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Member Since: 24 Jun 2021, 15:08
Last Activity: 30 Jun 2022, 14:09
Account Type: [Developer]

Retro Ratio: 3.16
Average Completion: 87.46%
Site Rank: 4453 / 42662 ranked users (Top 10.44%)
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Achievements won by others: 1400
Points awarded to others: 13942

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0% complete
WRC Rally Evolved (PlayStation 2)
Last played 2022-06-30 12:41:13
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

139% complete
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-06-29 06:42:26
Earned 165 of 238 achievements, 1010/1590 points.
[Hard] Sample Monsters IV
[Hard] Hojo's Laboratory
[Normal] Sample Monsters IV
[Normal] Hojo's Laboratory
[Hard] Sample Monsters III
[Normal] Sample Monsters III
[Normal] Sample Monsters II
[Hard] Sample Monsters II
[Normal] Sample Monsters I
[Hard] Sample Monsters I
[Normal] The Crescent Unit
[Hard] The Crescent Unit
[Normal] Clash With Genesis's Forces
[Hard] Clash With Genesis's Forces
[Normal] Major Offensives
[Hard] Major Offensives
[Normal] Genesis's Forces on the March
[Hard] Genesis's Forces on the March
[Normal] Weapons Development
[Hard] Weapons Development
[Normal] Monster Reports
[Hard] Monster Reports
[Normal] Monster Incidents
[Hard] Monster Incidents
[Normal] Realm of Demons
[Hard] Realm of Demons
[Normal] In Search of What?
[Hard] In Search of What?
[Normal] Stirrings
[Hard] Stirrings
[Normal] Invitation to the Underground
[Hard] Invitation to the Underground
[Normal] The Accessory Craftsman
[Hard] The Accessory Craftsman
[Normal] Seeking Priceless Items
[Hard] Seeking Priceless Items
Ultimate Barrier
[Normal] Orphans Escaping
[Hard] Orphans Escaping
[Normal] Yuffie's Notices
[Hard] Yuffie's Notices
Exa Flare
[Normal] Anonymous Hints
[Hard] Anonymous Hints
[Normal] From a Hot Treasure Hunter
[Hard] From a Hot Treasure Hunter
[Normal] Sharp Defenses
[Hard] Sharp Defenses
[Normal] To Become a Hero
[Hard] To Become a Hero
[Normal] Mutation
[Hard] Mutation
[Normal] Hometown Hero
[Hard] Hometown Hero
[Normal] Marksman
[Hard] Marksman
[Normal] Sniper Elite
[Hard] Sniper Elite
Wonders of Nibelheim
[Normal] Down & Out
[Hard] Down & Out
[Normal] The Chosen One
[Hard] The Chosen One
Precious Mother
[Normal] The Jenova Project
[Hard] The Jenova Project
[Normal] Contacts from P
[Hard] Contacts from P
[Normal] Behind The Scene
[Hard] Behind The Scene
[Normal] Pursue The Remnants
[Hard] Pursue The Remnants
[Normal] ESP Development Project
[Hard] ESP Development Project
[Normal] Precious Things
[Hard] Precious Things
Fully Loaded
Laughing Safe
[Normal] Golden Flakes
[Hard] Golden Flakes
Disappearing Act
From the Ashes
[Normal] To Nibelheim
[Hard] To Nibelheim
Cart Mods
Super Cart 5000
Cart Builder
[Normal] Mako Stones
[Hard] Mako Stones
[Normal] Recall Missions
[Hard] Recall Missions
[Normal] Looking for Items
[Hard] Looking for Items
[Normal] Peacekeeping Troops
[Hard] Peacekeeping Troops
[Normal] The Wind Sails
[Hard] The Wind Sails
[Normal] You Shall Not Pass!
[Hard] You Shall Not Pass!
[Normal] Steamrolled
[Hard] Steamrolled
[Normal] This is For You
[Hard] This is For You
Pressure Valve
You Have 23 New Voice Messages
Mail Call!
Simon Says
Kitchen Knife
[Normal] Tonberry Quests
[Hard] Tonberry Quests
[Hard] Cactoid Secrets
[Normal] Cactoid Secrets
[Normal] Fate of a Monster
[Hard] Fate of a Monster
Facility Infiltration
[Normal] Monsters in Midgar
[Hard] Monsters in Midgar
Wutai Spy
[Normal] Where Is Everybody?
[Hard] Where Is Everybody?
[Normal] Starting Out
[Hard] Starting Out
[Normal] Eremites Attack
[Hard] Eremites Attack
[Normal] Behind Bars
[Hard] Behind Bars
Big Gains
[Normal] Run the Credits
[Hard] Run the Credits
Got Your Number
Drip, Drip
Special Delivery!
[Normal] Wallet Full of Money
[Hard] Wallet Full of Money
[Normal] World Domination
[Hard] World Domination
[Normal] You Know, An Angel
[Hard] You Know, An Angel
Token of Appreciation
[Normal] Hojo's Might
[Hard] Hojo's Might
[Normal] Dreams and Honor
[Hard] Dreams and Honor
To Grandmother's House We Go
Missle Master
[Normal] Fight to Impress
[Hard] Fight to Impress
Zack the Greedy
Fortress Interior: Cleared!
[Normal] Where's Angeal?
[Hard] Where's Angeal?
[Normal] One More You Owe Me
[Hard] One More You Owe Me
[Normal] Guardian Deity, Leviathan
[Hard] Guardian Deity, Leviathan
[Normal] SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack!
[Hard] SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack!
Just a Few Quick Stops
Smokey Rescue
[Normal] King of Beasts
[Hard] King of Beasts
[Normal] Gates of Light
[Hard] Gates of Light
SOLDIER 1st Class, Zack
[Normal] Judgement
[Hard] Judgement
Mailing List
Infinite Knowledge
To Go Even Further Beyond
Genji Armor
Soul of a God
[Normal] Training Missions
[Hard] Training Missions
[Normal] Plan for New Equipment
[Hard] Plan for New Equipment
[Normal] Special Operations Arms Laboratory
[Hard] Special Operations Arms Laboratory
[Normal] Shinra Electric Power Company
[Hard] Shinra Electric Power Company
[Normal] Unexplored Territories
[Hard] Unexplored Territories
[Normal] In Search of the Unknown
[Hard] In Search of the Unknown
[Normal] Monster Research Project
[Hard] Monster Research Project
[Hard] Genesis Evolution
[Normal] Genesis Evolution
[Normal] The Strongest Copies
[Hard] The Strongest Copies
[Normal] Genesis's Forces
[Hard] Genesis's Forces
[Normal] The Remnants Strike Again
[Hard] The Remnants Strike Again
[Normal] Annihilate the Crescent Unit
[Hard] Annihilate the Crescent Unit
[Normal] To End the War with Wutai
[Hard] To End the War with Wutai
[Normal] Midgar City Development Department
[Hard] Midgar City Development Department
[Normal] Zack, The Treasure Hunter
[Hard] Zack, The Treasure Hunter
[Normal] Zack, The Clean-up Guy
[Hard] Zack, The Clean-up Guy
[Normal] Zack, the Corporation Crusher
[Hard] Zack, the Corporation Crusher
[Normal] Counter-Mafia Project
[Hard] Counter-Mafia Project
[Normal] Seeking Precious Items
[Hard] Seeking Precious Items
[Normal] To Hell and Back
[Hard] To Hell and Back
[Normal] Zack, the Materia Hunter
[Hard] Zack, the Materia Hunter
[Normal] Unknown Energy
[Hard] Unknown Energy
[Normal] Doors to the Unknown
[Hard] Doors to the Unknown
[Normal] Great Cavern of Wonders
[Hard] Great Cavern of Wonders
[Normal] Fun in the Sun!
[Hard] Fun in the Sun!
[Normal] More Fun in the Sun!
[Hard] More Fun in the Sun!
[Normal] Mysteries of the World
[Hard] Mysteries of the World

124% complete
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-06-26 03:23:06
Earned 89 of 144 achievements, 357/584 points.
Arcade VI: France
Arcade Championship A
Arcade V: Finland
Arcade IV: Australia
Challenge I: Japan
Challenge I: Japan (Hard)
Seat Cordoba
Arcade Championship B
Arcade II: Sweden
Arcade I: Italy
Australia Rally
Australia Rally (Expert)
Australia Ten
Australia Nine
Australia Eight
Australia Five
Australia One
Challenge III: Sweden
Challenge III: Sweden (Hard)
Ford Focus
Sweden Rally (Expert)
Sweden Eight
France Rally (Expert)
France Ten
France Nine
Challenge II: Greece
Challenge II: Greece (Hard)
Mitsubishi Lancer
Greece Rally (Expert)
Greece Ten
Greece Nine
Peugeot 206
Toyota Corolla
Finland Rally (Expert)
Finland Ten
Finland Nine
Finland Three
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
Rally Championship
United Kingdom Seven
United Kingdom Five
Italy Rally
Italy Eight
Italy Seven
Italy Five
Italy Three
Italy Two
Perfect Stage VII: Italy
Kenya Eight
Kenya Five
Australia Seven
Australia Three
Care and Maintain
Sweden Rally
Sweden Seven
Sweden Four
Sweden Three
Sweden Two
Sweden One
France Rally
France Eight
France Seven
France Six
France Four
France Three
France Two
Perfect Stage III: France
France One
Greece Rally
Greece SS
Greece Eight
Greece Seven
Greece Six
Greece Five
Perfect Stage II: Greece
Greece Four
Greece Three
Greece Two
Greece One
Finland Rally
Finland Eight
Finland Seven
Finland Six
Finland Five
Perfect Stage I: Finland
Finland Four
Finland Two
Finland One
Subaru Impreza
France Five
Sweden Five
Sweden Six
Sweden Nine
Sweden Ten
Sweden SS
Perfect Stage IV: Sweden
Australia Two
Australia Four
Australia Six
Perfect Stage V: Australia
Kenya One
Kenya Two
Kenya Three
Kenya Four
Kenya Six
Kenya Seven
Kenya Nine
Kenya Ten
Kenya SS
Perfect Stage VI: Kenya
Kenya Rally
Kenya Rally (Expert)
Italy One
Italy Four
Italy Six
Italy Nine
Italy Ten
Italy Rally (Expert)
United Kingdom One
United Kingdom Two
United Kingdom Three
United Kingdom Four
United Kingdom Six
United Kingdom Eight
United Kingdom Nine
United Kingdom Ten
United Kingdom SS
Perfect Stage VIII: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Rally
United Kingdom Rally (Expert)
Rally Championship (Expert)
Challenge IV: Kenya
Challenge IV: Kenya (Hard)
Challenge V: United Kingdom
Challenge V: United Kingdom (Hard)
Arcade III: Greece
Arcade VII: Kenya
Arcade VIII: United Kingdom
Lancia Integrale
Ford Sierra Cosworth
Mini Cooper S
MG Metro 6R4
Lancia Stratos
Ford Racing Puma

0% complete
World Rally Championship (PlayStation 2)
Last played 2022-05-27 09:40:52
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

200% complete
Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-04-30 14:48:20
Earned 124 of 124 achievements, 935/935 points.
GT World League
GT League Champion
Apricot Hill 200 km
Endurance Race Champion
East City Manufacturers
Pikes Peak Hill Climb
Rally Event Champion
S.S. Route All-night
Laguna Seca 200 Miles
North City Manufacturers
West City Manufacturers
South City Manufacturers
Rome Circuit 2 Hours
Grand Valley 300 km
GT300 Championship
Special Event Champion
GT500 Championship
Seattle Circuit 100 Miles
Grand Touring Car Trophy
Gran Turismo All Stars
Tuned NA Car No.1 Cup
Convertible Car World Cup
Trial Mountain 30 Laps
Mid-engine Challenge
Tuned Turbo Car No.1 Cup
4WD Challenge
Muscle Car Cup
Tahiti Dirt R3
Tahiti Maze
Smokey Mountain North
Smokey Mountain South
Green Forest Roadway
Tahiti Dirt R3 Reverse
Smokey Mountain North Reverse
Pikes Peak Downhill
Golden Times
License Test S-10
Super License
License Test S-7
License Test S-9
License Test S-6
License Test S-2
License Test S-4
License Test S-5
License Test S-8
License Test S-3
License Test S-1
License Test IA-10
International A License
License Test IA-9
License Test IA-8
License Test IA-7
License Test IA-6
License Test IA-5
License Test IA-4
License Test IA-3
License Test IA-2
License Test IA-1
Pure Sports Car Cup
GT Euro League
Super Touring Car Trophy
'80s Sports Car Cup
Historic Car Cup
Luxury Sedan Cup
GT Pacific League
GT French Nationals
GT US Nationals
GT Japan Nationals
FF Car Challenge
GT German Nationals
FR Car Challenge
License Test IB-10
International B License
License Test IB-9
License Test IB-8
License Test IB-7
License Test IB-6
License Test IB-5
License Test IB-4
License Test IB-3
License Test IB-2
License Test IB-1
Light-weight "K" Cup
GT UK Nationals
Station Wagon Cup
License Test IC-10
International C License
License Test IC-9
License Test IC-8
License Test IC-7
License Test IC-6
License Test IC-5
License Test IC-4
License Test IC-3
License Test IC-2
License Test IC-1
GT Italian Nationals
Standard A License
License Test A-10
License Test A-9
License Test A-8
License Test A-7
License Test A-6
License Test A-5
License Test A-4
License Test A-3
License Test A-2
License Test A-1
Sunday Cup
Clubman Cup
Compact Car World Cup
License Test B-10
Standard B License
License Test B-9
License Test B-8
License Test B-7
License Test B-6
License Test B-5
License Test B-4
License Test B-3
License Test B-2
License Test B-1
First Victory

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22 Jan 2022
I love the birb avatar.

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MASTERED Gran Turismo (PlayStation)
Awarded on 25 Jul 2021, 10:08
MASTERED Ridge Racer Revolution (PlayStation)
Awarded on 26 Jul 2021, 14:26
MASTERED Rage Racer (PlayStation)
Awarded on 30 Oct 2021, 16:28
MASTERED Colin McRae Rally (PlayStation)
Awarded on 07 Nov 2021, 12:55
MASTERED Ridge Racer (PlayStation)
Awarded on 08 Nov 2021, 04:26
MASTERED Driver: You Are The Wheelman (PlayStation)
Awarded on 12 Dec 2021, 16:11
MASTERED Quake II (PlayStation)
Awarded on 06 Apr 2022, 06:27
MASTERED Quake II (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 09 Apr 2022, 06:44
MASTERED Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)
Awarded on 29 Apr 2022, 07:40

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MASTERED Junior Developer Graduate (Events)
Awarded on 26 Nov 2021, 18:15
Awarded for being a hard-working developer and producing achievements that have been earned over 1000 times!
Awarded on 04 Dec 2021, 08:59
Awarded for producing many valuable achievements, providing over 10000 points to the community!
Awarded on 04 Dec 2021, 11:42
MASTERED [DevQuest 009] Launch Party! (Events)
Awarded on 12 Feb 2022, 21:34

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Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)Gran Turismo 2
124/124 won
Colin McRae Rally (PlayStation)Colin McRae Rally
104/104 won
Quake II (Nintendo 64)Quake II
69/69 won
Gran Turismo (PlayStation)Gran Turismo
68/68 won
Quake II (PlayStation)Quake II
50/50 won
Rage Racer (PlayStation)Rage Racer
49/49 won
Ridge Racer (PlayStation)Ridge Racer
38/38 won
Junior Developer Graduate (Events)Junior Developer Graduate
9/9 won
[DevQuest 009] Launch Party! (Events)[DevQuest 009] Launch Party!
6/6 won
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation Portable)Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
165/238 won
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (PlayStation)Colin McRae Rally 2.0
89/144 won
Ridge Racer Revolution (PlayStation)Ridge Racer Revolution
20/46 won

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