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Member Since: 08 Jun 2020, 18:55
Last Activity: 21 Sep 2020, 04:09
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Retro Ratio: 5.18
Average Completion: 87.99%
Site Rank: 809 / 79942 ranked users (Top 2%)
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Can't Waiting To Skate!

Last 5 games played:

93% complete
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-09-21 03:23:12
Earned 26 of 56 achievements, 151/476 points.
Chomp On That Chump!
Chomp On This!
Really Sorry!
To Infinite and Beyond
Assume The Position
True City Star
A Star Is Born
Lead The Brigade
Take a Cab
A Firm Grasp
Brazillian Madman
The Bird Man
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Tamed the Bull
New Pro in Town
Do It For The LOVE
Lord Of Dogtown
Indoor Surfing
King Of New York
French Transitions Are the Best
Never Stop Jumping Fences
Finished With Bootcamp
Pass the Buck
Leading the A Team
Ghetto Blastin
The Boss
Hard As Nails
Doom Sayer
Zero Hero
Birman's Replacement
Where is Daewon?
Skateboard Superstar
The Baker Maker
On The Hunt
Jumped Off A Building
For the Thrill Of It All
What a Dick!
Get In The Chopper
Heaven Is a Half Pipe
Gap the Falls
Gap the Fence
Gap the Hips
Gap the Banks
Gap the Beach
Gap the Ramps
Gap the Bell
Gap the Bull
Gap the Chopper
Gap the Heavens
Let Me See Your Privates
Beach Day Photo Shoot
Saturday Night Fever

93% complete
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-09-20 03:28:32
Earned 35 of 75 achievements, 200/575 points.
Space Adventurer
Captain Beam
Capcom Perfect Fighter
Hits Combinations 11 : Destructive Earthquake
Hits Combinations 8 : Hidden Blade
Hits Combinations 5 : Command in Action
Hits Combinations 6 : Buster-X
Hits Combinations 12 : Concentrated Plasma
Hits Combinations 4 : Bats Silhouette
Hits Combinations 15 : Through the walls
Hits Combinations 7 : Fists of Fire
Hits Combinations 13 : Letter in the Sleeve
Hits Combinations 9 : Armored Shield
Hits Combinations 2 : Leg Turn
Boiling Delicacy
Breaking Defense Barriers
Teamwork: Capcom
Immortal, however ... I'm X-MEN
Mark these Points in History
Hits Combinations 14 : Titanic Claws
Teamwork: Marvel
Marvel Perfect Fighter
Berserker Barrage X
Hits Combinations 3 : Ring Monster
Hits Combinations 1 : Supreme Spell Loading
Brave Example
I'll Leave my Name
To Vary a Good Score
Bitter Flavor of Dots
Shinku Charged with Energy
Prohibiting Jumping
Spiritual Rival
Spiritual Archrival
No Mercy
Uncontrollable Wrestler
Lady Nightmare
Absorption Skills
Rebel Swordsman
With Great Responsibility
Illuminated Powers
Patriarchal Warrior
Cosmic Energy Parasite
Brutamont Scientist
Masterful illusion
Battery Operable
Reason for Becoming Dark
Roll Roll-Chan
Envy is my Strong Point
Golden Armor
Alternative Prague
Extremely Alternative
Just with the Look of Penance
Iron Body
Eternal Slumber
Magnetic Shockave
Ultimate Web Throw
Saotome Cyclone
Hyper Charging Star
Death Bite
Gamma Wave
Royal Flush
Proton Cannon
Venom Web
War Destroyer
Brilliant Shower
Hulk Smash
Hyper Roll
Sky Counter Crash
Galaxy Energy
Hits Combinations 10 : Stuck in Webs
Chronicles left from Capcom
Chronicles left from Marvel
Super Hero

200% complete
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2020-09-19 17:44:23
Earned 94 of 94 achievements, 715/715 points.
Albus Redeemed
Mentor Slayer Albus
Dragon Slayer Albus
Eye of the Demon
Queen of Hearts
The End HC1!
Death HC1
Eligor HC1
Blackmore HC1
Wallman HC1
Barlow HC1
Albus HC1
Gravedorcus HC1
Goliath HC1
Rusalka HC1
Maneater HC1
Brachyura HC1
Giant Skeleton HC1
Arthroverta HC1
Lord of the Rings
Eye of the Lord
Dracula Medal
Pop N Twinbee
The Village Keepsake
[Fight Glyphs] (m)
The End!
Monster Huntress
Legendary Explorer
Bounty Huntress
Back Glyphs
Perfect Training Hall
Jewelry Always Fits
Sorcery Power
Forge Iron While it Hot
Sewing Mends The Soul
A Small Squall
Death Medal
The Undying
Long Life
Eligor Medal
The Duke of Hell
The Conductor
Blackmore Medal
Medical Care
Wallman Medal
The Wall Master
Lady Cardinal
Intrigues, Scandals and Investigations
Barlow Medal
The Corrupted
Cat Business
The Rogue
Albus Medal
Bon Appetit
Shards of Memories
The Dragon Of The Strand
Gravedo Medal
Hide and Seek Shenanigans
The Only Truth Is Music
The Baker
Anger Building
Goliath Medal
The Ascended
The Retired Hunter
Vic Viper
The Shadow
Rusalka Medal
The Scorned Drowner
The Medium
Hidden Record
The Author
The Culinarian
The Minstrel
Maneater Medal
The Insect Within
Lady Bishop
The Jeweler
The Fashionista
The Builder
Brachyura Medal
Giant Enemy Crab
Konami Man
The Reformed Healer
Arthro Medal
Skeleton Medal
The Condemned Giant
The Shopkeep
The Elder
Guardian of the Strong
You Never Forget Your First

200% complete
Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-18 22:27:42
Earned 30 of 30 achievements, 615/615 points.
Beside Liu Kang
Kano's Arch Enemy
Survived The First Tournament
Sindel's Personal Protector
Magic Of His Shamen
Rage For Ending Shao Kahn
Riot Control Brigade
Shao Kahn's Lead Sorcerer
Lin Kuei's unit LK-9T9
Shaolin Champion
Outworld's Queen
Indestructible Bionic Implants
Lin Kuei's unit LK-4D4
Randper Kombat
Master Warrior
Betrayed by Lin Kuei Clan
Mr Ed Is Mine!
Winner Battles Noob
Winner Battles Smoke
Stage Fatality
Flawless Victory (Full HP)
No Blocks
Quick Victory
Smoke Appeared Before

193% complete
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-09-14 00:55:02
Earned 29 of 30 achievements, 297/322 points.
Better Than A Booger
Could You Please Press These Buttons?
The Final Push
Where Boogers Come From
Flying Low
Duck Dodger
Pickin' Boogers
The Musical Fruit
Plunger Hunt
Nasal Caverns Flushed
Mucous Mountains Flushed
Best In Town
Where's My Cape?!
Boogerville Flushed
Deep Down
Mind Your Manners!
The Pitts Flushed
100,000 Pointer
Stinking Swamp!
Flatulant Swamps Flushed
50,000 Pointer
Got Milk?
An Extra Guy
I Completed It!
Get Up There!
10,000 Pointer
New Plumber in Town
Red Hot
500,000 Pointer

User Wall

Recent comment(s):
10 Aug 16:24 2020
Quadro de platinas top! Meus parabens!
12 Aug 22:32 2020
vlw mano, e no killer platinou?
13 Aug 17:58 2020
Nada, sou muito noob pra essas coisas, parece que no jurassic park 2 vai ser a mesma coisa, oh joguinho dificil, tambem nao apareceu a conquista do Seek and Destroy pra mim e passei no hard! x-x
14 Aug 19:18 2020
o cara q fez as conquistas do jurassic no aparenta estar mais na comunidade
22 Aug 21:56 2020
5.76 de Retro Ratio, boa mano! Deve estar alto assim pelo fato de platinar muitos jogos de luta e o JP2 tambem que poucos tentaram, nao sei se sabe, mas quanto maior o ratio, melhor, mostra que voce tem muita conquista dificil, que poucos conseguiram
23 Aug 13:08 2020
no fazia ideia, sou completamente noob nessas regras kkk
3 Sep 1:56 2020
E ai man, beleza? cara, desculpe incomodar, mas queria uma ajuda sua: eu quero platinar o down of sorrow mas to com medo daqueles selos
3 Sep 1:57 2020
pq fazer no mouse pad do note eh uma m****, sabe e existe alguma config no emulador que automatize ou a melhor opcao seria usar um mouse?
3 Sep 2:43 2020
Man, vasculhando no forum eu vi que pode usar a hack no touch screen!!!! Problema resolvido jah! Desculpe incomodar vc aqui
3 Sep 5:02 2020
suave, eu fiz pelo mouse mesmo, sofrido mas foi
3 Sep 13:43 2020
kkkkk ai eh skill demais! se fosse no mouse eu ja desistia antes de comecar
3 Sep 22:13 2020
treinava direto antes quando tava quase matando um boss pra no errar, e esse emulador tbm nao ajuda muito pra fazer isso

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