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puppeteer96 (2464 points) (9515)

Member Since: 09 Jan 2021, 05:29
Last Activity: 10 May 2021, 18:28
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.86
Average Completion: 60.55%
Site Rank: 10934 / 97179 ranked users (Top 12%)
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Choco of Kweh Clan | Cleared 7 Missions | Hero Lv: 4 | Clan Lv: 1

Last 3 games played:

10% complete
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-05-08 07:20:14
Earned 7 of 135 achievements, 21/503 points.
Thesis Hunt
Herb Picking
It's Official
Snowy Ivalice
Beat 'em Up
The Protector
Monster Hunter
The Student
Ezel's Place
Morphing Ranch
The Cheetahs
Desert Peril
Twisted Flow
Diamond Rain
Hot Awakening
Magic Wood
Emerald Keep
Pale Company
Jagd Hunt
The Bounty
Golden Clock
Scouring Time
The Big Find
Desert Patrol
Quiet Sands
Materite Now!
Present Day
Hidden Vein
To Ambervale
Over the Hill
The Ivalice Saga
Bangaa Vanguard
Bangaa Pride
Bangaa Champion
Bangaa Cleric
Bangaa Crusader
Nu Chronos
Nu Mystic
Nu Hermetic
Nu Changeling
Nu Stoic
Viera Ambiguous
Viera Arcane
Viera Lord
Viera Bullseye
Viera Eliminator
Mog Dust
Mog Shot
Mog Maneuver
Mog Tinkerer
Goblin Soul [m]
Red Cap Soul
Jelly Soul
Ice-Flan Soul
Cream Soul
Bomb Soul
Grenade Soul
Icedrake Soul
Firewyrm Soul
Thundrake Soul [m]
Lamia Soul
Lilith Soul
Antlion Soul
Jawbreaker Soul
Red Panther Soul
Coeurl Soul
Malboro Soul
Big Malboro Soul
Floateye Soul
Ahriman Soul
Blood Sword
Venus Blade
Kain's Lance
White Robe
Spring Staff
Black Robe
Thor Rod
Stardust Rod
Cactus Stick
Dream Watcher
El Cid Sword
Nosada !!!!!
Ruby Earring
Heal Chime
Angel Ring
Blood Strings
Master Ribbon
Giot Gun
Aegis Shield
Bone Armlets
La Seraphica
White Fangs
Tiger Fangs
Cross Helm
Diamond Helm
Yoichi Bow
Thief Hat
Hades Bow
Ninja Gear
Max's Oathbow

153% complete
Pokemon - Platinum Version (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-04-16 07:27:14
Earned 78 of 102 achievements, 547/1187 points.
Good Luck
A Special Occasion
Rematch of the Century
Achievement of the Week
Not A Ghost Of A Chance
Kanto Fried Chicken
Double Battle Cafe
Memory of Arceus
Infinite Space
Time Lord
A Shocking Encounter
Battle Royal
Journey Has Ended
Mira Match
What A Shocker
Diamond Pickaxe
Ball Customizer
Cold Turkey
All Riled Up
The Starlys and The Combees
Sweet Dreams
Garden Pun
Help I'm Bad At Names
Buck Bumble
Wrestling Pun
Memory of Regigigas
That's Hot!
Fist Fight
Let It Go
Marley and Me
Killing Two Rocks With One Bird
Mysterious Plates
Clefairy Used Protect
omelette du fromage
Fun With Numbers
Memory of Regirock
Memories of Hoenn (Or Kanto I Guess)
Memory of Shaymin
Not Just Splash
And The Winner Is...
Emotional Support
Cleanliness Is Next to Champion-ess
Insert Song Quote Here
High Voltage
Smogon Approved
Filled With Determination
Knowledge is Power
The Mascot
Balloon Boy
Can't Wait To Have A Gengar! ...Right?
Luck of the Draw
Ice, Ice Baby
Memory of Regice
Not You Again!
Mine all Day
Memory of Registeel
Something Something Aura
Memory of Darkrai
An Explosion of Luck
Lucky Number
Swamp Advertising
Friendship is Great
Can't See Him
Gone to the Gym
Footprints in the Sand
Fun With Letters
No Gambling Required
Getting The Scoop
Fortune IV
The Evolution Pokemon
Afraid of the Dark
You've Met A Terrible Fate
Like Clockwork
Bird Can Sing!?
Communication Error
App Enthusiast
Wait A Few More Levels!
Mine Diamonds
Thanks For Playing, I Guess...
No Gimmicks Allowed
Competetive Champ
Luck and Skill
Save Me RNGsus
Stop n' Swap
Hall of Fame Contender
Conquered The Gauntlet
King For A Day
Gold Rush
Retro Achievement
1CC Clear
Shiny Hunter
Memory of Spiritomb
Sinnoh's Got Talent
Jack of all Trades
Top Percent
Home Away From Home
Secret Squares
Wow, you're rich!?
Beauty Queen
Gotta Catch em' All - Platinum
It's Present

200% complete
Sword of Mana (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-01-29 02:31:38
Earned 103 of 103 achievements, 664/664 points.
Monster Hunter [m]
The Hero's Best Friend
Level 50 Heroine
Protector of the Airship
The Bodyguard
Getting Used to the Staff
You Seem Familiar...
The End of Mana
The Sword of Mana
Protector of the Tower
This Thing WORKS!?
The Point of No Return
Master of Earth [m]
Master of Wind [m]
Master of Wood [m]
Master of Water [m]
Master of Fire [m]
Master of Moon [m]
Master of Dark [m]
Master of Light [m]
Icy Sorcerer [m]
Black Market Spirits [m]
Goddess Gracious [m]
Achy Shaky Heart [m]
Spirit Rescue [m]
That's Not a Key
The Last Spirit
The Sword of Mana?
Protector of the Sword
Fire Geode
Aqua Abductor
Mr. Brown's Hidden Ring [m]
Wind Geode
Coin Collector [m]
Moon Drops [m]
Best in Class
Barbacued Tail [m]
The Power Sealed Within [m]
Barbacued Newt [m]
Icy Curse
Light Geode
Water Geode
Black Masks [m]
Earth Geode
Keepsake Thief [m]
Shrink Hammer
Candy for the Children [m]
Moon Geode
Wood Geode
Training Adventurers [m]
Bird Slayer
Golden Knight IV [m]
The Dragoon Specialty
A-Mace-ing Weapon
The Pun Making Tree
Level 50 Hero
The Bard Whom Sings Songs
Spirit of the Moon
Lady Medusa
Meteorite Mania [m]
Dedicated Growth [m]
Turned to Stone
Golden Knight III [m]
Wheel of Misfortune
Desert Mystery [m]
An Old Friend
Bill Collector [m]
Grandma's Gift [m]
Lovers Letters [m]
Golden Knight II [m]
Dark Geode
Palette Swapportunity
The Wise Mage
Not a Dwarf, but a Gnome
Mythril Hoarder
Grim Reaper
The Dwarf that Knows Best
Golden Knight I [m]
What's Under There Anyways? [m]
Worse than Banners [m]
Helped Undine Recover!
Flailing Around
Hot House
Eternal Estate
Fire Magic
So Much Blood [m]
Monster Exterminator
Chobin Hood's Favorite
Getting Used to the Sword
Safety First
Don't I Know You?
Prison Life
The True Heroine [m]
The True Hero [m]

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