Confrontation [SA]
Crash Site - Confrontation [PA]
Pelagic II - Exploration [SA]
Pelagic II - Exploration [PA]
Deep Sea - Nullify Threat [SA]
Deep Sea - Nullify Threat [PA]
Carrington Institute - Defense [SA]
Carrington Institute - Defense [PA]
Attack Ship - Covert Assault [SA]
Attack Ship - Covert Assault [PA]
Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine [SA]
Skedar Ruins - Battle Shrine [PA]
Mr. Blonde's Revenge [SA]
Mr. Blonde's Revenge [PA]
Maian SOS [A]
Maian SOS [SA]
Maian SOS [PA]
WAR! [A]
The Duel [A]
The Duel [SA]
The Duel [PA]
The Chosen One
Marquis of Queensbury Rules
No Help Needed
Say Cheese
Security Room
I'm Blind!
Hurricane Fists
Good Enough For Clint
The Names Dark...Perfect Dark
360 NoScope
Hit and Run
Snipe the Snipers
In the Spirit
"Here, Take my Wallet!"
Psychosis Gun
Cloaking Device
Bow to the Audience
Bring it On
Rapid Radar Shut Down
All Rounder
Lethal Injection
Master of Disguise
Easy Rider
Hidden Stash
Unlimited Ammo - No Reloads
The Long Sleep
I Want to be Sedated
Perfect Agent
Slow Mo
Say Hello to My Little Friend
Unlimited Ammo - Laptop Sentry Gun
Trent's Magnum
Magnum P.D
Into the Unknown
Tick Tick...Boom
Unlimited Ammo
Make Every Shot Count
Sound the Alarm
A Push in the Right Direction
You've Got Red on You
Can't Touch This
Super Shield
Life Saver
Against All Odds...
All Guns in Solo
Invisibility Factor
Perfect Head
Crack Shot
Machine-Like Precision
Full Auto
Golden Eye
On the Hunt
Explosives Expert
Prime Target

71% complete
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2020-08-24 22:36:55
Earned 25 of 70 achievements, 169/510 points.
Top Hat with Magic Feather
Promotional G.
Turnabout Big Top
The Result of your Arrogance
The Truth Revealed [m]
I Wouldn't Be Allowed
Is it over?
Maya's Escape
Mia's Psyche-Locks
Ini's Psyche-Locks
Pearl's Psyche-Locks
Reason for Distraction
Patched Vase
Witness's Account Pt.2
What Transpired
Right Spot Bore
Relic that Proves lies
A Map to Guide Yourself
Reunion, and Turnabout
Maggey Byrde is found...
Taking your Memories Back [m]
What Happened Next
Maggey and Dustin
Writing on the Ground
The Lost Turnabout
Farewell, My Turnabout
Your Pride and your Hope [m]
Action Figure Found
Glamorous and Shiny leather
Alliance Hidden in the Rubble
Camera for $700
Wireless Communication
Scattered Weird
Someone's Signature
Prohibited Espionage
Teddy Bear Found
Kidnapping Portrait
Details of the Events
Witnessing Max
What You Witnessed
The Silhouette
The Silhouette, Part 2
About the Ringmaster [m]
Why Arrest Engarde?
Secret Information
When I Found the Body
The Guitar Case
Protecting Matt
But Taking that Advice
My "Crime
Their Second Meeting
About My Client
About My Client, Pt. 2
Request Taking
Request Taking, Pt. 2
Believe that Acro
Files that Prove the truth
Testify About his Client
Moe's Psyche-Locks
Max's Psyche-Locks
Acro's Psyche-Locks
Oldbag's Psyche-Lock
Lotta's Psyche-Lock
Andrews's Psyche-Lock
Engarde's Psyche-Lock
The Perfect Ace [m]
Edgeworth's gift to Franziska [m]
Tears of Brothers
Justice Ill Served
Creating a Miracle

0% complete
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-08-16 22:09:19
Earned 0 of 39 achievements, 0/365 points.
Magic Mario
Bested Scuttlebug
Heart of the Tree
I can see FOREVER!
The Royal Quest
Prepared the Cannon!
Ore in the Mine
Bested King Bob-omb
Pain inside the Belly
Bested Amp
Plumber of Time
The Green of the Forest
Bested Black Boo
The Red of the Fire
Bested Blargg
The Blue of the Water
Bested Manta
Seeing the Truth!
Shining in the Shadow
Bested Thwomp
Treasure of the Desert
Bested Koopa
Broken Family
Universe saved!
Bested Bowser
Master of the Stars!
Do a barrel roll!
Jump Up, Super Star!
Wall Slides Will Work
A Plumber of Magic
Wallet Plus
Wallet Plus
Thick Plumber
To infinity... and beyond!
Long Fall Boots
Life Gambler
Let's Freeze
Jurassic Field
The real Challenge

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