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neoncrossing (19146 points) (52570)

Member Since: 19 Jan 2019, 01:41
Last Activity: 28 Mar 2021, 21:43
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.75
Average Completion: 83.13%
Site Rank: 1803 / 97203 ranked users (Top 3%)
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Maximum HP: 100, Reg.Mem: 4MB

Last 5 games played:

10% complete
Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-03-28 21:42:39
Earned 4 of 79 achievements, 17/694 points.
Still the Number One from ACDC
Shiny Shiny
Magnetic Hypnotism
Super Fun Time
Animal Terror
Promise of Redemption
Armageddon Chess
Throat Full of Sand
Thou Shalt Hate Flowers
Rady to Set the World in Fire
Holes in the CyberSpace
The 1st Star
Door To Darkness
The Quiz King
Part Timer
Tale of Yamato
The Ranked Navi N.1
The 2nd Star
The 3rd Star
3 From 20 GigaChips
Almost The 5th Star
Almost The 7th Star
The 4th Star
Feeding and Upgrading
Powerball Winner
Life Counter
Armed to the Teeth
Warm up the Rock Buster
The Real Super Power of Teamwork
The Ultimate Defense
Together we're Stronger
Feel Like a Ninja
I Got a Glitch
Aren't you forgetting something?
You can Always be the 2nd Best
You'll Fall Victim to my Metal Dance [m]
Burning Soul [m]
I Underestimated him. But I'll Conquer him Later!
The Strange Statue
Breaking the Limit
Triple Counter!!!
Wait, What Happened with my 8 BugFrags?
Wave Mad Roller
Unchanging Armor [m]
The Darkloid SavageMan.EXE
They Call me a Flipper and Snorkel Geek
You Turn and see Them in the Sand
Pretty Little Flower
Did you Feel That? That's the Quake of Victory!
The Alpha Revolt
GutsMan Beta
ProtoMan Beta
FlashMan Beta
BeastMan Beta
BubbleMan Beta
DesertMan Beta
PlantMan Beta
FlameMan Beta
DrillMan Beta
MetalMan Beta
KingMan Beta
BowlMan Beta
DarkMan Beta
YamatoMan Beta
CounterKill GutsMan
CounterKill FlashMan
CounterKill BeastMan
CounterKill PlantMan
CounterKill FlameMan
CounterKill MetalMan
CounterKill BowlMan
CounterKill JapanMan
CounterKill ProtoMan

200% complete
Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)
Last played 2021-03-21 20:33:35
Earned 68 of 68 achievements, 700/700 points.
[DQ2] Hargone [m]
[DQ2] Now we're ready to battle
[DQ2] A new hero was born (Part II)
[DQ2] Gacha giveth, gacha taketh away
[DQ2] Our bonds will give me strength!
[DQ2] Worthless sacrifice
[DQ2] Proving usefulness
[DQ2] Trio of Danger
[DQ2] The Sword of Roto got old fast
[DQ2] Sweet sweet levels
[DQ2] Ancient Protection
[DQ2] This place is so charming
[DQ2] The Lovers
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Sea Cave
[DQ2] Become like water, my friend
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Tower of the Moon
[DQ2] The Sun
[DQ2] The Star
[DQ2] Who needs a treasure anyway?
[DQ2] The Suit of Cups
[DQ2] The Rising of the Shield Hero
[DQ2] This jail is so dangerous
[DQ2] I don't recall seeing anyone there
[DQ2] Weird place to find a black market...
[DQ2] Get out of my shop!
[DQ2] An actual helmet at last
[DQ2] At least it was guarded this time
[DQ2] Best doggo out there!
[DQ2] The Moon
[DQ2] King Dragon the cartographer
[DQ2] Edgeless Sword
[DQ2] Aboat to start your adventure
[DQ2] Don't you think I'm cute?
[DQ2] Let the Wind Blow
[DQ2] Farewell, your majesty
[DQ2] The Cursed Princess
[DQ2] Poisoned reflections
[DQ2] Shiny Key
[DQ2] The Evasive Prince
[DQ2] Emergency Supplies
[DQ1] I don't need anyone's help
[DQ1] A new hero was born
[DQ1] Dragon Slayer
[DQ1] I swear i'm Roto's descendant
[DQ1] You were the chosen one!
[DQ1] King Dragon's Quest [m]
[DQ1] This better kill things fast!
[DQ1] Are you a wizard?
[DQ1] Dragon Quest Builders
[DQ1] Catch the Rainbow
[DQ1] Nice Small Medal!
[DQ1] Now that's a shield
[DQ1] What is this pile of bricks doing here?
[DQ1] Harder than stone [m]
[DQ1] Lucky!
[DQ1] Thank you Roto
[DQ1] Weather Report
[DQ1] Broken Instrument
[DQ1] Multitasking as a bodyguard
[DQ1] Three is company [m]
[DQ1] Finally! A second party member!
[DQ1] Like a Rolling Stone
[DQ1] Nose for Treasure - Mountain Cave
[DQ1] Puff-Puff
[DQ1] Sleep well
[DQ1] Let the Quest begin
[DQ1] Thanks Gooman *Slurp*
[DQ1] First of many

182% complete
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-03-15 02:07:58
Earned 104 of 114 achievements, 760/975 points.
Path of Might
Mila's Favor
To Slay the Beast
The Sacred Stone
Sacred Stone
Darkling Woods
Light of Creation
Mother of the Sun
Last Hope
For Your Troubles VI
Path of Arcana
Path of Exaltation
Rooster of Yggdrasil
Gnawer of the Tree
Rushing Riev
Orthodoxy Outlet
Two Faces of Evil
River of Regrets
For Your Troubles V
Graceful Syrene
Path to Ragnarok
The Real Easy Mode
Ruled by Madness
Path of the Sun
Path of the Moon
Scorched Sand II
Father and Son
Caveat Emperor
Empire Emporium
The Rich Merchant II
Fluorspar's Oath
Landing at Taizel
The Crimson Flash II
Magvellian Gladiator III
Pupil of Saleh II
Phantom Ship
Princess and Axe of Rausten II
Lance Instructor
Turning Traitor
Breaking Beran
For Your Troubles IV
Aloof Lanceman II
Fort Rigwald
The Orphan of Grado II
Path of Beasts
Path of Darkness
Slayer of Tyr
Scorched Sand
RNG Superstar
Sword of Judgment
Keeper of Ymir
The Dutiful Son
Queen of the White Dunes
Desert Discounter
The Rich Merchant
Path of the World
Aloof Lanceman
Assaulting Aias
Hamill Canyon
Village of Silence
Pupil of Saleh
Bonds of Trust
Creeping Darkness
Princess and Axe of Rausten
Path of the Shield
Path of the Land
Path of Gold
Path of the Axe
Path of Death
Path of Silence
Path of the Sword
Path of the Sky
Revolt at Carcino
The Crimson Flash
The Gang of Frelia
Magvellian Gladiator II
Distant Blade
For Your Troubles III
The Orphan of Grado
Path of Anima
Path of Honor
Path of the Arrow
Path of the Wind
Path of Loyalty
Path of Faith
It's a Trap!
A Knight's Oath
Waterside Renvall
Victims of War
For Your Troubles II
Unbroken Heart
The Empire's Reach
For Your Troubles I
Magvellian Gladiator I
The Wandering Swordsman
Ancient Horrors
The Monk Watcher
The Bandits of Borgo
The Thief from Renais
The Protected
The Great Garcia
The Fall of Renais
Valni Explorer I
Valni Explorer II
Valni Massacre
Valni Explorer III
Valni Conqueror
Going Down
Into the Depths
Lagdou Massacre
Bowels of the Earth
Burrowed Deep

200% complete
Dragon Warrior (NES)
Last played 2021-03-13 00:49:40
Earned 34 of 34 achievements, 320/320 points.
Thou Hast Acquired Master Grinder
Thou Art A Fool
Thou Has A Death Wish
Thou Has Won With Baggage [m]
Thy Princess Brought to the House of Darkness [m]
Thou Art a Jerk to Women [m]
Thou Has Vanquished the Darkness
Thou Hast Acquired All Spells
Sword of Legend
Thou Has Found the Secret Stairs
Thou Has Made the Magic Bridge
Thou Has Defeated the Metal Slime
Thou Cannot Have Rainbows Without Reyn
Armor of Legend
Thou Has Acquired the Token of the Swamp
Isn't That a Heavy Shield?
Thou Hast Acquired Body Odor
Thou Has Acquired the Song of Storms
Thou Hast Seen Sunlight
Thou Has Acquired the Bard
Thou Has Gained Weight
Thou Has Defeated the Y BURN
Thou Has Defeated the Goldman
Thy Princess Returned to Her Father
Thy Princess Is Not In Another Castle
Thou Has Acquired the Sun
Thou Hast No Need for Torches
Thou Art the Pied Piper
Thou is a Fighter Not a Lover
Thou Hast Learnt a Spell
Thou Has Learned of Thy Quest
Thou Hast Gained A Level
Thou Has Defeated the Slime
Thou Has Escapth the King's Chamber

0% complete
Mario Bros. (Atari 7800)
Last played 2021-03-10 01:15:09
Earned 0 of 10 achievements, 0/110 points.
New York Unclogged
Perfect Plumber
Coin Collecter
Money Man
Plumber Points
New York Numbers
The Big 5-Os
What Are You Waiting For?
Mr. Dangerous
Solid Edges

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