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Steffenfield 15 Jul 2023 19:20
Thanks for the welcome here.
Super Punch-Out has been such an old favorite of mine.
It's been quite fun laying these boxers down to waste and leaving them for dead in my wake. :)
AugustoReis1985 19 Jul 2023 22:49
tnx for alcahest!
IIHeDII 28 Aug 2023 21:57
digimon world 4 plz
Shizuna 1 Sep 2023 22:30
I very much enjoyed the Secret of Mana rare drops set! I wish there were more like them. Thank you for taking the time to put it together!
IzaNamiZX 11 Oct 2023 02:21
The Zelda II, LttP and Castlevania 1 revisions have been awesome, dude. I also remember how fast and friendly you were in solving my Mega Man X ticket.

Looking forward to more of your work, rock on!
ScruteyBaybeh 26 Nov 2023 18:39
Hiya there, I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the Secret of Mana subset you did. Never thought I'd actually like a grind like this, but the patience is certainly paying off. Thank you for doing what you do!
NinTheFolf 3 Dec 2023 07:32
Ahh I see. The big difference I see is computer inputs and killing the barrier/sensor in the room with the elevator before apple. With the computer inputs, while briefly, you stop on every single digit. It's small, but that's time eaten on each stop. I've played the randomizer so much at this point that I just fly through the inputs without stopping.
NinTheFolf 3 Dec 2023 14:02
Truth be told I wasn't watching my route that closely. I could probably have done better still if I took the time to optimize it, my only goal in the moment was the achievement. I wasn't even aware there were leaderboards on this site when I did it. And yeah! Zillion was one of the first games I played as a kid, and so when someone told me about this site it was the first game I ran to. Thanks for settin' them up!
kaizafox 17 Dec 2023 02:08
You're a legend for the DW5+XL set
estefan3112 23 Dec 2023 14:01
Let me thank you for the Bubble Bobble Arcade set. It immediately became my favorite Arcade set!
Raix 24 Dec 2023 00:10
Thank you SO MUCH for the DW5 set! Thank you for the congrats as well! On to mastery for it. What a brilliant set.
J0K3RW1NS 29 Dec 2023 00:11
Thank you for working on a set for Manhunt for us!
Shoujo 7 Jan 2024 18:04
thanks for making the super punch out set! i really enjoyed playing it :)
DaveCGI 9 Jan 2024 07:16
Thanks for the DW5 set, I'm really grateful and super looking forward to sitting down and replaying my childhood thanks to your efforts. I've seen you've done a bunch of others for games I love like Dragon Force and Secret of Mana, so I'll have to add them to my list haha. Thanks again, all the best.
ClockKing1986 14 Jan 2024 10:21
I appreciate the work you put into this site. Keep it up! I'm always looking forward to your sets.
PotatoDream 22 Jan 2024 22:56
Thank you for the kind words! Mastery took a lot longer than I expected and I can only imagine how long it took to develop! Thank you for your amazing work on DW5XL!!
egoHyphie 27 Jan 2024 05:49
Thankyou for the Manhunt set!
BiniPPOPStan 29 Jan 2024 14:58
Congrats and good luck on the MC3 set! Will be ready to beat it!
mkluis77 12 Feb 2024 19:15
Thank you for the Manhunt set!
Golben 28 Feb 2024 03:31
Keep up the good work!