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WCopeland 28 Aug 2022 23:58
Your Dragster 5.57 is a true inspiration; I hope you're able to achieve it on here too.
nads 29 Aug 2022 00:37
Hey Wes!! Thanks so much for the kind words, I’ll be trying but I can only use the keyboard for this site sadly. Hope you keep going on this too
WCopeland 31 Aug 2022 14:09
Struggling so much; I've gotten 45 5.61s now! Hopefully the 5.57 will drop any session now but it's hard to keep motivated sometimes! Any tips or advice?
nads 1 Sep 2022 04:16
Hey Wes! I actually do.. I put together a sort of joe to guide for Atariage once, I’ll find the link. But if you’ve had so many 61’s it only means your are probably a frame out. The key is the first 3 taps inputs, they will set you up for a 5:57. What controller are you using? I’m still plodding with the keyboard
nads 1 Sep 2022 04:20
Found it
WCopeland 1 Sep 2022 11:26
Thank you very much! This looks great, I will be reading it over before doing attempts again today. I’m up to 83 5.61s now — I’m going crazy!
WCopeland 1 Sep 2022 11:36
I am using a keyboard as well. Having a lot of trouble being consistent with two frames on the shift.
WCopeland 1 Sep 2022 22:08
I was finally able to do it thanks to your help! That guide you posted made all the difference in the world.
nads 1 Sep 2022 22:45
CONGRATS WES!!!! Awesome achievement!!
WCopeland 22 Sep 2022 17:43
You did it man! Awesome!!
WCopeland 22 Sep 2022 17:51
I have been checking every day, I knew you would crush it eventually. Looks like RA has sucked you in :-)
nads 22 Sep 2022 20:17
Hey Wes!! Haha yep RA has got me! Finally got it which is great, what is great is that I saw your run on Speedrun, love the reaction when you nailed those shifts. Sensational to watch!
WCopeland 22 Sep 2022 22:45
Oh no, I apologize for the profanity! I was overwhelmed haha 😅
DavidLR04 29 Dec 2022 19:20
nads 31 Dec 2022 19:51
Thanks for the very kind title!! But I’m just a guy who plays and if I get a good score I’m happy 😊
AppleAndo 2 Feb 2023 06:24
My dad grew up with an Atari, and his favorite game was Pitfall. Seeing that all of your games are from the 2600, I want to know which one is your favorite.
nads 2 Feb 2023 17:41
Well your Dad has great taste! Pitfall is a brilliant game and is one of my all time favourites, but if I’m honest Dragster is my most played and I guess my most favourite, just something about the simplicity of the game to the challenge of getting a fast time. I do love H.E.R.O too.
Do you have a favourite Atari game?
ukhcskin 28 Oct 2023 22:04
Enjoying your videos on YouTube. Very impressive play!