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Vampire: Master of Darkness

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Ernesto 8 Jan 2023 11:47
How do you defeat the brachuiosaurus with the tranquilizer rifle? Jurassick Parck Game Gear
Ernesto 13 Jan 2023 20:23
Ok gracias, I already did it.
Ernesto 20 Jun 2023 16:52
Hello, maybe it's a stupid question, about the game Eswat from master system 2. I don't know how to use the special weapons, I have no idea.
I have already pressed all the buttons and it does nothing, I don't know if I have them configured wrong or if something specific needs to be done.
Ernesto 26 Jun 2023 10:13
Ok gracias por la información.
TheJediSonic 27 Jul 2023 18:53
Super Bug Pro right here.
sludgemastic 29 Jul 2023 19:33
Haha The game is not difficult, but those survivalist achievements are quite challenging and a little luck based! Thanks for the set, it was fun getting to know this obscure game!
sludgemastic 29 Jul 2023 19:36
@TheJediSonic Agora que fui notar que você é brasileiro também! :D
AfroRyan 18 Sep 2023 00:35
Congrats on Magnavox 2 Pinball mastery. I hope your experience was like mine, where frustration was replaced with excitement with bumper nudges and near-misses. I was surprised how it transformed the game into something resembling a skill-based experience, more so than many of its [would-be] peers [had it actually released in its day].
Ernesto 25 Sep 2023 17:32
Hello, I have a question about this game. Quartet from the master system.
I don't know how to play with the male character. Can you only play with it, with two players? Or can I play alone with the guy?
Ernesto 27 Sep 2023 09:19
xnaivx 7 Oct 2023 14:09
Thank you!
MelonHead 19 Nov 2023 23:57
Nice work dude!
MGNS8M 6 Jan 2024 04:39
Thanks for mastering the homebrew, had fun chasing your score for the first few hours, haha.. XD
MGNS8M 7 Jan 2024 05:09
Hahaa, yeah.. the best I could do to simulate the difficulty of the original was bump up the speed a little... wish I could have done more with it, but there was a point where I got tired and could stand to look at the code any more.. XD

Yeah I did play Godzilla 2 back in the day but it sure was rough. Even now knowing all the tricks it's still pretty crazy, hope it goes well then.. XD Congo is a bit stiff but altogether unique and interesting. Thanks a lot, I do try to get some longevity out of games if possible, they certainly deserve it, haha..
Hotscrock 30 Jan 2024 22:59
Parabéns por platinar o Primal Rage do Game Boy. Sinceramente, quando fiz o set eu achei que ninguém ia tentar.
Ernesto 31 Mar 2024 08:34
Hello, in Quartet of Master system 2, I don't know where the objects are in the final level "Below the Counter Buff" "Behind the Counter Buff" and I have no idea where they are.

Thank you for assisting me.
Ernesto 5 Apr 2024 15:13
Gracias Thank.
Whoops 7 May 2024 06:30
Congrats on Mastering Mobile Soldier Gundam! I'm glad you conquered it 👏