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Member Since: 29 Mar 2021, 02:42
Last Activity: 21 Oct 2021, 12:11
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Retro Ratio: 4.13
Average Completion: 80.60%
Site Rank: 5601 / 37152 ranked users (Top 15.08%)
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Exploring the world of Torland .

Last 5 games played:

85% complete
Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)
Last played 2021-10-21 09:03:51
Earned 29 of 68 achievements, 307/700 points.
[DQ2] Emergency Supplies
[DQ1] You were the chosen one!
[DQ1] I don\
[DQ1] I swear i\
[DQ1] Multitasking as a bodyguard
[DQ1] A new hero was born
[DQ1] Dragon Slayer
[DQ1] King Dragon\
[DQ1] This better kill things fast!
[DQ1] Dragon Quest Builders
[DQ1] Three is company [m]
[DQ1] Finally! A second party member!
[DQ1] Puff-Puff
[DQ1] Catch the Rainbow
[DQ1] Like a Rolling Stone
[DQ1] Nice Small Medal!
[DQ1] Lucky!
[DQ1] Are you a wizard?
[DQ1] Now that\
[DQ1] Harder than stone [m]
[DQ1] What is this pile of bricks doing here?
[DQ1] Thank you Roto
[DQ1] Weather Report
[DQ1] Nose for Treasure - Mountain Cave
[DQ1] Broken Instrument
[DQ1] Sleep well
[DQ1] Let the Quest begin
[DQ1] Thanks Gooman *Slurp*
[DQ1] First of many
[DQ2] The Evasive Prince
[DQ2] Poisoned reflections
[DQ2] The Cursed Princess
[DQ2] Let the Wind Blow
[DQ2] Aboat to start your adventure
[DQ2] Who needs a treasure anyway?
[DQ2] The Suit of Cups
[DQ2] The Star
[DQ2] The Moon
[DQ2] The Sun
[DQ2] The Lovers
[DQ2] This place is so charming
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Tower of the Moon
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Sea Cave
[DQ2] Trio of Danger
[DQ2] Worthless sacrifice
[DQ2] Hargone [m]
[DQ2] Shiny Key
[DQ2] Best doggo out there!
[DQ2] Weird place to find a black market...
[DQ2] I don\
[DQ2] At least it was guarded this time
[DQ2] An actual helmet at last
[DQ2] Edgeless Sword
[DQ2] Ancient Protection
[DQ2] The Rising of the Shield Hero
[DQ2] Gacha giveth, gacha taketh away
[DQ2] King Dragon the cartographer
[DQ2] Get out of my shop!
[DQ2] This jail is so dangerous
[DQ2] Become like water, my friend
[DQ2] The Sword of Roto got old fast
[DQ2] Sweet sweet levels
[DQ2] Proving usefulness
[DQ2] Now we\
[DQ2] Farewell, your majesty
[DQ2] Don\
[DQ2] Our bonds will give me strength!
[DQ2] A new hero was born (Part II)

188% complete
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)
Last played 2021-09-04 20:04:08
Earned 91 of 97 achievements, 565/770 points.
Luck or Skill
Gold to Green
Hidden Treasure Hunter [m]
That Was Great!
Just the Tip
Flower Power Wizard
Closing Time
Supervisor Clobberer
Jesters and Snakes
Raising Sheeps
Time to Win
Cleared the Castle
The Ultimate Weapons!
Sucked Up
GENOcide [m]
Magikoopa Ally
Gooey Monster Chest
Quick to Kill
Goomba Thumper
Mom He\
Gambling Addict
Please Gamble Responsibly
A Beetle\
Yoshi Juiced
Red Star Piece
Whomp Czar Dragon
Correct Nimbus Land
Play with Birdo
Jump Man
Polishing Pecks [m]
Whomp Megasmilax
Box Fight
A Hole\
Very Commendable!
Open Belome
Mario Sensei
Time for Dinner
Level 30
Caught Mokura
Shogun Sensei
Amphibious Wisdom II
Shortcut in the End
Sleepy Hero II [m]
Tickle Torture [m]
Indigo Star Piece Take Back
Call Me Captain Mario
Whomp Johnny
Unfair Fighting [m]
Sunken Secret
Hidden Piranha Plant
Sunken Treasure
Whomp King Calamari
First-Class Pirate
O Brother Where Art Thou?
Wish Fulfilled
Invasion of Privacy!
Cookie to Cookie
Wedding Crasher
Win her Heart [m]
Booster Flowers [m]
Do I amuse you?
Curtain Sneak [m]
Whomp Booster [m]
The Mario Behind the Curtain
Art of Balance
Liberate the Mines
Whomp Croco, again
Sleepy Hero I
Learn the Rhythm
Solve the Forest Maze
Forest Secret
Guerrilla Kong
Wiggler Frog Coin
Alto Member
Amphibious Wisdom I
Beware the Flood
Meet Croco
The Unmentionables [m]
Them and Their Hammers
Save the Princess?
Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Jump Skills
Minecart Top Dog
Frog Coin Collector
Everything I Touch
Big Finale

195% complete
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-08-15 10:28:05
Earned 71 of 73 achievements, 461/586 points.
Treasure hunter, chapter 2
Never say too late
Too late...
Defeat the Colossus
Long live the king
Treasure hunter, chapter 8
Bad Pool Caller
Killing machine
Big Bert
Lightning master
Master Sword... I mean, Master of Swords of H... Rune
Promote Hanzou
The pope
The bicentennial man
The archmage duo
Treasure hunter, chapter 7
Not so tough after all
Treasure hunter, chapter 6
Defeat Kane
Recruit Musashi
Heavy artillery
Recruit Hanzou
From padawan to jedi
Robin Hood
Look at me now, Barbie
Fire master
Promote Mae
Punch master
The magic paladin
Obi Wan
Promote Vankar
Ice master
Promote Pelle
Promote Kokichi
Promote Balbaroy
Promote Diane
Promote Earnest
Promote Amon
The monomyth continues
Promote Lowe
Promote Zylo
Sayonara, baby
Promote Guntz
Promote Khris
Promote Narsha
Treasure hunter, chapter 5
Defeat Balbazak
I want REVENGE!!!
Treasure hunter, chapter 4
Criatura magica
Recruit Guntz
You should\
Recruit Vankar
Leonardo da Vinci
My pet hamster
Treasure hunter, chapter 3
Almost a goner
Destroy the Laser Eye
Jacob Black
The birdmen
Saved the circus
The magic knight
Princess of Guardiana
Treasure hunter, chapter 1
Recruit Khris
The mentor\
For the old times\
Bare-handed fighter
Card collector

200% complete
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-08-06 08:13:18
Earned 107 of 107 achievements, 805/805 points.
Frontier Prospector
Katarina Surveyor
Stadius Zonetrotter
No Vile Warrior
Catching Up
Working Designs Cringe Compilation
Peace at Last
I Found Them, I Swear!
Faith in the Heart
Long Live the Emperor
Abolition of Despair
Bet You Didn\
Fate is What We Make
Dragon Angel
Abdicate the Throne
Rapscallion Ghaleon
Regen Authority
Living on the Cheap
Making Things a Breeze
Lament for a Friend
Nash Smash
Nash Bash
Masher Basher
Open Sesame
Sentient Incantation
Full of Miracles
Mama Mia
Dragon Summoner
Lunar Module
Honor Among Thieves
Sausage Fest
The Creepy Friend
Friendly Memento
Pride in the Family
Dubious Rubeus
Mad Lizard
I Have the Power!
Flashy Moves
Noa Constrictor
The Cranky, Stinky, Rude Genius
Cave Wringer
The Gift of Melody
Marius Adventurer
The Lyton Philharmonic
No Broken Rhythm
For Thieves\
For Thieves\
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants
For Thieves\
Teaching Bitches to Heel
Hot Dogs
Feisty Little Things
I Wonder What This Tastes Like
We Have Liftoff... Again
The Artful Pickpocket
Ceramic Exhibition
Beastman of Wax
A Fighter, Not a Prestidigitator
An Unfortunate Event
Damsel Undressed
In Plain Sight
Shelled and Deveined
Crusty Crustacean
Cane of Mim
For Artistic Purposes
Instant Transmission
Hometown Show-Off
Songs of Noa
Vulgar Display of Power
Alex Ain\
There Goes That Vile
Hard to Get
Master Mariners
Trial of Denial
Looking for Clues
Jess is More
Nanza Decadence
Skipping the Tutorial
Truffle Shuffle
Trying to Impress
Flushed Away
Septic Serpent
Sword vs Axe
We All Know the Real Reason...
Overwhelm the Helm
The Blue Booger
Kleenex Party
Caldor Explorer
Onward to Meribia
The Overconfident Magician
Thanks, but No Thanks
The First Step
The Golden Egg

200% complete
Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium (Mega Drive)
Last played 2021-07-30 22:12:35
Earned 93 of 93 achievements, 812/812 points.
Profound Wit
A Library for the AGES
Welcome To The Phantasy Zone
Penguin Power
Pengo Land
Profound Courage
Profound Will
Profound Strength
Victory Through Defeat
Four Bells, Four Torches [m]
Falz into Darkness
Combo Strategist
Beyond the Sand Sea
Ultimate Destruction
Fused Shadows
The Cursed Blade
Profound Spirit
Limit: Profound Darkness [m]
HG: Silver Soldier [m]
Sudden Death
Initiate: Positron Bolt [m]
Limit: Sa-Lews [m]
Limit: De-Vars [m]
Limit: Dark Force III [m]
Limit: King Rappy [m]
HG: The Dying Boy
HG: The Stain in Life
HG: The Missing Student
The Romance of Travel
A Memento of our Trip
HG: Tinkerbell\
HG: Man with a Twist
Macro Strategist
Limit: Dark Force II [m]
Inventory, Attack!
Limit: Lashiec [m]
Limit: Xe-A-Thouls [m]
Initiate: Burst Rockets
Elemental Weaknesses
Limit: Carnivorous Trees [m]
I Guess... I\
Musk Cat, Tusk Cat
Limit: Dark Force I [m]
Initiate: Hyper-Jammer
HG: Fissure of Fear
Limit: Fissure Fract Ooze [m]
Limit: Zio [m]
Limit: Gy-Laguiah [m]
Tectonic Tech
Initiate: Phononmezer
Limit: Juza [m]
HG: The Ranch Owner [m]
Limit: Mile Sand Worm [m]
Zealous Village
Inventory, Assist!
A Doomed Vessel
Triple Threat
Just As Planned!
Our Powers, Combined!
Petrified People
The End of the Millennium
Towering Anger
A Hero\
Towering Courage
Towering Strength
Towering Silence
Algo Legend
A Path to the Stars
Hyper Hovercraft
Purified Planet
Dezolian Flame
Weather Watch
The Millennium Man
Glacier Grinder
Dark Satellite
Space Sledding
The Dark Sorcerer
Psychic Nullification
This Luster! This Massiveness!
Academy Infestation

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