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mothbooty (1702 points) (2680)
Maya/Shino, Bug Bug Bug

Member Since: 18 Nov 2020, 14:30
Last Activity: 06 Dec 2021, 09:16
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4% complete
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-12-06 08:32:12
Earned 4 of 185 achievements, 30/1580 points.
A Paw Full of Feather's
A Paw Full of Feathers (Hard)
Stranger in the Woods
Stranger in the Woods (Hard)
It Starts [m]
Kamikaze Cid [m]
Yellow Wings
United We Stand [m]
Yellow Wings (Hard)
You Say Tomato
Tomato Paste [m]
You Say Tomato (Hard)
Wanted: Ugohr!
Turtle Power [m]
Wanted: Ugohr! (Hard)
Wanted: Gilmunto!
Dragon Force [m]
Wanted: Gilmunto! (Hard)
Now That's Fire!
Sleeping Death [m]
Now That's Fire! (Hard)
Pearls in the Deep
Sandstorm [m]
Pearls in the Deep (Hard)
Mountain Watch
Equivalent Exchange [m]
Mountain Watch (Hard)
Law Abiding Citizen [m]
Grounded! (Hard)
Rumors Abound
Evil Dead [m]
Rumors Abound (Hard)
Sleepless Nights
Nightmares [m]
Sleepless Nights (Hard)
Making Music
I Activate My Trap Card! [m]
Making Music (Hard)
Seeking the Stone
Slow & Steady [m]
Seeking the Stone (Hard)
Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan
One on One [m]
Wanted: Sky Pirate Vaan (Hard)
A Request
Fire The Cannon! [m]
A Request (Hard)
The Dig
Elemental Block [m]
The Dig (Hard)
Through Another's Eyes
So Close, Yet So Far Away [m]
Through Another's Eyes (Hard)
Pirate Problems
Imposter Domination [m]
Pirate Problems (Hard)
The Ritual
My Judge![m]
The Ritual (Hard)
The Two Grimoires
The End? [m]
The Two Grimoires (Hard)
From the Rift
All or Nothing [m]
From the Rift (Hard)
Completionist I
Completionist II
Completionist III
Completionist IV
Completionist V
Completionist VI
Completionist VII
Completionist VIII
Completionist IX
Completionist X
Completionist XI
Completionist XII
Completionist XIII
Completionist XIV
Completionist XV
Completionist XVI
Completionist XVII
Completionist XVIII
Completionist XIX
Completionist XX
Completionist XXI
Completionist XXII
Completionist XXIII
Completionist XXIV
Completionist XXV
Leveled I
Leveled II
Leveled III
Token Emporium
Fancy Pants
Region Master
Runner Up
Might As Well Be Last
Tokens Small
Tokens Medium
Tokens Large
Tokens Xtra
You Shall Pass
Master of Camoa Region
Master of Moorabella Region
Master of Graszton Region
Master of Fluorgis Region
Master of Goug Region
Heritor to the Max
Scions of the Seventh Dawn
The Red Demon
Mysterious Tower Part I
Bloody Tears
Mysterious Tower Part II
My Tears
Mysterious Tower Part III
Sky Tears
Number One
Law Man
Law Maker
Notice Board
Noticed It All!
Have You Heard?
Heard It All!
Talented Bunch
Master Crafter
The Gifted
Fire in the Hole!
Reagents, My Boy!
Class Fit for a Plumber
Jump! [m]
Rumble in the Jungle
Four x Four [m]
Monster Tamer
Stand Guard [m]
Fight Club
Spikey Demise [m]
Silent But Deadly
Useless Assassin [m]
Under Fire!
Fire Away! [m]
Firing Practice
Don't Fear The Moogle [m]
Mayhew's Devotee's [m]
Knight of the Yellow Feather
Living Dead [m]
Juggernaut [m]
Master Sabin
No Freebies [m]
Sword Mage
Rune Fencer [m]
Black & White
Cat Burglar [m]
Trick Room
King of Thieves [m]
Til Valhalla!
Hard Hitter [m]
Weather Man
Shields Up! [m]
Eye For An Eye
Tick Tock... Tick Tock... [m]
Final Strike!
Up Close & Personal [m]
Sky Pirate
I'm Blue
Red Rider
Yellow Rider
Black Rider
Green Rider
Brown Rider
White Rider

3% complete
Contact (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-10-20 19:44:21
Earned 2 of 156 achievements, 4/1125 points.
Outfit: Aqua Shot
So that's what a power cell is?
Cooking Apple Pie
Cooking Bass Stuffing
Cooking BBQ Bass
Cooking BBQ Carp
Cooking BBQ Chicken
Cooking BBQ Killifish
Cooking BBQ Meat
Cooking BBQ Pirahna
Cooking BBQ Salmon
Cooking BBQ Sardines
Cooking BBQ Snapper
Cooking BBQ Swordfish
Cooking BBQ Tuna
Cooking Borscht
Cooking Bread
Cooking Butter
Cooking Cajun Catfish
Cooking Carp Sushi
Cooking a Cheesburger
Cooking Chicken Bites
Cooking Failure
Cooking Coconut Milk
Cooking Coffee
Cooking Croquette
Cooking Dough
Cooking an Elixer
Cooking Fancy Soup
Cooking a Fried Egg
Cooking Fruit Juice
Cooking Ham
Cooking Ham n' Eggs
Cooking Hamburger Steak
Cooking Jambalaya
Cooking Kebabs
Cooking a Latte
Cooking Loco Moco
Cooking a Melon Bun
Cooking Mystery BBQ
Cooking Rotten BBQ
Cooking Savory BBQ
Cooking Mystery Herbs
Cooking Swanky Soup
Cooking a Pie
Cooking a Plus Potion
Cooking a Potion
Cooking Raisin Bread
Cooking Rice Pilaf
Cooking a Salad
Cooking a Steak
Cooking Steamed Rice
Cooking Strawberry Milk
Cooking Thai Curry
Cooking Tuna Sushi
Food Connoisseur
Weapon: Badelaire
Weapon: Bowie Knife
Weapon: Butterfly Knife
Weapon: Cloud Sword [m]
Weapon: Element Sword
Weapon: Flamberge
Weapon: Guard Dagger
Weapon: Hunting Knife
Weapon: Ice Sword
Weapon: Royal Sword
Weapon: Shiv
Weapon: Steak Knife
Weapon: Thief Dagger
Weapon: Armor Breaker
Weapon: 10 Ton Hammer
Weapon: Valor Sword
Weapon: Bone Stake
Weapon: Coral Staff
Weapon: Gaia Hammer
Weapon: Golden Mallet
Weapon: Haunted Mace
Weapon: Holy Water
Weapon: Ja Dagna [m]
Weapon: Jitte
Weapon: Mage's Rod
Weapon: Mallet
Weapon: Moon Cane
Weapon: Spray Wand
Weapon: Storm Wand
Weapon: Sun Cane
Weapon: Tee Ball Bat
Weapon: Toy Hammer
Weapon: War Hammer
Weapon: Beat Knuckle
Weapon: Diamond Glove
Weapon: Flame Knuckle
Weapon: Knuckle
Weapon Connoisseur
Fishing: Bass
Fishing: Killifish
Fishing: Catfish
Fishing: Swordfish
Fishing: Carp
Fishing: Salmon
Fishing: Pirahna
Fishing: Red Snapper
Fishing: Tuna
Fishing: The King
Girlfriends: Francesca
Girlfriends: Amanda
Girlfriends: Bridget
Girlfriends: Ayaka
The Blue Eyes Collector
The Recipe Guru
What is this, Zelda?!
The Pharaoh of Aegis
Vidya Game Hoarder
Spite the Golem
The Soldier of Ft. Eagle
Clearing the Pyramids
Terry, Slayer of Dragons
Outfit: Mr. Cuisine
Outfit: Knuckle Mole
Outfit: Nitro Boost
Outfit: Flyboy
Outfit: Fisher King
Outfit: Shadow Thief
Drain Blade
Smash Hit
Death Blow
Icy Chill
Dexterity Up
Kitchen Savvy
Slashing Master
Striking Master
Punching Master
Earth Master
Water Master
Fire Master
Wind Master
Thief Master
Fishing Master
Cooking Master
I like stickers, okay?
Assistance from the Riddler
I have Mo' Money, and yet No Problems.
Deserted Isle Treasure Hunter
Caldoxia Ruins Treasure Hunter
Ft. Eagle Treasure Hunter
Aegis Treasure Hunter
Habara Treasure Hunter
Akumojo Castle Treasure Hunter
La Chef Isle Treasure Hunter
Special Item: Fishing Charm
Special Item: Baking License
The Show Must Go On

53% complete
~Homebrew~ GB Corp. (Game Boy)
Last played 2021-10-15 03:33:40
Earned 4 of 15 achievements, 8/97 points.
Getting Addicted
Super Game Boy
Game Boy Color Collection
Game Boy Color
Game Boy
Game Boy Collection
Game Boy Pocket Collection
Super Game Boy Collection
Upgraded Handheld
Best Game Boy
Retro Company
Favorite Console
Pixel Graphics
When the Game Boy works just right

133% complete
Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-10-12 04:45:37
Earned 40 of 60 achievements, 255/465 points.
Colosso King [m]
May the Force Not Be With You [m]
Mortal Danger
Competently Incompetent [m]
Worried Sick
Mad Dash
Poison Tail
Do You Even Lift? [m]
Dry Season
Killer Kong
Phrasing?! [m]
The Cursed Tree
Out of Order [m]
Cleansing Light
The Windseer
The Origins of Alchemy
Washed Away
Run, Isaac, Run! [m]
Tornado DDT
Red Mist
Dark Blessing
Praise the Sun!
Pirate's Treasure
Battle Seeker
Battle Master
Battle God
Lord of Gods
Titan Blade
Demon Fire
Dance of Ashura
RNG Goddess

3% complete
G.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe (SNES)
Last played 2021-10-10 10:34:28
Earned 2 of 116 achievements, 8/900 points.
Who Dares Disturb My Slumber
Dancing On The Bullying's Face
July 3, 1999 - The Date That All Reality Would Change
Post Traumatic Trauma
Transcendental Knowledge
The Biggest Prison May Be In Your Mind
Animals Deserve Respect
A Brotherly Bond Across Countries
Summer Breeze
Fatimaria's Cult Is Not So Different From Others
The Angelic Avatar And Spiritual Growth
Ay Ay! Who Is The Captain Now?
The Mikoto Desire
The Fearless Osore's Girl
Goal - Wish - Purpose - Frustration
Mysterious Stranger
I Have To Admit That You Really Have Style
A Miracle Amid Chaos
So, We Really Have Tiny Brains?
A Touch Of Wisdom And The Friendly Monk Basil
Everything Is Wrong In This World ...
How Can He Be So Powerful?
Please, Open The Gates Of Your Heart
Together We Are Stronger
Vatican Is Always Hiding The Important Things
So ... Marvel Comics, Right?
Ai !!! This Is For You !!!
The Power Of Connection
The 7th Divine Smile
The Last Warning
Tell Me Why I Had To Be A Powerslave
The Cradle Of Horus
Aaa-aaaah! Oo-ooh, Aa-aah!!
I'm Really Bad With Anagrams
The "Mother" Ship And The Children Of Destiny
The Sacrifice For A Greater Good - Goodbye Master
All Together Again!
The Monk's Transgressions
Yeah, Happiness ... Even Salt Looks Like Sugar
The Phantom Of The Opera
... Staff Number 4649 ...
Coup D'etat
Cataclysm - Apocalyptic Boogaloo
Created By ... Aliens?
Secrets That Heaven Keeps
I Feel So ... Vulnerable - The Golden Village
You Mean Like The Bunny?
We Do Not Forgive You
Be Quick ! It's Harvest Day
Growth Or Devolution
Ice Station Zebra
I Choose To Change That Nation
Empathy ...
Intellectual battle
Priests And Witches All Agreed,They Must Die
My Mercy Prevails Over My Wrath
Save The Bones For The Manhattan Museum
The Arrival Of Alexander
Scourge Of Fire
Emotional Shock
Friends And Rivals To The End
King Or Not, You're Just Another Alien
Shared Pain
For Michael ... For Us
Almighty Selfish
All's Well That Ends Well
Purification Of Emotions
Use Your Brain Next Time!
Luck Is Smiling
Two For One Deal
Tale Of Two Islands
Ai ... You're Alive In All Of Us
Hey Hey Hey! Do Not Drink So Quickly!
S.S. Salvation
My Hour Of Need - Capitalizing On God's Name
Mister Chatterbox
Let It Go, Let It Go, Can't Hold It Back Anymore
How Did You Find This?
Natural Habitat
Hey Basil, Look, Is That Dinosaur Staring At Us?
Prohibited Content!
Thwarted Cyber Attack
Just Another Sailor Story
Don't Worry, Be Happy!
Onsen Nightmare
You ... You're Both Disgusting, Typical Man!
Err ... Thank You Ladies ...
Next Time, I'll Cast REM On Myself
Night Games On Den Of Sins
Rain Man Is Here To Play
Varied Flavors
In Search For Perfect Taste
Hail To The New King
G.O.D Airlines
Blood Diary
Stop Heath! We're Not Going To Angel Town
It's Free, Why Not?
Why Do People Leave Their Things Lying Around?
Lets Sell Everything And Donate To Salvation House
I Just Wonder Who Left All This Behind
Link Between Pupil And Master
Correspondence Training I - Bestial Roar
Correspondence Training II - Adrenaline Rush
Correspondence Training III - Kill Or Be Killed
Correspondence Training IV - Who Cares About Names
Correspondence Training V - Last Consequences
Robin Des Bois
Lightened Heart
In Honor Of Master Lem - Monkey's Barrier
Firebrand's Inner Peace
The Grief Has Guided Me So Far
C7  H5  O6  N3
Quicksand Jesus I'm So Far Away
Super Gifted Children

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