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Member Since: 13 Sep 2020, 06:58
Last Activity: 11 May 2021, 07:13
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Retro Ratio: 4.65
Average Completion: 32.92%
Site Rank: 4812 / 97201 ranked users (Top 6%)
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Playing A Pug's Life! 400 Miles from Home!! - "Highway Star" on Sweatin' difficulty

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
~Homebrew~ 16-Bit Rhythm Land (Mega Drive)
Last played 2021-05-11 07:11:19
Earned 0 of 60 achievements, 0/1700 points.
Fille Des Ruines 1
Fille Des Ruines 2
Sagashi Ni Ikou 1
Sagashi Ni Ikou 2
Candy Sprint 1
Candy Sprint 2
Rhythmic Baseball 1
Rhythmic Baseball 2
Full Base 1
Full Base 2
Daimakyu Twister 1
Daimakyu Twister 2
Battle Of Glory 1
Battle Of Glory 2
Silver Lining 1
Silver Lining 2
Ryusei Kumikyoku 1
Ryusei Kumikyoku 2
Stranger 1
Stranger 2
Thunder Vader 1
Thunder Vader 2
Front Line 1
Front Line 2
Speed Girl 1
Speed Girl 2
In Bocca Al Lupo 1
In Bocca Al Lupo 2
Setsuna Batting 1
Setsuna Batting 2
Swing Girl 1
Swing Girl 2
Final Defence 1
Final Defence 2
Technogizer 1
Technogizer 2
Tension Attention 1
Tension Attention 2
Cosmic Rendezvous 1
Cosmic Rendezvous 2
Fille Des Ruines 3
Sagashi Ni Ikou 3
Candy Sprint 3
Speed Girl 3
In Bocca Al Lupo 3
Rhythmic Baseball 3
Daimakyu Twister 3
Full Base 3
Setsuna Batting 3
Swing Girl 3
Battle Of Glory 3
Silver Lining 3
Ryusei Kumikyoku 3
Final Defence 3
Technogizer 3
Stranger 3
Thunder Vader 3
Front Line 3
Tension Attention 3
Cosmic Rendezvous 3

49% complete
Elite Beat Agents (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-05-10 12:00:19
Earned 21 of 86 achievements, 81/747 points.
Come Dance With Me
Illuminati Confirmed
Amateur Performer
Black Gold Digger
A Christmas Gift
Bimbo Sisters
Hello Nurse
Shiny Shuriken
Sunny with a Chance of Picnic
Treasure Hunters
Long Way Back Home
Magical Duo
Nice Moves, Taxi Boy
Purity of your Smile
Better Love Story Than Twilight
Football Freak
Engaged With Children
The Disaster Artist
Oscar Nominee
Cult Film Director
Sunset Overdrive
Born to Drive Wild
Modern Art
Mona Lisa
Artist, Inventor, Casanova
Fullhouse Assault
My Lovely Assistant
Viva Las Vegas
Dogs Can't Read
A Boy and his Dog
A Pug's Life
Canned Fish
Swiming in Riches
Yacht Club Capt'n
Not Cooking Mama
Best Mom Ever
You Are My Sunshine
Wrong Prototype
Samurai Car
Heir of the Company
Girl Stranding
Animal Lovers
The Beauties and The Beasts
Deadly Virus
Sweet Medicine
Winners Don't Give Up
It's Not About the Presents
When You Love Somebody
You're My Inspiration
Federal Criminal
Sugar Daddy
Oil Tycoon
Batter Out
You Bet, Kid!
Major Leagues
Agents Are Gone?
The Beatmobile
War of the Worlds
The Show Must Go On
Please Don't Stop the Music
Music Lives!
Debutant Performer
A Star is Born
Baby's Day Out
Baby & Scratchy
Extreme Babysitting
Friends Forever
Mother Cordyceps
Laughing Coffin
Nuts & Bolts
The Last of Nuts
Don't Let Him Down!!
Mission Complete!
New Kid on the Block
Keepin' the Groove
Dancing with Style
Got the Moves
Elite Beat Divas
Starr of the Show
Lovin' Machine

8% complete
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-05-08 02:59:47
Earned 2 of 50 achievements, 10/369 points.
Running from Naboo
Menacing Negotiations
Podracing in Mos Espa
Retaking a Palace
Darth Maul
Discovering Kamino
Droid Factory Invasion
Battling Jedis
Fire the Cavalry
Fighting Dooku
Battle of Croissants
Grievous Loss
Defense of Kashyyyk
Ruining the Jedis
I Am Your Father
Secret Plans...
Wasteful Jundland
A Deathly Escape!
Rebellious Attack
Hoth Battle
Escaping the Echoes
Flight of the Falcon
On Cloud Nine
Jabba's Palace
Speeding Showdown
Battling Endormen
Find Your Destiny!
Into the Death Star
Menacing Collection
Cloning the Collection
Revenge of the Collector
Hope for A New Collection
The Kit Strikes Back!
Return of the Minikit
Menacing Jedi
Attacking the True Jedi of Clones
Revenge of the True Jedi!
Hopeful Jedi
The Jedi Strikes Back
Return of the True Jedi
Red Brick Obsession
Minigame Elitist
What're You Hinting At?
Red Brick Purchaser
50% Committed to Characters
Character Overlord
The Real Father
Hell of a Stud

0% complete
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-05-04 05:17:39
Earned 0 of 150 achievements, 0/1290 points.
Nice to Meet You
Supply and Demand, Baby
My Number One Number Two
Blood Brothers
Mr. 'Junior Triad of the Year'
Some Idiots Never Learn
The Wonsu Nodong
Land of Opportunity my Ass
Ain't No Lady Di
Coincidence is a Bitch
The Village Idiot
Selling Other's Shit
Teaching With Discipline
Grand Theft Auto
Fat Lucky Pig
No Judgements, Just Payback
4th Wall Breaker
A Trapped Rat
A Long Way to the Ground
The Year of the Rat
Smack My Bitch Up
A Bumpy Ride
A Valuable Life Lesson
This is America!
Love You Not
Giorgio's Hot Dog
The Ingenious Stoner
Goodbye, Buddy
Yu Jian
Pursuit Farse
Under The Gun
The Wheelman
Tricks of the Triad
Natural Burn Killer
Recruitment Drive
Carpe 'Dime'
Store Wars
Copter Carnage
Kenny Strikes Back
Missed the Boat?
Rat Race
Pimp His Ride
Whack the Racers
Jackin' Chan
Raw Deal
Counterfeit Gangster
Slaying With Fire
Clear the Pier
Stealing the Show
Bomb Disposal
Driven to Destruction
Cash and Burn
Dragon Haul Z
The Fandom Menace
So Near, Yet Sonar
Hit from the Tong
Trail Blazer
The Offshore Offload
One Shot, One Kill
By Myriads of Swords
A Shadow of Doubt
Friend or Foe?
Arms Out of Harm's Way
The Wages of Hsin
A Rude Awakening
The Tow Job
The Tail Bagging the Dogs
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Street of Rage
Operation Northwood
Torpedo Run
Evidence Dash
Salt in the Wound
Double Trouble
Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!
Convoy Conflict
See No Evil
Grave Situation
Steal the Wheels
The World's a Stooge
Deadly Xin (DLC)
Xin of the Father (DLC)
Your Loving Uncle
Boss, Idiot, Friend
An Arrogant Sociopath
Leader of the Triads
A Junkie Cop
Unorthodox Investigator
Taken for a Fool
Wrong Way
Right Through the Hole
Billboard Beater
I Spy
With My Little Eye
All Cams Must Die
This Is Good Shit
My Medications
The Vaccine
Keep It Safe
I'm learning here, ok?
Deal Finder
Master Dealer
It's Free Real Estate
Wasting Money 24_7
Lions of Blessing
I Am The Law
Call An Ambulance!
We Be Burnin'
Crazy Taxi
Hope That Ages Well
Got Change?
Tank! Tank! Tank!
Dragon Chow Mein
Priority Shipping Express
Part-time Worker
The King of Algonquin
Burning Bohan
Duke Nuker
Broker Breaker
License to Kill
Hit & Run
Kill & Run
Blame It On the Boogie
The Dukes of Hazzard
Welcome to Ma-li-ao Kart
A Ride in the Park
Hot Coco
Pac-Man Driver
Neighbourhood Explorer
Hi-Way Tire Tourney Champion
Transfender Invitational Champion
S&M Grand Slam Champion
Better Than Chan
Your Trusty 9mm
Say Hello to my Little Friend
Get Off My Property
Catch It
Right Between the Eyes
Liberty City Gun Club Member
Reckless Driver
Finders Keepers
Lucky Scratcher
Squishy Squashy
Here Be Dragons

200% complete
Um Jammer Lammy (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-05-02 14:46:50
Earned 55 of 55 achievements, 660/660 points.
Flower Music Record IV - World Tour
Music Star VI - Feat. Success
Rock Wins V - Like I Live In A Dream
Rock Wins VI - Music Is An Extension Of My Body
Rock Wins IV - Saw Sambo
Rock Wins III - Metal Kids
Rock Wins II - Freestyle
Rock Wins - Pump It!
Crossroads V - Pedal Point
Crossroads IV - Octave Licks
High And Lows
Crossroads II - Wah Crybaby
Crossroads VI - Final Groove
Music Star IV - Star In The Sky
Crossroads III - Bends To Sky
Rap N' Roll VI - Perfect Beat
Rap N' Roll V - YYZ Feat PRP
Rap N' Roll IV - Green Dance
Rap N' Roll III - Urban Rhythm
You Said Anything, Didn't Ya?
Rap N' Roll II - Funk Me Tender
Rap N' Roll - Play That Funky Music White Dog
On Thursday
Joe Chin Co.
Flower Music Record V - Best Luthier Gift
Music Star V - Woodstock
On Wednesday
On Tuesday
Flower Music Record III - Lullaby ~*
On Monday
Crossroads - Glowing Chords
Gig On the Garage VI - As Above, So Below
Gig On the Garage V - Arpeggios From Hell
Gig On the Garage IV - Harlekim Forest
Gig On the Garage III - Starway To Heaven
Gig On the Garage II - It's Oh So Quiet
Music Star - Air Guitar
Flower Music Record - My Guitar Is In My Mind!
Vital Idol
Flower Music Record VI - Music All The Night
Now Which One Is My Left Hand?
Gig On the Garage -  Fire And Ice
After School Sale
Music Star III - Ilarie
B,Back Off! You're In The Way!
Music Star II - Stage On Fire!
Flower Music Record II - First Contract
Now Wait A Minute! Who Is This?
On Friday
I Gotta Believe!!
Music Star VII - Back To Hometown
Flower Music Record VII - 1.000.000 Copies Sold!
Milkcan, That's Us!
Leave It To Lammy!

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