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Aquator 10 Aug 2023 15:02
Thanks for the nice comment! :) If you ever want to try the 3 day challenge in Majora's Mask yourself I can tell you that the first part is the hardest by far, so don't get discouraged by the difficulty at the start. If you can get Epona on the first day after getting the fire arrows the rest is much easier.

You have some pretty cool masteries too, I definitely want to get Legacy of Darkness myself, well done! Anyway, have fun and good luck with the achieving!
thatoneguy1851 11 Aug 2023 00:37
Hey Aquator! Yeah, getting Epona before the end of the first day on Majora’s 3 day challenge is surely going to be the kicker, but the set looks fairly doable to master overall. Thanks. More masteries are on the way!
HeavensFury 31 Aug 2023 07:31
Figured I would follow you back! :D Keep up the good RA work btw. :) *Salute*
thatoneguy1851 31 Aug 2023 11:36
Yeah, I certainly plan to HeavensFury. Thanks for the follow!
aphexlambda 4 Sep 2023 17:52
TYSM! Sincerely, probably because they were games I had a history with, they didn't really feel to hard, mostly long - specially XG2 - having to finish 120 races to unlock every human racer was an actual experience, not necessarily a very pleasant one as some of the bikes felt pretty much impossible to win stuff with, but still, very satisfying masters.

I'm actually much more impressed by your DKR and OoT masters! I couldn't even fathom going for those at any point in my RA life, hehehehe.
thatoneguy1851 4 Sep 2023 20:11
Oh, I see aphexlambda. Lol. I can understand what you mean when you say you have a history with a certain set of games. I personally have been playing DKR and OoT for a long time since I was little so those actually came quite easy for me other than beating the developer times in DKR (which I’d never done before), and catching the Hylian Loach in OoT along with some of the boss challenges necessary for the mastery. Cheers! Good luck with everything on RA.
newtman 21 Sep 2023 07:53
WarioWare bros represent, good luck out there!
thatoneguy1851 25 Sep 2023 04:34
Thanks! I’ll surely need luck for some of these games!
Shadewrecker 26 Sep 2023 13:38
thanks for the follow, GG on super mario world and smash bros, especially that perfect run
CrashyBash 26 Sep 2023 14:35
Thanku for the follow and good luck for your runs
Woah! c:
thatoneguy1851 26 Sep 2023 17:39
Hi @Shadewrecker! The smash bros perfect run wasn’t too bad. I chose DK as his down + b move is phenomenal against the Yoshi, Kirby, & Fighting Polygon Team. His moves are slow, but powerful so planning out strategies are key especially against Mario Bros. and Metal Mario. For the normal perfect run though I chose Link since he’s my best character. Thanks for following.
thatoneguy1851 26 Sep 2023 17:45
Hey there @CrashyBash! Yeah, many more runs are yet to come. As for the Crash games, I am mostly familiar with #2, CTR, Tag Team Racing, Twinsanity, and Crash Bash. I’m curious to try out the Spyro series too, hear it’s pretty easy.
BurnoutToday 29 Sep 2023 20:02
Thanks for the follow, I will follow you back, 52 badges, nice! Congrats for the badges. :D
thatoneguy1851 29 Sep 2023 20:37
Nice @BurnoutToday! The Shadow the Hedgehog subset badge may take me a while to get, but it could be my next one.
KingOfAllGames 4 Oct 2023 21:18
Thanks for the follow and your nice words as well, here is my follow back! And if you need advice, especially for some N64 games, feel free to ask :).
Nice masteries collection as well, also in such at quick time, keep the control stick smokin' !
thatoneguy1851 5 Oct 2023 21:27
Cool @KingOfAllGames! I actually use a steam deck for all of my retroachievement related stuff. I try to master games whenever I get the chance! I usually get the most time around weekends.
LeakyComet 19 Oct 2023 23:38
Yo thanks for the follow!
thatoneguy1851 20 Oct 2023 12:00
Yeah @LeakyComet! You’re welcome!
Playingood 21 Oct 2023 16:13
Congrats on the cheevos for Star Fox and Diddy Kong Racing! Also thanks for the follow! You're followed back! :)
thatoneguy1851 22 Oct 2023 17:24
Cool, cool. Star Fox cheevos @Playingood was only a struggle at the hard route and bonus ending. :D