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Unix 19 Nov 2021 23:37
Hey dude, u have earned some nice badges! Im jealous of ur Super Robot Taise badges it sure was hard? U seem to be a skilled gamer :D I added ya ^^
ruri 21 Nov 2021 00:18
I am a HUGE fan of Super Robot Taisen series,with 60+ games finished I got plenty practice!SRW J was easy for me since I was it's translator (AKA Tyria, secondary nick since Ruri was almost aways already taken), so I still know the game on my sleep, had to do 6+ plays for the project! Only 1 SR point on OG2 was really hard without weapon upgrades.
Unix 23 Nov 2021 11:18
60+ games!? I play SRT since I was a kid but didnt know that there were so many editions lol Whats ur favourite title in the series? With ur profile pic I knew that ur a mecha-fan :D I'm a big Gundam fan, favourite mech game is Gihrens Greed Series *-* And cool that u translated SRW J!
ruri 23 Nov 2021 18:33
My fav is the alpha, they never got around to do SRT that big/with so many detained units after that, the only one that got close and is one of my fav is Z1, it's still good, just not awesome. Also a big fan of OG series. You, played 30th?
Unix 23 Nov 2021 19:55
/(0)\ ... 30th went through my net and didnt had a clue about it. Must be cause I mostly play via PS5 or Switch aahh I just saw a trailer and now I must buy and play it thx for the info xDD
ruri 23 Nov 2021 20:01
Have fun, my play had 346 MISSIONS complete, without most DLCs.It is both bigger and smaller SRT, more missions, less focused plotlines, but also less units with less attacks but more elaborate battle animations for everything.
jeftah 9 Dec 2021 21:32
Heyy there's an SRW fanclub here it seems xD Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for helping in J's translation , its one of my favorites in the franchise! I had some minor involvement with AP's translation as an editor, and now with PSP support I can't wait to see a set for it, hopefully MGNS8M feels inspired for another SRW set xD
ruri 10 Dec 2021 11:32
Yeah, hopefully he will make a set... sometime! Would be a miracle if they did SRT 64, it already got a entry for vote, I want to have the archivement of betraying Basque Ohm!
WanderingHeiho 11 Feb 2022 22:47
Congratulations on surpassing 100,000 points!
ruri 12 Feb 2022 22:57
Thanks! Really special for me that I did 100k points playing a no Kiseki game!