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Member Since: 14 Dec 2017, 00:17
Last Activity: 17 Feb 2021, 00:39
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Asterix & Obelix (SNES)
Last played 2021-02-17 00:38:00
Earned 0 of 42 achievements, 0/310 points.
Asterix and The Gaul
Asterix and The Crossing
Asterix and Britania's Countryside
Asterix and London
Asterix and Rugby
Asterix and Swiss Frontier
Asterix and The Lake
Asterix and The Mountains
Asterix and The Bank
Asterix and Piraeus
Asterix and Grieca's Countryside
Asterix and Olympia
Asterix and Result
Asterix and The Desert
Asterix and The Nile
Asterix and The Desert Camp
Asterix and The Palace
Asterix and The Pirate Ship
Asterix and The Pyrenees
Asterix and The Roman Camp
Asterix and The Gladiator
Obelix and The Gaul
Obelix and The Crossing
Obelix and Britania's Countryside
Obelix and London
Obelix and Rugby
Obelix and Swiss Frontier
Obelix and The Lake
Obelix and The Mountains
Obelix and The Bank
Obelix and Piraeus
Obelix and Grieca's Countryside
Obelix and Olympia
Obelix and The Result
Obelix and The Desert
Obelix and The Nile
Obelix and The Desert Camp
Obelix and The Palace
Obelix and The Pirate Ship
Obelix and The Pyrenees
Obelix and The Roman Camp
Obelix and The Gladiator

171% complete
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-12-19 21:16:43
Earned 94 of 110 achievements, 955/1355 points.
This will be fun! [m]
Wanna dance?! [m]
Oh no... It's hentai again... [m]
Sorry lady, I'm not into hentai. [m]
Die, monster! You don't belong... Wait... [m]
Why I am here? [m]
I'm cooler than Steve Burnside... Right?
DIE!!!!!!! [m]
I'm getting tired of you! [m]
You are so shiny Mister Nemesis! [m]
Get out of here! [m]
Eat me plenty [m]
Dogs!! No... Zombies!!! [m]
These are just crates! [m]
Let's clean this mess [m]
Kill'em all 2! [m]
This guy was an idiot. [m]
Don't invade this place! [m]
Crow...ned the Queen of Crows! [m]
Are you crazy?! [m]
Your aim is impeckable... again! [m]
Over here! [m]
Drain my gun, monster! [m]
This is for Brad! [m]
Have fun in Hell, zombie [m]
You scared me! [m]
Easy [m]
Please, don't shoot! [m]
The story of my comrade [m]
Is that you?! [m]
Chicken [m]
I knew it! DIE! [m]
No time to spare [m]
Will you follow me? [m]
I missed you! [m]
Nothing bad will happen down there... right? [m]
Dishes [m]
Surprise, Nemmy! [m]
Time to escape [m]
Curiosity [m]
Time to clean the streets [m]
Carlos, my love! [m]
You want S.T.A.R.S? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S! [m]
So many to read... [m]
My diary [m]
Say Hi to my new weapon! [m]
Tentacle shower
Easiest puzzle ever!
Sooooo hot!
Sorry, I need to pass. [m]
Nice mouth, buddy.
Is this better? [m]
Stop, please, stop! [m]
My hero!
Froggy [m]
Very clever... mercenary?
Headache [m]
Don't hesitate... [m]
Things hardly attained, are long retained
In love with Nemesis [m]
Mister Nemesis wants to dance? [m]
Moonlight Sonata is better.
Minefield time! [m]
Be crazy once in your life [m]
Sorry but... I'm out of date.
I love secrets! [m]
I could barbecue you! [m]
Being a coward can be great! [m]
Jill the plumber [m]
Should I drink it?
Be a Firefighter!
Time to kill some zombies! [m]
Dancing party! [m]
Why is it here?
Kill'em all! [m]
What is this wizardry?!
This seems valuable...
Weird guy...
Open already!
Get a load of that! [m]
Crazy, I am. [m]
SCUM! [m]
Door Master [m]
Stop chasing me! [m]
Master of Unlocking
What will I get? [m]
Sorry, I couldn't save you... [m]
Fight with the monster [m]
Burn, baby, burn
Say hi to my new friend [m]
Let's break this glass! [m]
So good! [m]
I'm in a good shape! [m]
Ink Ribbons? [m]
Guns? [m]
We Dino Crisis now! [m]
The daddy [m]
The officer [m]
The sister [m]
The lone child [m]
The spy [m]
The soldier [m]
The true savior of the earth [m]
Carlos the warrior [m]
Nicholai the friend you want [m]
Mikhail the poor soul [m]

174% complete
Tomb Raider (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-12-19 18:23:03
Earned 75 of 86 achievements, 524/600 points.
The Great Pyramid
Extreme Raider - The Great Pyramid
The Ruler of Atlantis
Jacqueline Secrets
Legless Mutant
Atlanteans Secrets
Natla's Mines
Extreme Raider - Natla's Mines
Pyramid Key
Natla's Guys Secrets
Sanctuary of the Scion
Extreme Raider - Sanctuary of the Scion
Larson Conway
Obelisk of Khamoon
Extreme Raider - Obelisk of Khamoon
Seal of Anubis
Mummy Secrets
Eye of Horus
City of Khamoon
Extreme Raider - City of Khamoon
Saphire Keys
Black Panthers Secrets
Tomb of Tihocan
Extreme Raider - Tomb of Tihocan
Second Piece of the Scion
Pierre Dupont
Centaurs Secrets
Extreme Raider - Cistern
Rats Secrets
Cistern Keys
Extreme Raider - Palace Midas
Palace Midas
Gold Bars
Gorillas Secrets
Lead Bars
Extreme Raider - Colosseum
Rusty Key
Lions Secrets
Extreme Raider - St. Francis' Folly
Swan Dive II
St. Francis' Folly
Crocodiles Secrets
The Gods keys
Extreme Raider - Tomb of Qualopec
Raptors Secrets
Tomb of Qualopec
First Piece of the Scion
Swan Dive I
The Lost Valley
Extreme Raider - The Lost Valley
Rex Secrets
Machine Cogs
Rex Raider
City of Vilcabamba
Extreme Raider - City of Vilacabamba
Bears Secrets
Gold Idol & Silver Key
Extreme Raider - Caves
Wolves Secrets
Pacifist Lara
Lara's Home
Extreme Raider - Atlantis
Swan Dive III
Swan Dive IV
Swan Dive V
Swan Dive VI
Swan Dive VII
Handstand I
Handstand II
Handstand III
Handstand IV
Aureum Lara

11% complete
Tomb Raider II (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-11-25 20:41:33
Earned 6 of 109 achievements, 15/720 points.
The Fanciest of Swans
You Talkin' to Me?
The Family Riches
Locked From the Outside
No Winston, I Don't Fancy Some Tea
Assault Course Ace
The Great Wall
Secrets of The Great Wall
NLNMAS in The Great Wall
A Swan in China
Dart Across the Pond
Apex Predator
Tomb Conservationinst
Secrets of Venice
NLNMAS in Venice
Tomb Curator
Lara Croft Boat Racing
Did I Leave the Mines On?
Bartoli's Hideout
Secrets of Bartoli's Hideout
NLNMAS in Bartoli's Hideout
Making an Entrance
What's the Detonator For?
See Through the Simulation
Opera House
Secrets of Opera House
NLNMAS in Opera House
Through the Glass
I Don't Want No Trouble
Offshore Rig
Secrets of Offshore Rig
NLNMAS in Offshore Rig
Mind Opening the Window for Me?
Killer Swan
Diving Area
Secrets of Diving Area
NLNMAS in Diving Area
Power Swimming
Hold Your Breath
40 Fathoms
Secrets of 40 Fathoms
NLNMAS in 40 Fathoms
A Little Obvious, Don't You Think?
Through Hell and Back
Hold Your Breath Again
Wreck of the Maria Doria
Secrets of Wreck of the Maria Doria
NLNMAS in Wreck of the Maria Doria
Avoidant Swan
Living Quarters
Secrets of Living Quarters
NLNMAS in Living Quarters
Safety Drop
The Deck
Secrets of The Deck
NLNMAS in The Deck
Tibetan Foothills
Secrets of Tibetan Foothills
NLNMAS in Tibetan Foothills
Ice Queen
Canyon Gymnastics
Snowmobile or Submarine?
Risky Swan
Tomb Hiker
Barkhang Monastery
Secrets of Barkhang Monastery
NLNMAS in Barkhang Monastery
Run the Gauntlet
Tomb Desecrator
Holier Than Thou
Catacombs of the Talion
Secrets of Catacombs of the Talion
NLNMAS in Catacombs of the Talion
Barbarians at the Gate
No, You're Locked in Here With Me
Ice Palace
Secrets of Ice Palace
NLNMAS in Ice Palace
Anti-Gravity Sliding
The Real Treasure
Temple of Xian
Secrets of Temple of Xian
NLNMAS in Temple of Xian
Fall for It on Your Own Terms
Demanding but Worthwhile Gymnastics
Get Baited Son
Perilous Climb
Floating Islands
Secrets of Floating Islands
NLNMAS in Floating Islands
Dream Eater
Roast Swan
Dragon's Lair
NLNM in Dragon's Lair
What Am I Supposed to Do?!
Tis but an Inconvenience
Don't You Think You've Seen Enough?
NLNM in Home Sweet Home
Back to Basics
This Just Might Work
Tomb of the Diver
Potent Pistols
Rapid Pistols
Underwater Pistol
Assault Pistol
Explosive Pistol

200% complete
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-09-29 17:22:25
Earned 27 of 27 achievements, 164/164 points.
These Guys Look Fishy
The End of a Journey
So Close!
Hasta La Vista, Senora
Well..It's a Well.
Excavating Site
Getting Close...
Check and Mate
Viva Espana
The Burning Man
A Car Ride
Syria, Here I Come!
A Dangerous Meeting
Meeting Marquet
Hagenmeyer Clinic
Behind the Altar
Billy the GOAT
Shake 'n Shock
Welcome to Ireland!
Archeologists Welcome
La Risee du Monde
Is It a Date?
I'd Rather Visit the Eiffel Tower

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